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Social Enterprise Creating Social Change. The term Social Enterprise describes an ethical framework rather than an industrial classification such as manufacturing,

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1 Social Enterprise Creating Social Change

2 The term Social Enterprise describes an ethical framework rather than an industrial classification such as manufacturing, so there are social enterprises operating in the fields of health, retail, energy, leisure, construction, ICT, sport and many others, alongside private and public sector organisations.

3 An Evolving Movement 1844: As a result of exploitative factory owners and shopkeepers who charged extortionate prices, 28 working men in Rochdale scraped together £28 to open their own shop – so heralding the beginning of the modern co-op movement. 1980s: ‘Community development’ became well established with a range of government grants and initiatives. 1990s: ‘Social Enterprise’ had become familiar in the UK. This signalled the shift from grant dependency to income generation. In October 2001 the government launched the Social Enterprise Unit to champion social enterprise. 2010:Big Society?

4 Legal StructureOverlay (additional characteristic to basic legal structure) Badge Company Ltd by Guarantee Company Ltd by Shares Industrial and Provident Society Cooperative Company Ltd by Guarantee Charitable Incorporated Organisation) Charity Community Interest Company (CIC) Social Enterprise Social Firm Development Trust

5 Form Follows Function Legal Structures as Vehicles for Delivery IPS for Community Share Issues Settle Hydro George and Dragon Hudswell Company Limited by Shares for Commercial Joint Venture or raising capital Café Direct Divine Chocolate Company Limited by Guarantee for Trading Subsidiary Darnall Post Office The Quadrant

6 Whatever the theme or formal legal structure they take social enterprises are bound by common principles: Social mission is interwoven in the fabric of the business rather than being an add-on. For example his may manifest itself in a fair trade relationship or the provision of important services not otherwise available or job creation. Social ownership and interest should drive the business model rather than simply profitability for private shareholders. There are some legal models that allow private shareholding, but dividends and returns are capped to ensure the community benefit remains dominant over private profit.

7 National Policy Framework The Community Right to Bid aims to keep valued land and buildings in community use by giving local people the chance to bid to buy them, if and when they come onto the market. The Right to Challenge enables communities to challenge to take over local services that they think they can run differently and better and The Community Right to Build is a new way for communities to choose for themselves where and when to build homes, shops, facilities and businesses – putting power back into the hands of local people.

8 National Policy Framework The Public Services (Social Value Act) introduced in February 2012 now requires public bodies to consider how the services they commission and procure might improve the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of the area. The Big Venture Challenge supports “ambitious social entrepreneurs with access to finance, business support and powerful connections to help them scale their ventures.”The challenge is a 12 month programme designed to help organisations raise external investment (debt or equity) of between £50,000 to £250,000. The Nesta Impact Fund aims to support the development of the impact investment market. It concentrates on “high potential early stage social innovations” that address major social needs and produce positive social outcomes and can be scaled up or possibly replicated.

9 Zest Is a social enterprise based in an inner city neighbourhood in Sheffield. They deliver public services and have a key role in local economic development. Our main areas of delivery are: The One Stop Shop for Employment, Training and Enterprise The Zest Healthy Living Centre; comprising a public library, swimming pool, gym, café, offices and meeting spaces. Zest turns over around £4 million this year and employs 80 staff. Motivation Whole household needs approach for local people Ownership Company Limited by Guarantee and charity with local membership Impact Job creation, health improvement, sports development, protecting local services Future More of the same

10 Case Studies1 SOAR Build SOAR Build is one of a series of initiatives managed by SOAR Enterprises, a commercial joint venture between community regeneration experts Keepmoat Ltd and the Southey and Owlerton Area Regeneration Partnership. SOAR Build focuses on raising construction skill levels and increasing the future employability of excluded groups across the city of Sheffield. Motivation Employment, local control, income, quality Ownership Share capital private/social joint venture Impact Jobs Created, input to HMR, links to private sector Future Link to mainstream employment programmes, geographic expansion

11 Case Studies 2 Bay Broadband The Bay Broadband Co-operative is a 'not for profit' Social Enterprise Co- operative, set up originally to bring High Speed Broadband to a rural village which had no other means of Broadband connection. Motivation Internet access for the village Ownership Mutually owned by local people Impact Cheap broadband, real connectivity, reinvestment Future Regional network, sell model on, invest in new services

12 Hot Topics Community Share Issue – creating new finance for social change Hydro Electricity Torrs Hydro, Derbyshire Pubs George and Dragon Farms Fordhall, Shropshire Cooperatives - mutual action Telecommunications The Phone Coop SportFC United of Manchester RetailCoop Stores FinanceYorkshire Building Society

13 Hot Topics Social Investment The Key Fund Charity Bank Social Investment Business Unity Trust Bank Triodos Bank Big Society Capital

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