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Ad Astra Issue 5 Written by the children of St Anne’s for the children of St Anne’s.

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1 Ad Astra Issue 5 Written by the children of St Anne’s for the children of St Anne’s

2 Welcome to the fifth issue of Ad Astra. As usual, we will include as much as we can about our school life, so everyone enjoys the magazine. This is our last issue before we break up. Next term the new Year 6 children will be taking over this wonderful magazine. We wish them good luck! We hope you enjoy reading all of the issues of Ad Astra, written and edited by the children of St Anne’s. From the editors: Jessica Diges, Louise Weightman, Maddy MacPhee and Maddy Morrison


4 Contents 1.Making a splash with St Anne’s 2.Road safety week 3.District sports 4.Sayers Croft 5.The junior fun run 6.Spectacular summer fair 7.Joseph production 8.Per fidem 9.Puzzle page 10.Father Martin’s joke page 11.Farewell 12.Mrs Sharples’ favourite prayer Click on the story that you would like to read.

5 Swimming news My class and I were very excited because it was our first time this year going to Legal And General for swimming lessons. We travelled to the swimming pool by minibus. Good groups We were split into groups, as some children in our class were more capable than others at swimming. In the lessons Each week we swam lengths of the pool; some weeks we concentrated on backstroke, others on front crawl or breaststroke. Success ahead One of the groups, which I am in, had to do a test to see how many lengths we could do in the amount of time that we had. Luckily it was just a practice, but I think I did well for the practice as I did 34 lengths! I’m really proud of myself. Contents Making a splash with St Anne’s By Ciara Sirkett,Year 4

6 Road safety week On the 14 th -18 th June we had our road safety week. This was the first time that the road safety week had happened in our school. Each class had a different activity to do during the week. We all had different activities, ranging from a trike-it club to a walking bus world record attempt, which was achieved by the children in Year 5. We all had great fun, but the most important thing is that we learnt a lot about staying safe. The police came in to each year group and had a big assembly talk. They were all very friendly. Contents

7 District sports On the day of District sports, children from St Anne’s school went to Sutton Arena to represent our school in various athletics events. Even though the weather was very hot, St Anne’s came first once again! Well done to all of the children taking part and thank you to Mrs Byrne for organising it! Good luck next year, and let’s try to win the cup yet again! Contents

8 Sayers Croft The children in Year 5 did a lot of team games, such as orienteering. They all had a lot of fun and enjoyed it. One of the highlights was the hot chocolate! One of the best things about going away together was that the children learnt to co- operate more with one another and made new friends ready for their time in Year 6. Contents

9 The junior fun run By Katie Smith, Year 4 The juniors annual Fun Run took place on Thursday 10 th June at Lady Neville Park. Luckily the weather remained dry as each year ran their own race, twice around the cricket pitch. You could either sprint or run at your own pace. We spoke to first place winners in Year 4, Megan Kennedy and Patrick Murray. Megan said she ‘really likes running’ and Patrick said ‘running is my favourite sport, but best of all I love coming first!’ Runner up Tara Ridgewell said she was really pleased to get second place and in third place Sophie Zonfrillo said she loves taking part in the Fun Run. Holly Rayner from Year 5 said the Fun Run made her happy and joyful, while Lamar from Year 6 said he really enjoys running. Every runner was rewarded with a drink and biscuit and then able to cheer on the rest of the juniors. We look forward to next year’s Fun Run and will be interested to see if we have any new talent amongst us. Well done to everyone who took part! Contents

10 Spectacular Summer Fair! At the Summer Fair, there were lots of different activities, such as the pony ride, bouncy castle and water soaking. Irish dancers danced and the ‘Z Squad’ cheer-led for the England team (even though Spain won the World Cup!). Crocodiles and lizards were being held and an enormous turtle was walking around the playground! Thank you to everyone, especially Helen Ravetto and Louise Hartfield, as we raised over £3,000 for the school funds! Thank you! Contents

11 Joseph production In July Year 6 performed their end of year play, ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.’ It went really well and Max (who was Joseph) said, “It was great fun being Joseph, but a lot of hard work was put in to learn all of the lines. I was nervous in front of all of the audiences, but it was worthwhile in the end!” Thank you to Mrs Magill and Miss Noulton for organising the play and all of the teaching assistants for providing the scenery and backstage work! I hope you all enjoyed the play and are looking forward to our next West End performance! Contents

12 Per Fidem Sian: ‘It was really fun and exciting!’ “Now that I have been to PGL I not scared of heights anymore. I loved the zip wire and would happily go again!” Louise C: ‘I thought it was amazing!’ Alex M: ‘I’d like to go back again, because it was cool and the chalets were great!’ Tom H: ‘It was funtabulous!’ Laura: ‘It was very good; I want to go again.’ Tom P: ‘It was really fun and action packed.’ These are some thoughts from Year 6 about PGL… Contents

13 Puzzle page Can you find your way around this maze? Contents

14 Fr Martin’s joke page A little girl asked her mother, “How did the human race appear?” The mother answered, “God made Adam and Eve and they had children and that’s how all mankind was made.” Two days later the girl asked her father the same question. The father answered, “Many years ago there were monkeys, from which the human race evolved.” The confused girl returned to her mother and said, “Mum how is it possible that you told me the human race was made by God, and Dad said they developed from monkeys?” The mother answered, “Well, dear, it is very simple, I told you about my side of the family and your father told you about his!” Contents

15 Farewell We are sad to say goodbye to some very special people who have helped and taught at St Anne’s for many years. Thank you to Mrs Sharples, Mrs Bonner, Mrs Gallagher and Mrs Kiely. We will miss you all!

16 Quotes from the leaving staff I feel a bit of a fraud. I’m leaving officially but I’m not leaving unofficially. I’ll still be here for some things – running clubs and helping with supply. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at this school. I am sad to be leaving. I have loved it at St Anne’s. I especially enjoyed helping children to become better artists. Mrs Bonner Mrs Kiely Mrs Gallagher Contents

17 Mrs Sharples’ favourite prayer Deep peace of the running wave to you; Deep peace of the flowing air to you; Deep peace of the quiet earth to you; Deep peace of the shining stars to you; Deep peace of the gentle night to you; Moon and stars pour their healing light on you; Deep peace of Christ the light of the world to you. Amen. Contents

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