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Welcome to the 2012 Royalist Army Council Presentation All ‘slides’ in this presentation will be held on the RA Web Site V 020312.

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1 Welcome to the 2012 Royalist Army Council Presentation All ‘slides’ in this presentation will be held on the RA Web Site V 020312

2 Be Aware (Housekeeping) That all Membership Cheques are to be made out by the Regiments and sent to Julie, Do not allow individuals to send membership renewals or new membership cheques. Your Regimental Accounts are now due! That CO’s have a duty of care to/for their members, that is not just on the field, but on the campsite as well. SK Medics need volunteers!

3 Taking Your Shots Issue V 020312


5 Agenda 1.Staff Introduction 2.Regimental Organisation 3.Army Organisation 4.Initial 20 Minutes of the Battle 5.Chief of Staff Update - Scottyy 6.LG and Tertia Officer Promotion - James Daniels 7.Web Pages & Stats– Rob Crookes 8.380 th Anniversaries – Thornton Billinghurst 9.Officers Academy – Richard Pearce and Barrie Upton 10.Opportunities 11.Q&A Session 12.Review of Actions - Scotty

6 1. Staff Introduction

7 Staff Introduction (a) HeadQuarters – LGSimon Davies – 2 i/cThornton Billinghurst – Chief of StaffGary McConnell Lawler (Scotty) – ADC, Treasurer, StatsRob Crookes – Assistant CoSJohn Carrington – Drum Major Vacancy

8 Staff Introduction (b) Senior Commanders: – Oxford Army Colin Bisset – Pr Rupert’s Brigade Barrie Upton – Hopton’s Tertia Thornton Billinghurst – Newcastle’s TertiaJames Daniels – Scots BrigadeSteve Langam – Pr Rupert’s LifeguardBill Daley – Master of Royal OrdinanceJim Rushbrook

9 2. Regimental Organisation

10 Alternative Ranks Honorary Colonel: Ex Colonels/Generals Sounding Board for the Officers ‘Uncle’ to the Regiment No ‘On Field’ responsibility – gives no orders Reformado Officers: When insufficient men to warrant the rank Temporary expedient – re-joins the ranks May have no responsibility and gives no orders Officer Uniform/No Sash – carry pike or musket Gentleman Volunteer: Return to the ranks No responsibility, issues no orders Officer Uniform/No Sash – carry pike or musket

11 Regimental Organisation Caveat Not an edict but an opportunity Review your Regimental Organisation Assess its Governance Responsibility and rank Infrastructure Culture Succession Mgt Structure Communications Structure

12 Idealised SK Company Structure – Minimum of 20 Soldiers – 2x ½ Division Company Captain/ Lieutenant Sergeant Pike Division Sergeant Musket Division File Leader Corporal Musketeer Pikeman Total Number: 21+ Officer: 1 Ensign: 1 Drummer: 1 Serg: 2 Corp: 2 Soldier: 12 to 16 By increasing the men to 6 per file the Company can expand with no need for further Officers or NCO’s prior to promotion to a small Regiment. Pikeman Corporal File Leader Pikeman Musketeer Ensign Drummer

13 Idealised Small Regiment Structure – Minimum of 40 Soldiers in Two Divisions Drummers Total Number : 40+ Major: 1Capt: 1 Lt: 1Ensign 1 Serg: 2Corp: 4 Soldier: 32 – By increasing the men to 6 per squad the Regiment can expand with no need for further Officers or NCO’s Major Ensign Captain Pike Division Sergeant Corporal Pikeman File Leader Pikeman Corporal File Leader Pikeman File Leader Pikeman Lieutenant Musket Div Sergeant Corporal Muskateer File Leader Muskateer Corporal File Leader Muskateer File Leader Muskateer

14 Idealised Large Regiment/Battalion – 80 + Soldiers in Four Divisions Drummers Total Number: 90+ Lt Colonel: 1 Major: 1Capt: 2 Lt: 2Ensign 2 Serg: 4Corp: 8 Soldier: 60+ Hon Colonel Ensigns Captain Pike Div Sergeant 1 Corporal Pikemen Gentleman Volunteer Reformado Officer Corporal Lieutenant Pike Div SergeantCorporal Captain Musket Div Sergeant 1 Corporals Musketeers Corporal Lieutenant Musket Div SergeantCorporal Lt Colonel Major

15 The Ideal ‘Lean’ Battalion Battalion can support: 1 Lt Colonel, 1 Major, 4 Officers – 2 Captains and 2 Lieutenants 2 Ensigns and ? Drummers 4 Sergeants to command the 4 Divisions. 2 Divisions of Pikemen 2 Divisions of Musketeers Each Division of 4 ranks by 4 files or 16 men Total: 80 men Viable with 12 men per division: 64 men

16 Unit Organisation – Way Forward 1 Review your Org Structure All Promotion requests to have an Org Chart/Rationalisation Promotion is not for life Celebrate and recognise retiring Officers

17 Unit Organisation – Way Forward 2 Be ambitious! Grow your Company/Regiment Active recruitment to lift the base Promote the keen, those who recruit, those who turn up Put on events both to recruit and retain Its going to be a tough year for retention and recruitment!

18 3. Army Organisation

19 ROYALIST ARMY STRUCTURE 2012 Queen’s Lifeguard RoF - Sir Richard Molyneux’s Coy Sir Gervais Lucas’s Coy Sir Thomas Glemham’s RoF Earl Rivers’ RoF Earl of Northampton’s RoF Prince Rupert’s RoF Col. Stephen Hawkins’ RoF Sir William Godolphin’s RoF Sir Bevill Grenvile’s RoF Sir Nicholas Slanning’s RoF Sir Marmaduke Rawdon’s RoF Sir George Lisle's RoF Col. Charles Gerard’s RoF Sir Gilbert Hoghton’s Coy Marquess of Newcastle’s RoF LORD GENERAL Col. Sir John Owen’s Regt Sir Henry Bard’s RoF Col. Richard Bagot’s RoF Prince Maurice’s Dragoons ARMY STAFF Col. Henry Tillier’s RoF Col. William Gordon’s Coy Col. Manus O’Cahan’s RoF Col. Thomas Laghtnan’s RoF Col. Hugh Fraser's Dragoons Earl of Derby’ Art Sir Vincent Corbet’s Coy Sir Henry Vaughn’s Coy OXFORD ARMYPRINCE RUPERT’S BRIGADE THE SCOTS BRIGADE* Reports equally & jointly to both Lord Generals KING’S BATTALION SIR BERN’D ASTLEY’S BATTALION COL. JOHN RUSSELL’S BATTALION SIR NICHOLAS BYRON’S BATTALION PRINCE RUPERT’S LIFEGUARD ARTILLERYCAVALRY Col. Henry Hasting’s Coy LORD HOPTON’S TERTIA THE MARQUESS OF NEWCASTLE’S TERTIA MASTER OF THE ROYAL ORDNANCE King’s Lifeguard RoF

20 What we look like Now A ‘conglomeration’ of 25+ units in 4+ Tertia’s Form a rough Line of various sized units Fire a few shots (IF we are lucky) Pound into each other Do that for 1 ½ hours.

21 What we do Now We either ‘Block up’ all units of a Tertia CO’s have no Regiment to command The Tertia Cmdr’s lose decision making capability Result – Too big and the battle has no movement. Or Have many small units Minor scuffles Result – Too small, inconclusive and loss of spectacle/interest. Or We march on as small, separate units, and then re-juggle the Regiments within a Brigade on the field to comply with the opposition.

22 Move to Battalion Formations Fighting Unit to be the Battalion Regiments/Companies combining for muster duration Battalions to be of approximately 60+ men Objective of 4 Divisions of ideally16 men or 12 men each Objective to be in two Sleeves of Shot and two of Pike - Battalia Each Tertia/Brigade objective is a minimum of 2 Battalions Battalions: Are proven. Do it (sort of) anyway on the field Give a better spectacle Provide increased cohesion Improved fighting platform Improved Musket – Pike interdiction

23 Initial Deployment – Example Tertia Lord Hopton’s Tilliers Musket Tilliers Pike Rawdons Pike Rawdons Musket Corbett/ Godolphin Musket Corbett/ Godolphin Pike Hawkins/ Slanning Pike Hawkins/ Slanning Musket Artillery ‘Ubique’ Battalion 1 Battalion 2 Note this is a flexible arrangement depending on numbers turning up Hopefully with Tillier’s as a Battalion and Rawdons/Hawkings as another and Slannings/Godolphins as a third.

24 4. Initial 20 Minutes

25 Three New Formations Chequer Board Army Formation Horn Battalle Demi Hearse

26 First: Army in Checker Board Formation Artillery Oxford Army Kings Bat Oxford Army Astley’s Hopton’s Tertia 2nd Bat Pr Rupert’s Brig Byron’s Bat Pr Rupert’s Brig John Russel’s Bat Hopton’s Tertia 1 st Bat Newcastle’s Tertia 2nd Bat Newcastle’s Tertia 1st Bat Cavalry

27 Detail of Tertia, Battalions in Battalia deployment Musket Pike Musket Pike Musket 1st Battalion 2nd Battalion

28 Second: Horn Battalle Formation Musket Pike Musket Pike Musket 1. Musket before Pike 2. Pike before Musket

29 Third: Demi Hearse Formation Musket Pike Musket Pike Musket Pike Musket

30 4a. First 20 Minutes of Battle Display using these formations

31 1. Army in Checker Board Formation Artillery Oxford Army Kings Bat Oxford Army Astley’s Hopton’s Tertia 2nd Bat Pr Rupert’s Brig Byron’s Bat Pr Rupert’s Brig John Russel’s Bat Hopton’s Tertia 1 st Bat Newcastle’s Tertia 2nd Bat Newcastle’s Tertia 1st Bat Cavalry

32 Battalion 1 Form Horn Battel – Muskets before Pike and engage Musket Pike Musket Pike Musket Battalion 1 Battalion 2

33 Battalion 1 Load – Pike before Musket Battalion 2 Demi Hearse - Musket before Pike Musket Pike Musket Pike Musket Pike Musket Battalion 1 Battalion 2

34 Battalion 1 Horn Battale Battalion 2 March On Musket Pike Musket Pike Musket Battalion 1 Battalion 2

35 Battalion 1 Form Demi Hearse Battalion 2 Form Horn Battel Musket Pike Musket Pike Musket Battalion 1 Battalion 2 The ‘Leap Frog’

36 Battalions having Leap Frogged Artillery Oxford Army Kings Bat Oxford Army Astley’s Hopton’s Tertia 2nd Bat Pr Rupert’s Brig Byron’s Bat Pr Rupert’s Brig John Russel’s Bat Hopton’s Tertia 1 st Bat Newcastle’s Tertia 2nd Bat Newcastle’s Tertia 1st Bat Cavalry

37 Initial Deployment 2 Do not rush the opening play - display what we have and can do Musket firing in ranks and salvees Casualties – Dead Soldier Society Pike and Musket Interdiction Ist Line and 2 nd Line leapfrogging Using the Artillery Manoeuvre the Reserve Line It looks Complex, but with decent Command and Control is Simple Further data on Horn Battale and Demi Hearse see:

38 5. Chief of Staff Update Scotty

39 RA CoS - Communications Primary means of communications for all documentation processes: - scanned copies of completed SK forms forwarded via e- mail All Comms should be made via chain of command, i.e. - Regt. CO’s & Adjutants - Tercio / Brigade CO’s & Staff Unsigned or unauthorised SK forms sent directly to RA CoS will be returned to the Regiment concerned

40 40 RA - Promotion Process Scan SKF2 & Org Chart and e-mail to LG YesNo Regimental CO completes SKF2, forwards to Brigade CO with Regt Org Chart showing new role Brigade CO - add remarks, signs & date Rank above Captain? Scan SKF2, & Org Chart e-mail copy to RA CoS RA CoS sign & date, forward via e-mail to AG, OoD & Membership Secretary LG - add remarks, sign & date, e-mail to RA CoS

41 41 RA - Awards Process Recommending Officer completes SKF1, Part 1, forwards to CO CO - completes Part 2, signs & date, e-mail to Brigade CO Brigade CO - initial Part 2, e-mail to LG, with comments as appropriate (cc RA CoS) LG - completes Part 3, e-mail to CoS with comments as appropriate CoS completes Part 4, updates RA records, e-mail to Agitant General, and Orders of the Daye

42 42 RA - Transfer Process Member completes SKF15, forwards to Present Regt. CO Present Regt. CO - completes signs & date, e-mail to Intended Regt. CO e-mail to Brigade CO, approve / decline E-mail to RA CoS. E-mail to LG, with Org Chart approve / decline Is Rank to be retained? Yes Intended Regt. CO - completes signs & date, No Rank Above Captain? No Yes RA CoS - sign & date. E-mail to AG, OoD and Member. Secretary

43 RA CoS - outstanding issues RA CoS Memo sent March 2012 - requesting information on outstanding promotions, transfers and awards. Response from regiments varied to date. RA CoS will collate information upon receipt and liaise with Membership Secretary to update records. Please return completed spreadsheets by 21st April 2012. Contact details for Regt. Adjutants would also be helpful.

44 New Medals Gentleman Volunteer Long Service Awards for 10, 20 and 30 years

45 6. Amendments to the Royalist Armie appointment process of Tercia Commanders and the Lord Generall James Daniels

46 Why do we want to change? Challenging current process. More transparency and openness To widen the gene pool of potential candidates

47 What are the changes and how do they affect me? Improved representational voting from the Army Membership Terms of 4 years + 2 years Opening out eligibility Being clear on eligibility criteria Trying to ensure the best person is not excluded Trying not to be over complicated.

48 Deployment Route The Royalist Senior Commanders review and develop processes Board of Directors to ratify these changes in principle 15/01/12 Senior Royalist Army Command Ratification 22/01/12 Royalist Army Ratification 24/03/12 Deployment of new orders inc. circulation by 31/03/12 Tertia Cmdr LG

49 7. Royalist Army Web Pages and Statistics Rob Crookes

50 Army Totals 2011 Prepared by Rob Crookes Background:- The figures are dubious but consistent. Based on troops, non combatants aren’t counted, but LH are. I will be improving data integrity This will have the following impacts.  Better assess the campsite needed for major musters.  Identify the Regiments that are doing well and learn from them.  Plan battles knowing what the correct troop types are.  Keep our sponsor happy.

51 ELVASTON 2011 Daily Turnout %. Based on fighting field strength

52 Newbury 2011

53 Losely 2011

54 Major Muster Summary Average turnout 2011 per Tertia. Astley’s Battalion 20.5% King’s Battalion 31.0% Hopton’s Tertio 44.7% Newcastle’s Tertio 34.75% Pr Rupert’s Brigade 41.7%

55 Regimental Growth How the Tertia’s have grown over the years 2009 – 2011. All have shown increases. Don’t have the Regimental breakdown To be Corrected this year.

56 Tertio Growth Comparison 2009 2011

57 8. 370 th Anniversaries for 2013 Thornton Billinghurst

58 370 th Anniversaries for 2013 Hopton Heath 13 th March 1643,South Cheshire Seacroft Moor30 th March 1643, West Yorkshire Stratton16 th May 1643, Cornwall Chalgrove18 th June 1643, Oxfordshire Adwalton Moor30 th June 1643, West Yorkshire Landsdown5 th July 1643, Gloucestershire Roundway Down13 th July 1643, Wiltshire Newbury20 th September 1643, Berkshire Winceby11 th October 1643, Lincolnshire Regional Muster Coordinators

59 9. The Officer Academy Richard Pearce and Barrie Upton

60 Objectives To provide a development programme to prepare our future leaders, especially for Regimental Command To ensure all potential leaders in the future understand their responsibilities and obligations To use the best talent within the Army to further improve our performance

61 Who is this aimed at? There will be two levels: – Level 1 – NCO’s and junior Officers for whom the next step is Divisional Command – Level 2 – Company Officers for whom the next step is potentially Regimental Commanding Officer

62 What is the format? The Academy term will be a year – September to August culminating in an awards ceremony at August Bank Holiday The format will be as follows: – Two days away out of season – At muster practical activities – Project work

63 Topics to be Covered The Society – it’s mandate, objectives, history and culture The role and responsibilities of an Officer Health and Safety Simple leadership and management skills Events – finance, recruiting, delivery, negotiating skills

64 Timeframes Launch at Army Council – March 2012 Content completed by – May 2012 OOD Article – May 2012 Nominations – End of June 2012 Trials and Testing – June-August 2012 Go Live – September 2012

65 Summary Will move the society forward Needs commitment from the top and support from the Regimental CO’s Delegates will need to be committed Enables us to utilise our best talents for the greater good – irrespective of position

66 10. Muster Opportunities

67 Host Regt Pre Battle Opportunity Recruitment opening Pre Battle host unit/s strut their stuff, Commentator pre armed Ideas: demonstrate what ECW Army life is about camp life with lots of bustle pickets set out, engage pickets. Skirmish phase and camp is ‘struck’ Ham!! (Officer Tent, Spiy, Thief, Deserter) then Ham Again Armies arrive on field

68 Host Regiment Pre Battle Commentator Notes Historical background and SK background of the Regiment ‘Big Up’ the Regiment! Personalise it with CO’s name, and point him out Where they meet and when The next social meeting which the public are invited to, to meet the Regiment The next training day which the public are invited to attend The location of the Recruiting Details of the opposite ‘side’ if they do not want to join the host unit. When Camp Followers leave scenario they should take the opportunity to walk the crowd line to leaflet them with host unit information hand-outs.

69 General Improvements Numbers Improve ‘sides’ numbers communication Forecast of potential turnout for the Pre Battle Briefing Carry an Orange/Blue sash to musters As Officers Take advantage of what the SK has to offer Attendance Be positive Be a soldier at a mini On the Field Seize the Initiative Hold the Ground

70 Improvements And Finally Have fun – and make sure your troops do too!

71 11. Questions ?? Acknowledgements to Photo Team: Rusty Ardwinkle, John Beardsworth, Steve Dury, Steve Liddle, Marilyn Taylor, Jeff Vincent

72 12. Review of Actions and Dates Agreed Scotty

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