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Public Health in Northern Ireland - Dr. Paul Darragh.

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1 Public Health in Northern Ireland - Dr. Paul Darragh

2 Public Health in Northern Ireland  Fully integrated Health, Social Services and Primary Care  Equivalent services to rest of UK N.H.S  Funding via Barnett formula - Scotland, Wales, N. Ireland – own administration  Share land boundary with ROI – cross border issues.  Population 1.7m, significant legacy of deprivation, “troubles”  Overall Health and Social Care budget approx £4.5b  Demography overall aging population  Endeavour to be as self-sufficient as possible in Regional Specialities  Tied into N.I.C.E

3 Our Political Structures  Government - Assembly – All 5 Political Parties have Ministers  Department of Health and Social Services DHSS  Own minister  Assembly Health Committee  Public Health Agency – sponsor C.M.O in D.H.S.S  Warm, supportive, co-operative relationship  Local Authorities Involvement  Investing for Health / New Public Health Strategy / Joint Action / Shaping wider health policy

4 Public Health Agency  Director of Public Health, Chief Executive and Director of Nursing (160 Staff)  Cover all 3 domains of Public Health and R&D  Health Protection – HPU and Regional Epidemiology and Policy (9 consultants)  Health Improvement – (65 staff)  Service Development and Screening and Commissioning (19 consultants)  R&D for Health and Social Care in N.I and National projects Processing/Monitoring/Funding

5 Health Protection  Health Protection unit - ID: Environmental Health and Emergency Planning  Regional Epidemiology - ID: Intelligence Gathering : Interpretation  Policy on HCAI Control : Monitoring / Policing / Hospitals / Community  Prevention Imm. and Vacc.  Working well - Resilience / Sustainability / Cross-Cover - Health protection staff 99% - H5N1; C.Diff; MRSA etc - Pseudomonas – all neonatal units at the same time  Severe weather incidents  Could do better: - Staff still to often Firefighting - Need to improve epidemiology to get ahead of events



8 Influenza Vaccine Uptake Over 65 yrs & (<65yr at risk groups)

9 Health Improvement 4 Building Blocks as per Marmot  Give every child and young person the best start in life  Work with others to ensure a decent standard of living  Build sustainable communities  Make healthy choices easier

10 Adult Smoking By Gender NI from1983 Adult = 16+

11 Good At Early Years:  New Parent Programme  Family Nurse Partnership  Roots of Empathy  Infant Metal Health Training  Sure Start Primary Care Management of:  BP; Diabetes; Cholesterol; Cardiovascular Disease ; Stroke

12 Need Help With  Suicide and Mental Health  Obesity  Inequalities

13 Service Development and Screening Going Well: Commissioning – Local Commissioning (5 LCG’s) and Specialist Commissioning Screening – Progress on all national screening initiatives adult/children - Robust Q.A. in place to support screening Host SpR Training Scheme – Centre of Excellence University and in service training

14 Service Development and Screening Need Support: Large Scale Reviews - Pathology - Imaging Regional/ Supra-Regional Service development Maintaining Connections with rest of G.B

15 R&D Unit  Support Local Research Community  Input to National Awarding Bodies  Ensuring Public Health Influence on Research Agenda

16 Questions ?

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