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Welcome to the 2012 Royalist Army Council Presentation All ‘slides’ in this presentation will be held on the RA Web Site V 020312.

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1 Welcome to the 2012 Royalist Army Council Presentation All ‘slides’ in this presentation will be held on the RA Web Site V 020312

2 Be Aware (Housekeeping) That all Membership Cheques are to be made out by the Regiments and sent to Julie, Do not allow individuals to send membership renewals or new membership cheques. Your Regimental Accounts are now due! That CO’s have a duty of care to/for their members, that is not just on the field, but on the campsite as well. SK Medics need volunteers!

3 Taking Your Shots Issue V 020312


5 Agenda 1.Staff Introduction 2.Regimental Organisation 3.Army Organisation 4.Initial 20 Minutes of the Battle 5.Chief of Staff Update - Scottyy 6.LG and Tertia Officer Promotion - James Daniels 7.Web Pages & Stats– Rob Crookes 8.380 th Anniversaries – Thornton Billinghurst 9.Officers Academy – Richard Pearce and Barrie Upton 10.Opportunities 11.Q&A Session 12.Review of Actions - Scotty

6 1. Staff Introduction

7 Staff Introduction (a) HeadQuarters – LGSimon Davies – 2 i/cThornton Billinghurst – Chief of StaffGary McConnell Lawler (Scotty) – ADC, Treasurer, StatsRob Crookes – Assistant CoSJohn Carrington – Drum Major Vacancy

8 Staff Introduction (b) Senior Commanders: – Oxford Army Colin Bisset – Pr Rupert’s Brigade Barrie Upton – Hopton’s Tertia Thornton Billinghurst – Newcastle’s TertiaJames Daniels – Scots BrigadeSteve Langam – Pr Rupert’s LifeguardBill Daley – Master of Royal OrdinanceJim Rushbrook

9 2. Regimental Organisation

10 Alternative Ranks Honorary Colonel: Ex Colonels/Generals Sounding Board for the Officers ‘Uncle’ to the Regiment No ‘On Field’ responsibility – gives no orders Reformado Officers: When insufficient men to warrant the rank Temporary expedient – re-joins the ranks May have no responsibility and gives no orders Officer Uniform/No Sash – carry pike or musket Gentleman Volunteer: Return to the ranks No responsibility, issues no orders Officer Uniform/No Sash – carry pike or musket

11 Regimental Organisation Caveat Not an edict but an opportunity Review your Regimental Organisation Assess its Governance Responsibility and rank Infrastructure Culture Succession Mgt Structure Communications Structure

12 Idealised SK Company Structure – Minimum of 20 Soldiers – 2x ½ Division Company Captain/ Lieutenant Sergeant Pike Division Sergeant Musket Division File Leader Corporal Musketeer Pikeman Total Number: 21+ Officer: 1 Ensign: 1 Drummer: 1 Serg: 2 Corp: 2 Soldier: 12 to 16 By increasing the men to 6 per file the Company can expand with no need for further Officers or NCO’s prior to promotion to a small Regiment. Pikeman Corporal File Leader Pikeman Musketeer Ensign Drummer

13 Idealised Small Regiment Structure – Minimum of 40 Soldiers in Two Divisions Drummers Total Number : 40+ Major: 1Capt: 1 Lt: 1Ensign 1 Serg: 2Corp: 4 Soldier: 32 – By increasing the men to 6 per squad the Regiment can expand with no need for further Officers or NCO’s Major Ensign Captain Pike Division Sergeant Corporal Pikeman File Leader Pikeman Corporal File Leader Pikeman File Leader Pikeman Lieutenant Musket Div Sergeant Corporal Muskateer File Leader Muskateer Corporal File Leader Muskateer File Leader Muskateer

14 Idealised Large Regiment/Battalion – 80 + Soldiers in Four Divisions Drummers Total Number: 90+ Lt Colonel: 1 Major: 1Capt: 2 Lt: 2Ensign 2 Serg: 4Corp: 8 Soldier: 60+ Hon Colonel Ensigns Captain Pike Div Sergeant 1 Corporal Pikemen Gentleman Volunteer Reformado Officer Corporal Lieutenant Pike Div SergeantCorporal Captain Musket Div Sergeant 1 Corporals Musketeers Corporal Lieutenant Musket Div SergeantCorporal Lt Colonel Major

15 The Ideal ‘Lean’ Battalion Battalion can support: 1 Lt Colonel, 1 Major, 4 Officers – 2 Captains and 2 Lieutenants 2 Ensigns and ? Drummers 4 Sergeants to command the 4 Divisions. 2 Divisions of Pikemen 2 Divisions of Musketeers Each Division of 4 ranks by 4 files or 16 men Total: 80 men Viable with 12 men per division: 64 men

16 Unit Organisation – Way Forward 1 Review your Org Structure All Promotion requests to have an Org Chart/Rationalisation Promotion is not for life Celebrate and recognise retiring Officers

17 Unit Organisation – Way Forward 2 Be ambitious! Grow your Company/Regiment Active recruitment to lift the base Promote the keen, those who recruit, those who turn up Put on events both to recruit and retain Its going to be a tough year for retention and recruitment!

18 3. Army Organisation

19 ROYALIST ARMY STRUCTURE 2012 Queen’s Lifeguard RoF - Sir Richard Molyneux’s Coy Sir Gervais Lucas’s Coy Sir Thomas Glemham’s RoF Earl Rivers’ RoF Earl of Northampton’s RoF Prince Rupert’s RoF Col. Stephen Hawkins’ RoF Sir William Godolphin’s RoF Sir Bevill Grenvile’s RoF Sir Nicholas Slanning’s RoF Sir Marmaduke Rawdon’s RoF Sir George Lisle's RoF Col. Charles Gerard’s RoF Sir Gilbert Hoghton’s Coy Marquess of Newcastle’s RoF LORD GENERAL Col. Sir John Owen’s Regt Sir Henry Bard’s