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External Agency Brief Marketing Communications Campaign ERDF and young people.

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1 External Agency Brief Marketing Communications Campaign ERDF and young people

2 Our vision Every young person should have the chance to succeed. Our mission To help disadvantaged young people in the UK to change their lives and get into work, education or training. Our success  Three in four young people supported by The Prince’s Trust move into work, education or training.  The Prince of Wales’s charity has helped more than 700,000 young people since 1976 and supports 100 more each day. About The Prince’s Trust

3 What we do  Help disadvantaged young people aged 13 to 30 who are unemployed, struggling at school or at risk of exclusion, including: in or leaving care facing homelessness mental health problems have been in trouble with law from workless households carer disabled About The Prince’s Trust We run eight programmes, all over the country, that all address specific needs of the young people who come to us. For this brief, we are focusing on just on our Enterprise programme, which helps unemployed young people start-up in business

4  We have received public sector funding from the European Regional Development Fund to deliver an Enterprise project during 2013/14 and 2014/15 ‘Sustainable Enterprise with The Prince’s Trust’ will raise awareness and secure participation of 2600 NEET young people onto our Enterprise Programme in 12 targeted Local Authority Districts  The money has allowed us to add more elements to our national offer, tailored specifically to this audience  Our reputation is at stake so we need to deliver against targets  This is a very hard-to-reach audience and we have been given very specific geographical areas to focus on Why we are briefing you

5 This document provides you with detailed information to support our brief to you which is to: Deliver an integrated marketing strategy, creative concept and marketing executions, that generates:  5200 enquiries from NEET young people in defined areas within the East Midlands each year.  This is so we can meet our contract requirements of securing 1300 young people a year on the Explore Enterprise programme as there is a 50% drop out rate at each stage. Achieving these KPIs will enable us to meet the targets set out by the European Regional Development Fund contract Our challenge to you – in a nutshell

6  Nationally, since 1983 we have helped to set up over 80,000 businesses  Last year, 6,038 young people joined the Enterprise programme nationally and 850 joined in the East Midlands About the Enterprise programme Young people

7  Last year 850 young people went on Explore Enterprise 4 day workshop – we need a 35% uplift this year (1300) and in 2014/15  The campaign needs to generate 5200 programme enquiries each year in order to secure 1300 young people on Explore Enterprise in 2013/14 and 1300 in 2014/15. This is due to a 50% drop out rate.  If we miss our target this year, it rolls to next year’s target  So far, since April 2013, we have recruited 188 young people (165 from ERDF areas). This has been done mainly through direct outreach. Programme participation Young people

8 5200 enquiries – the maths Enquiry By telephone or through the website We need to attract 5200 enquiries each year as there is 50% drop out rate Information/ inspiration Session One hour session to discuss the process We need to attract 2600 young people as there is a 50% drop out rate Explore Enterprise Four day in-depth course to understand what is involved in a business start- up We need 1300 in 2013/14 to go on this course 165 so far from ERDF areas Enterprise Start your own business We need 325 young people to remain on the programme and set up a business Young people

9  These 5200 enquiries need to come from young people resident within the boundary of one of the following 12 Local Authority Districts: Ashfield Boston Derby City Lincoln City Bassetlaw Chesterfield East Lindsey Mansfield Bolsover Corby Leicester City Nottingham City 5200 young people must come from these areas Young people

10 What we are offering these young people (Specific to ERDF contract – not national) Grants of up to £1500 per to help with business start up costs (namely marketing, equipment, insurances and raw materials). Range of discounted and free support offers for three years Test Trade Marketing Grant of up to £250 to test their business idea Specialist mentor (if needed) One-to-one business planning support with a Trust start-up expert to develop a business plan Four Day ‘How to start your own business’ Training Course (even if you don’t go any further) BIS loan averaging £2500 to spend on non-ERDF eligible items e.g. vehicles, training, stock 1-2-1 coaching support to help business whilst in early stages of trading Growth Grant funding – up to £3000 to purchase items that will help grow or expand business Access to free seminars and networking events run monthly If you decide Enterprise is not for you, we offer Springboard sessions that aim to keep young people engaged and help them find what they do want to do Young people

11  As programmes run locally, NEETs are recruited locally using a number of tried and tested methods: 1.Push – includes putting up posters in local community areas, placing programme specific information on The Prince’s Trust website, Referral Executives and Job Ambassadors undertaking community outreach work, telling local referral partners about our programme and providing printed materials for POS 2.Pull – fielding general enquiries to our national helpline and allocating by geography to nearest programme (enquiries generated by word of mouth, local press editorial, job centre or referral agencies)  Generally, there is not the national resource to support local recruitment so niche marketing communications activity from our head office is limited How we usually recruit Young people

12 We are looking for you to deliver:  A well-considered, targeted marcomms strategy that enables us to deliver on contract objective. This strategy will be executed by a dedicated account team.  An overarching visual identity that is attractive to the audience (must reference ERDF in design)  Central key messages to make the offer marketable  A well-researched media/execution plan with timings (if media buying is required, we can manage this through our pro-bono agency, Msix if you prefer). We also have strong links with certain media owners.  Creative execution for different formats suggested in the media plan (must include at least one printed piece of marketing literature for youth outreach team to use) Your brief – the detail

13  All liaison with editorial media will be delivered by The Prince’s Trust Press Team, working on the plan provided by the agency and with guidance from the agency. Press releases may be drafted by agency however.  All social media activity needs to be delivered/signed off by The Prince’s Trust digital marketing team This is due to reputational risk of third party agencies communicating directly with the public on our behalf. Please note

14 Appendix 1. Resource we have available to support this project

15 Regional Programme Resource Enquiry Information Session Explore Enterprise Enterprise Five referral executives  Drive up numbers for programme and deal with enquiries and info sessions  Taking IS in community centres and places where young people congregate  Outreach in hard to reach areas to drive up numbers Enterprise Executives  121 business planning support to clients from EE to start up. Business Coaches  121 coaching support in early stages of trading items e.g. vehicles, training, stock Two Enterprise Programme Managers Oversee all programme activity in the region Volunteers team  Provide ‘springboard’ workshops to those clients who do not wish to pursue Enterprise.  Volunteer mentors then support clients on a one to one basis to achieve their action plan and help young people get into a positive outcome.  Volunteer Executives oversee the reporting system that mentors send in to monitor clients’ progress.

16 National Marcomms Resource Head Office Head of Marketing Partnerships – works with media owners and agencies Regional press officer – generates editorial publicity Head of Marketing – responsible for brand, design and production Digital marketing officer – responsible for social media, website

17 Appendix 2. Background information about NEETS

18 About NEETS  In May 2013, 1.09 million 16 to 24 year olds were NEET —that’s 15% of all young people in the UK.  ONS figures show that there has been a rise in the number of female NEETs, who now outnumber males by more than 100,000. Young people

19  The characteristics of young people who are categorised as NEET are diverse although we know that they are more likely to: Come from a workless household Be disabled Come from an immigration background Live in a remote area or urban area with high deprivation Have parents who are divorced Be a carer for someone else Be nocturnal Suffer homelessness or be at risk of it Suffer from mental health or drug issues Have peer and family pressures Have a low household income There are multiple reasons why a young person might be NEET Young people Our target market - NEETs

20 26 On our programmes, these were the key categories Young people 2011 programme data

21  Challenges faced by young people on Prince’s Trust programmes are dominated by education, relationships, history of offending and household unemployment (figures 2011) 22 Our target market - NEETs

22 What we know about our NEETS on the programme  They mainly hear about us through personal references, through search engines or referral agencies (anecdotal evidence)  They don’t buy newspapers but do read free ones (focus group)  They use social media regularly – particularly Facebook and Twitter (anecdotal evidence)  They like to be contacted by direct mail, posters in local areas, social media and social media advertising (focus group)  They think we could reach them through: o Shopping centres o On the Street o Job Centre o Flyers o Sure Start o Colleges (Focus group) Young people

23 What media do NEETS specifically consume? Indexed data from TGI

24 GB TGI 2012 Q2 (January 2011 - December 2011)(Pop) – Copyright Kantar Media UK Ltd 2012 20,000 surveyed -results indexed NEET young people are more likely to consume the following media than the rest of the population

25 NEET young people are more likely to watch these television stations than the rest of the general population

26 1. Top of the Pops Magazine 878 2. Company 579 3. NME 546 4. Reveal 531 5. Soaplife 513 6. New! 484 7. More! 482 8. Closer 481 9. Zoo 459 10. Love it! 441 11. F1 Racing 425 13. Vogue 379 14. EVO 367 NEET young people are more likely to read the following titles than the rest of the population 15. Empire 360 16. OK! 354 17. FHM 354 18. Kerrang 381 19. Star 336 20. Now! 313 21. Nuts 302 22. Top Gear 273 23. magazine 266 24. Look 266 25. Cosmopolitan 229 26. All about soap 217 27. Pick me up 210 28. Heat 183 29. Real People 177 30. The Independent 144 31. Daily Star 139

27 NEET young people are more likely to listen to the following stations than the rest of the general public 1. Magic Liverpool 585 2. Capital Scotland 504 3. Capital Birmingham 454 4. Kiss 101 327 5. BRMB (Birmingham) – 324 6. Signal One 291 7. Kiss 100 274 8. Capital North East 266 9. Bauer Passion Network 264 10. Capital Yorkshire 260 11. Real Radio Wales 247 12. Capital Network 238 13. Lincs FM 232 14. TFM – 231 15. Kerrang 219 16. Capital East Midlands 203 17. Heart West Midlands 189 18. Capital Manchester 184 20. Clyde 1 FM 183 21.Kiss 105-108 180 22. Capital London 174 23. Heart Home Counties 161 24. Heart Kent 158 25. Beacon FM 158 26. Heart North West and Wales 154 27. Real Radio North West 130 28. Choice FM 149 29. Wave 105.2 141 30. Capital South Coast 141 31. Heart London 134 32. Heart East Anglia 127 33. Jazz FM 127

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