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External Agency Brief Marketing Communications Campaign Private Sector.

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1 External Agency Brief Marketing Communications Campaign Private Sector

2  We have received public sector funding from the European Regional Development Fund to deliver an Enterprise project during 2013/14 and 2014/15 ‘Sustainable Enterprise with The Prince’s Trust’ will raise awareness and secure participation of 2600 NEET young people onto our Enterprise Programme in 12 targeted Local Authority Districts  Our reputation is at stake so we need to deliver against targets  We need to position ourselves as an organisation that can help companies to increase CSR activity through alignment to a European-funded programme  The ERDF is also keen that The Prince’s Trust helps its young business to achieve growth through more robust local partnerships with more established corporates Why we are briefing you

3 This document provides you with detailed information to support our brief to you which is to: Deliver an integrated marketing strategy, creative concept and marketing executions, that generates:  enquiries from 60 private sector companies within the 12 areas (5 per area) Achieving these KPIs will enable us to meet the targets set out by the European Regional Development Fund contract Our challenge to you – in a nutshell

4 Rationale The Prince’s Trust needs to generate interest and support from companies in order to fulfil the ERDF contract. We want to focus on specific sectors where we know we have already succeeded: Law, Finance, Construction and Retail. We are keen to work with more corporate organisations to double or even treble their CSR activity by working with The Prince’s Trust. We lever grants from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to fund the Enterprise programme. We will offer companies a unique insight into how they can maximise their corporate social responsibility priorities by aligning with our European-funded programme – Sustainable Enterprise with The Prince’s Trust. We also need to build bridges between our young businesses and more established ones so that they can network and create opportunities that can ensure their future survival Income Reaching the Private Sector

5 Our offer to them will be:  We provide a unique opportunity for established companies to support their local economy and community  We can deliver exceptional value for money for corporates looking to create or deliver against their CSR agenda in the local area  Companies can form a meaningful partnership with a well established and respected UK charity working in their region  We can provide excellent networking opportunities for companies looking to develop their supply chain or find new products through our Link2Business network. In joining us, companies can support the local economy by supporting new business growth and gain a deeper understanding of the work of The Trust. Income

6 How we usually recruit – what works  Advertising in regional and national business titles (sector specific) has worked well.  Editorial business-led case studies out in trade press  Personalised letters  Link2Business – we hold our own cultivation and networking events and potential donors can have access to these events But we would like your fresh, cost effective ideas about how best to approach this Income

7 We are looking for you to deliver:  A well-considered, targeted PR/marcomms strategy that enables us to deliver on this objective and compliments/springboards from the concurrent the youth campaign. This strategy will be executed by a dedicated account team.  Central key messages to make the offer marketable  A well-researched media/execution plan with timings (if media buying is required, we can manage this through our pro-bono agency, Msix if you prefer)  Creative execution for different formats suggested in the media plan Your brief – the detail

8  All liaison with editorial media will be delivered by The Prince’s Trust Press Team, working on the plan provided by the agency and with guidance from the agency. Press releases may be drafted by agency however.  All social media activity needs to be delivered/signed off by The Prince’s Trust digital marketing team This is due to reputational risk of third party agencies communicating directly with the public on our behalf. Please note

9 Appendix 1. About ERDF funding and Link2Business

10 Link2Business provides a platform for a cross section of the public and private sector to gain an appreciation of how, through engagement, partnership working and private sector investment matched with ERDF commitment, we can together make a significant difference to strengthen our local economy and young people’s lives in the East Midlands. Link2Business as a brand signifies the beginnings of a support network of SME’s under the project of Sustainable Enterprise With The Prince’s Trust. Link2Business

11 The ERDF is concerned with increasing sustainable economic and enterprise activity in disadvantaged communities and is spatially targeted to focus resources on the most disadvantaged areas whilst exploiting the potential linkages to adjacent areas of economic growth. The aim is to create new indigenous economic opportunities by building local capacity, resources and support; reviving local infrastructure and environments and stimulating and supporting enterprise and new market opportunities. ERDF funding

12 Appendix 2. Resource we have available to support this project

13 National Marcomms Resource Head Office Head of Marketing Partnerships – works with media owners and agencies Regional press officer – generates editorial publicity Head of Marketing – responsible for brand, design and production Digital marketing officer – responsible for social media, website

14 Appendix 2. Background information about audience media consumption

15 GB TGI 2012 Q2 (January 2011 - December 2011)(Pop) – Copyright Kantar Media UK Ltd 2012 20,000 surveyed -results indexed Directors and CEO more likely to consume this media than the rest of the general population

16 BBC Olive 822 Times Educational Supplement 656 Red 530 Living Etc 414 Runner’s World 397 New Scientist 350 Ride 304 The Garden 303 Financial Times 298 Psychologies 297 PC Format 287 Men’s Fitness 262 BBC Good Food 262 House & Garden 245 Performance Bikes 231 Stuff 222 Easy Living 214 Golf World 209 Delicious 207 189 Vogue 197 Viz 194 Garden News 188 National Geographic 181 The Times 180 Classic Bike 175 Good Housekeeping 171 Nuts 171 FHM 160 Your Home 162 Today’s Golfer 154 Homes & Gardens 156 Superbike 149 Car 148 PC Pro 143 The Guardian 141 Digital Photo 137 The Caravan Club 128 Harpers Bazaar 128 Men’s Health 127 Ideal Home 125 Daily Telegraph 124 CEO/Director/Senior Managers are more likely to read these titles than the rest of the population

17 LBC News 282 Key 103 231 Capital North East 230 Gold London 220 Heart Home Counties 196 Planet Rock 193 Heart Cambridgeshire 185 Absolute 170 LBC Network 165 XFM London 166 96.6 TFM 128 Heart Devon 146 Heart London 125 Heart Sussex 269 Heart West Country 248 Jazz FM 183 Kiss 100 136 LBC 185 Magic FM 163 Metro FM 254 Moray Firth Radio 208 Pirate FM 188 Wave 125 Heart Network 125 Xfm network 125 Smooth Radio 121 CEOs/Directors/Senior Managers are more likely to listen to these stations than the rest of the general population

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