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Energy Networks Association Looking Beyond the Problem David Smith Utility Arboriculture Group Conference July 2011 1 | Energy Networks Association.

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1 Energy Networks Association Looking Beyond the Problem David Smith Utility Arboriculture Group Conference July 2011 1 | Energy Networks Association

2 Vegetation Management

3 Summary ENA – Function, members Current and Future Issues and Challenges Vegetation Management - Regulation - Engineering & Network Performance - Safety Challenges Conference Programme 3 | Energy Networks Association

4 Energy Networks Association What is ENA - What do we do? - Industry Body for UK and Ireland Energy Networks - Transmission and Distribution licence holders - Gas and Electricity - Range from Large International to Independent - Mainly Regulated Businesses 4 | Energy Networks Association

5 Electricity Members

6 Gas Members

7 Energy Networks Association ENA Represents members interests, including in Europe - Regulation, legislation, increasingly EU driven. - Engineering, key standards in Electricity - Safety, Health and Environment - GISG

8 Energy Networks Association Current and Coming Issues - Climate Change, increase in renewable energy - Increase in Nuclear Power - Increased reliance on Networks - Electric Vehicles, massive increase planned - The Smart Network! 8 | Energy Networks Association

9 Energy Networks Association This Decade Transmission Rebuild 2020 Onwards Distribution Rebuild Needed to facilitate Smarter Grids 9 | Energy Networks Association

10 The Smart Network The smart network will see the distribution system move from a passive (one way) power flow to an active (two way) system where the customer can export (sell back) additional energy they do not need. Source: European Commission European SmartGrids Technology Platform May 2011 10 | Energy Networks Association

11 Energy Networks Association Scale of Reinforcement required is huge - £200 billion over next few decades - Requires Networks to get “Smart” and more active - Better Data gathering & communication required - Generation Availability & Load Management A key part of Smart Networks is Smart Metering 11 | Energy Networks Association

12 UK Smart Metering Programme Mandated - Smart Metering roll out programme Supplier led delivery Largest project ever undertaken within our industry 29 million homes to be visited 54 million meters to be changed (homes and businesses) Mass roll out to start in the second Q of 2014 Anticipated programme completion by 2019 May 2011 12 | Energy Networks Association

13 The System May 2011 8| Energy Networks Association

14 Energy Networks Association Other Challenges we face: - Adaptation of The Industry to Climate Change - Carbon Capture – Gas Industry expertise - Skills Existing and New – NS Academy for Power - Estimated 9,000 new staff required in Electricity 14 | Energy Networks Association

15 Energy Networks Association Steady Improvement in accident rate since Privatisation - BUT! We must never be complacent - The Hazards remain the same - They must continue to be controlled - Improvements more challenging Powering Improvement, 5 year H&S initiative 15 | Energy Networks Association

16 Powering Improvement 16 | Energy Networks Association

17 Metal Theft 17 | Energy Networks Association

18 Vegetation Management How does VM fit into all this? Three Interrelated Aspects - Regulation - Engineering, (Customer Service, Network Performance) - Health Safety and Environment ENA serves it members ultimately it is member led - Common position on many issues, not all - ENA seeks common approach but cannot impose

19 VM - Regulation ESQC Regulations General Duty - Maintain line clearances for Public Safety - ENA TS 43-08 OHL Clearances – defines clearances ESQCR Amended 2006 – Specific Duty – Reg. 20A - Maintain clearances to avoid contact causing interruptions - Duty is qualified – so far as is reasonably practicable

20 VM - Regulation Expectations from Regulators: - Management and Inspection Programmes to be set up - Programmes to be kept up to date by January 2009 - Standards to be set, Best Practice to be carried out - Communicate with stakeholders In Recognition of ESQC 2006 - Ofgem Increased Allowance for VM

21 VM Regulation Electricity Act 1989 (As Amended) Schedule 4 Para 9 Gives Network Operators power to fell or lop trees - Where they could become a source of Danger or - Where they interfere with the line - Sets out Process and conditions - Simple then?

22 VM Regulation Statutory Powers are fine in theory but - Risk of Wayleave Loss - Access problems - Adverse publicity - The Power of Complaints

23 Engineering - ETR 136 – VM Near Electricity Equipment - ETR 132 – Risk Based VM in Abnormal Weather - ER G55 – Safe Tree Working in The Proximity of OHL - WG Developing Guidance on Mechanical Harvesters Companies have also produced own procedures etc. As well as TS 43-08 other ENA “Standards” Play a Key Role:

24 Change since 2006 Increased Activity - Expenditure allowed increased by 31% on average - Is it enough? Are Company Networks now Compliant? - Allowing for “So far as is reasonably practicable” - Increase in VM work adjacent to key circuits - HV and EHV Networks most straightforward - LV Networks most challenging?

25 Health Safety and Environment VM hazards are potentially severe -Working at height, Chainsaws, Felling trees, Rough terrain, Electricity -Harsh environment, Heavy machinery, winches, lifting

26 Health Safety and Environment More Severe hazards require tighter controls - DNOs experienced in managing severe hazards - DNOs keen to work with UAG to reduce incident rates - Feedback from the Safety Summit later today

27 Health Safety and Environment ENA - UAG Joint short term joint goal: - Eliminate Fatalities and serious injuries - Reduce rates to parity with low hazard activities In longer term - strive towards zero incidents In addition to tightening existing controls, Consider new approaches Greater use of Harvesters, shrouding? And..... ? Between us - We know Networks - You know Trees - If we can’t crack this no-one can!

28 A Varied Conference Some other things you will be hearing about: Benchmarking How do others do it ER G55/2 – what difference has it made? How can you use plant more effectively? Trees and biomass for energy Guaranteed service standards “Doing” VM environmentally Should be stimulating! 28 | Energy Networks Association

29 And Finally! Ideally what the industry wants from VM: Do it safely Ensure the safety of the public and third parties Eliminate damage and faults from Vegetation A fair allowance from Ofgem Do the work efficiently Minimise Customer Interruptions Keep Landowners happy Minimise impact on Environment 29 | Energy Networks Association

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