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Registered charity: 1108803 The national awareness raising campaign for parks and green space.

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1 Registered charity: 1108803 The national awareness raising campaign for parks and green space

2 Registered charity: 1108803 GreenSpace  Registered charity that works to: oimprove parks oeducate people working in the sector osupport and promote community work in green space oraise awareness of the importance of parks and green space  Awareness activity:  Good Parks Guide  Love Parks Week  Other relevant work:  Park It!  Community Network  Regional forum network

3 Registered charity: 1108803 Love Parks Week  An annual awareness raising campaign that celebrates parks and encourages people to get out and enjoy their local green space  Week of events, PR and marketing that draw attention to park related issues during the third week of June 2006: the benefits of parks 2007: the Park Life report o130 press clippings recorded in local, regional and national print and broadcast media, reaching 10 million people. o300 events taking place all over Britain encouraged over 250,000 people to get out into their local parks and green spaces.

4 Registered charity: 1108803 Love Parks Week 2008: Parks for life  Targeted campaign: primary aged children and their parents with a health related message…  “Green space and the role it can play in the health of children”  Inputting more to event organising:  Large events on the opening day  Kids walk  More attractive to sponsors  More media worthy  14 th – 22 nd June 2008

5 Registered charity: 1108803 Why health and children?  Between 1995 and 2003 prevalence of obesity in children rose from 9.9% to 13.7%  The cost of using a park is negligible in comparison to other leisure services putting parks in a good position to contribute to combating obesity in children  Children are the park users and potential park staff of tomorrow  Health is a cross cutting agenda making it a good vehicle for highlighting the benefits and needs of the green space sector

6 Registered charity: 1108803 Getting the message across…the strategy  Physical evidence  Promotion  Place  Price  People oPromotional literature and materials o“LPW2008: Parks for life” website oCampaign toolkits oEvents oDirect marketing oPR oAdvertising oNationwide oLarge city/town and small local parks oPrimary schools oCubs and brownies clubs oGreenSpace oLocal authority partners oOther partner organisations oSponsors oFree

7 Registered charity: 1108803 Outputs Statistics onumber of event attendees Making the case for greater resourcing of parks Engaged children and families in their local parks Establish new partner relations and build on existing links

8 Registered charity: 1108803 Getting the message across…events Large, activity focused events in parks in major, regional centres tied to the campaign via kid’s walk Girlguides UKPrimary schools Scouts Association Involvement at large events, kid’s walks and smaller local park events throughout the week Partner organisationsLocal authoritiesSponsors

9 Registered charity: 1108803 Getting the message across…media  Press releases  Interviews  LPW website oLocal and regional – event/park specific oNational – campaign message/kids walk oRelevant magazines – family, supermarket… oGreenSpace representatives oPartner organisation representatives oWhat’s On guide: oevent organisers can add events oevents can be searched for by area and type oResources ocampaign toolkits opromotional artwork ohow to guides

10 Registered charity: 1108803 Call to action  Large events  Organise a kid’s walk on Saturday 14 June  Contact directory  Organise an event  Promote the campaign  Tell us what you have done

11 Registered charity: 1108803 Supporting the campaign Promote LPW Engage your network to get involved Provide quotes Nominate a contact for possible interview

12 Registered charity: 1108803 Contact For any queries or to discuss the opportunity further, please contact: Jon Cornwell Marketing Officer GreenSpace T: 01189 469062 M: 07966 576653 E:

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