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Hampshire 27 February, 2014 Anthony Hughes U3A Trustee for Wales “…what a Godsend … membership of a number of interest groups helps to keep me mentally.

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1 Hampshire 27 February, 2014 Anthony Hughes U3A Trustee for Wales “…what a Godsend … membership of a number of interest groups helps to keep me mentally and physically active” “… I believe in its life transforming capacity for so many people and for a whole range of reasons” “… I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t discovered U3A…. I find this with all the people I’ve met; we can’t sit at home” “… U3A provided me with an anchor in that bleak time just after retirement – the biggest problem turns out to be selecting interest groups!”

2 All of this hasn’t been achieved by accident! People throughout the UK have worked hard to achieve wonders! Compared with founders, newer members have different: Backgrounds Behaviours Values Aspirations Not sure of longer term impact of changes in retirement / working lives Communities no longer as supportive as when we were young Increasing need for adult learning U3A will have an even more important role in the future. BUT………….. Background to this talk

3 Visible We’re still a ‘best kept secret’ Available U3As Interest Groups No waiting lists Vibrant Seen to have modern ideas Compelling To all sectors We need to be: Whilst still caring for ALL existing members

4 Background to this talk STARTED TO THINK: What works? Where? Why? How do we know? What do we do about it? What can technology do to help?

5 Background to this talk Technology … for Learning … for Sharing … and for Efficiency NOT as a replacement for any present Network / Forum / Other get-togethers / Newsletters (etc etc etc) !

6 Technology – For Learning A vast opportunity! U3A online courses MOOCS TED Tablet Apps eBooks Podcasts But where do you start? How to make them Group activities?

7 Technology – For Learning My start point:

8 Technology – For Learning The Poem Interactive Notes Original Manuscript 6 Recordings 35 Filmed Interviews Video performance Wouldn’t it be great if we could do that!

9 Technology – For Learning A Dylan Thomas project Started with what we know how to do: Internet research by team Download articles / photos / family details Created PowerPoint presentations Joint authorship via Dropbox Added poems and movie clip Collated on to: PowerPoint Timeline software

10 Technology – For Learning Next Steps Make PowerPoint slides available Convert Timeline into movie Transfer to eBook Narrative Photos Slide presentations Movies Sound etc Publish (initially for iPads) Try other subjects e.g. Armchair travel Craft / hobby instructions Music tuition Local history Local U3A guidelines!

11 Technology – For Learning Online Courses U3A MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses) e.g. FutureLearn, OpenLearn TED

12 Technology – For Learning Art: Specific artists / General “Painting” and techniques History:Monarchs etc. Literature:Complete Shakespeare Astronomy Nature:Birds Trees Butterflies & moths Tablet Computing Becoming much more of lifestyle device – leading to ubiquity

13 Technology – For Learning Podcasts: Many Radio 4 TED on iTunes “50 Educational Podcasts To Check Out” Photography / astronomy / technology etc. Or why not make your own? Local radio programmes??

14 Technology – For Sharing Between: Individuals Groups U3As Networks Share: Photographs Calendars Events Best practice Presentations Work on projects ….. and so on

15 Technology – For Sharing How to deliver: Websites “Cloud” Computing

16 Technology – For Sharing From Third Age Matters Summer 2013

17 Technology – For Sharing What is it? Secure storage space offered over the Internet What would I use it for? Backing up some, or all, of your data Sharing information between people Sharing information between various devices e.g. PC, iPad, Android (etc) What are the advantages? Data is always up-to-date Better than email for sharing large files (e.g. photo albums) How much does it cost? Free up to certain volumes e.g. (check latest situation – and deals!) Dropbox (2 g/bytes) Microsoft Onedrive / SkyDrive (7 g/bytes) Google Drive (15 g/bytes)

18 Technology – For Sharing Start point 1.You sign up and create an account 2.Software will be downloaded to your PC / tablet PCs / Macs - basic principles A folder will be placed on your computer Anything placed in this folder will automatically be copied to your secure space on the Internet service Anything deleted from this folder will similarly be removed from your Internet storage Your Internet folder can be accessible from all of your devices Any device can add to / amend / delete All changes are immediately reflected on all of your devices.

19 Technology – For Sharing Update Folder (e.g. amend / add file etc) Start PC Cloud Account Folder updated automatically Internet All devices updated - automatically Can give access to others View only? Update / amend / delete? Authorisations?

20 Technology – For Sharing Authorised Committee U3A info: Members, Accounts, Groups (convenors, calendars, venues) Private Group info Family History Art Reports What’s On Pictures Songs Newsletters (incl. back issues) eBooks Public

21 Technology – For Sharing Best Practice This is what we do This is why we think you’ll find it interesting Some benefits you can expect Contact BUT!!!

22 Technology – For Sharing There must be a will to share – a real intent to help others Things to overcome: It cost our U3A – why should others get it for free? Others will get recognition for our work We didn’t receive any thanks, why should we bother? What’s in it for us? It only seems to be our U3A who are contributing

23 Technology – For Sharing IdeaWho updatesWho can viewWhere heldAccessed by PhotosWebmasterEveryoneWeb s’ware / CloudWebsite Membership listsMembership Secretary Authorised Committee members Cloud Local U3A guidelines WebmasterEveryoneWeb s’ware / CloudWebsite Best practiceWebmasterEveryoneCloudWebsite PresentationsWebmasterEveryoneCloudWebsite ConvenorsGroup SecretaryEveryoneCloudWebsite Newsletters (current / archives) Publicity SecretaryEveryoneCloudWebsite Activity Group ideasConvenorGroup membersCloudWebsite Calendars / venuesGroup SecretaryEveryoneCloudWebsite Local eventsWebmasterEveryoneWeb s’ware / CloudWebsite eBooksConvenor / Webmaster Everyone(?)Cloud / Website Responsibilities would vary from U3A to U3A

24 Technology – For Sharing Things to note: Keep everything relevant Keep it all up-to-date Make sure passwords and access rights are Secure Logical (i.e. in terms of who uses the info) Keep it simple Keep use of key board to a minimum e.g. ‘click here’ and automatically generate a blank email message The principle is to encourage usage / feedback / grow interest - it’s NOT an exercise in how much technology can we use!

25 Technology – For Efficiency Make use of: Email Use sparingly Cloud computing Member data Back-ups Websites Your own Other U3A Sitebuilder info

26 Technology – For Efficiency For member subscriptions Direct credit Use of PayPal via the Internet Make sure you’re recognised as a Charity (sign-up & compliance) Roles, responsibilities, processes (test, test, test) Reconciliation of individual payments with membership Matching payment with individual member but introduce gradually! don’t make it obligatory For shared expenditure Outings etc (but make sure you use the right bank account!) For payment of expenses Dual signatures Electronic payments:

27 Technology – For Efficiency For Planning

28 Technology – For Efficiency Skype / Facechat etc. Education (public and private) is greatest user of Video Conferencing Social Media Facebook Twitter ….. but both need managing Pinterest Other U3As initiatives Membership management Barcodes What people use in their work / home environments becoming increasingly blurred: newer members will expect to use new technology Other things to think about:

29 Technology – For Efficiency ….. check roles, responsibilities and procedures ….. manage user names / passwords ….. back-up regularly / have recovery procedures ….. have a privacy policy in place (DP Act) ….. allow plenty of time to introduce change ….. keep watching brief on developments such as payments ….. get carried away by the technology..... forget that members come first ….. ignore those who can’t use technology Do Don’t….

30 Technology Summary Some benefits open to you: More ideas for your members More activity groups Added vitality A lot of satisfaction A lot of fun Help change external perceptions of U3A More efficient management of your U3A Thanks for listening!

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