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Brian Quinn CABE Space GreenSpace South East– 13 June 2008.

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1 Brian Quinn CABE Space GreenSpace South East– 13 June 2008

2 2 CABE Space aims to bring excellence to the design, management and maintenance of parks and public space in our towns and cities

3 3 CABE Space current projects  Urban green space sector skills  Adapting public spaces for climate change  Community empowerment – how community groups can improve green spaces  Open Space Strategies Guide 2009  Spaceshaper – young person’s version  CABE Space Enabling

4 4 Urban Greenspace Sector Skills – 2008 Skills Survey  survey of skills issues in green space sector sent to all Heads of Parks –Partnership between CABE Space, Lantra and Green Space –Really creating an evidence base to focus effort and measure progress on skills –Survey is still open – will be great to get some more responses – see the skills and learning part of our website –Partial responses are still useful evidence

5 5 Urban Green Space Skills Strategy  Built on evidence from Skills Survey  Working with wide range of partners to agree a strategy – addressing the skills challenges facing the sector  Is in draft form – not released yet  Key deliverable for CABE Space in 08/09  Key issue is to raise with decision-makers in LAs the importance of green space skills in providing quality of life and creating better places.

6 6 Climate Change guidance provided through themed newsletters  Aimed at heads of parks, planning and streetscene  4 during 2008/09

7 7 Content: 10 case studies Briefing paper 6 case stories Policy and legislative review

8 8 Climate Change - themes for public space Flooding  River Quaggy, Lewisham, London  River Irwell Flood Control Scheme and Salford Strategic Flood Risk Assessment, Salford  Milton Keynes Flood plain forest  Cleveleys coastal protection A holistic approach to developing sustainable neighbourhoods  Augustenborg, Malmö, Sweden  Olympic Park, Sydney, Australia  CitySpace Plan, Chicago Approaches to sustainable urban drainage  12th Avenue Green Street, Portland, USA  Bristol Business Park, North Bristol Combating the urban heat island effect  Chiswick Park, London

9 9 The climate change briefing paper Published as a supplement in Horticulture Week in July 2008  Current activity  Adaptation through policy making  Management and delivery

10 10 Community Empowerment – Project outline  Ongoing project to understand how community groups learn and can be better engaged as clients in public space improvement projects. –3 focus groups –A questionnaire looking at partners, barriers and sources of advice –3 visit days planned where successful groups featured in It’s our space can share their experience at their space with other community groups

11 11 Community Empowerment - Headline findings  Communities are increasingly taking the lead in revitalisation of green spaces – expectations are rising and people are willing to demand higher design quality  They need more support, especially face to face, to access the right resources and advice  Partnerships are key - Local Authorities and housing bodies sometimes seen as fantastic or bureaucratic/obstructive  Endlessly changing national and local policies/politics can cause problems  LAs and other bodies need to embrace the value of community empowerment to  Training, visits and best practice sharing/advice networks are key areas to work on

12 12 Open Space Strategies Guide 2009  Based on the CABE Space Green Space Strategies Guide 2004 and GLA 2004 Guidance  Co-badged with Mayor of London (GLA)  Content being revised – new planning system, new issues for open space eg health agenda, climate change, green infrastructure.  Out to consultation Q4 2008 and publication early 2009

13 13 Spaceshaper – A tool for assessing the quality of a public space  Engages professionals involved in managing a space with residents and visitors who use the space  Works as a facilitated workshop using a trained Spaceshaper facilitator  Over 700 attendees at Taster sessions  180 trained facilitators  50+ Spaceshaper events  Can be used on undeveloped sites, streets and hard public realm as well as green space  Has been adopted by Forestry Commission for its Newlands project

14 14 Young Person’s Spaceshaper is being trialled  About making Spaceshaper accessible to children and young people  More flexible: different ages/scenarios  Simple and fun

15 15 Development of YP Spaceshaper piloted by a range of bodies  £245, 000 over 3 years from DCSF  beam, Bristol and Kent Architecture Centres, CABE

16 16 Becoming a Spaceshaper facilitator or client  Client: –contact CABE for local facilitators  Facilitator: –attend a taster –Apply for the training (£50-£150) –Carry out a dummy run Email:

17 17 CABE Space Enabling – SE region

18 18 CABE Space Enabling – recent work Preparing green and open space strategies Swale, Hastings, Medway, Brighton and Hove, Southampton and Ashford Other enabling support Hastings Seafront Pan housing estate Isle of Wight Kent residential streets design standards Green infrastructure for Greater Ashford and setting up integrated design team for redesign of Ashford Ring Road

19 Brian Quinn Thank you.

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