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CMI’s PR Strategy for 2013-14 Regional Board Webinar, 25 June 2013 Patrick Woodman – Head of External Affairs Dana Dzubas – PR Manager.

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1 CMI’s PR Strategy for 2013-14 Regional Board Webinar, 25 June 2013 Patrick Woodman – Head of External Affairs Dana Dzubas – PR Manager

2 Agenda Introductions Track record: CMI’s PR in the last 12 months CMI’s PR strategy for 2013-14 ̶ Reinventing management ̶ Ethics: trust in the profession Opportunities for the regional boards How the CMI Press Office will support the regions Forward schedule

3 Petra Wilton, Director of Strategy & External Affairs The CMI External Affairs/Press team Patrick Woodman, Head of External Affairs Dana Dzubas, PR Manager Joshua Atkins, External Affairs Officer

4 CMI PR – 2012-13

5 The last 12 months

6 Bigger than Obama..?

7 Key route to building awareness and understanding of CMI Thought leadership themes – “reinventing management” and “ethics: trust in the profession” Drive CMI products/services, data capture, lead generation Achieved over 2,700 pieces of coverage in 2012-13 2013-14: focus on improving understanding Key target for 2013-14 based on Gross Rating Points (reach x frequency): target 2,250 The role of PR for CMI

8 2013-14: Key aims of our strategy Market products & services, both for CMI and learning providers Position CMI as experts – a source of relevant, proprietary knowledge with a vision for the future Communicate ideas for tangible actions – both for employers and employees Take management mainstream – into the widest possible range of media

9 Key audiences P 9

10 Routes to audiences P 10

11 Media coverage KPIs P 11 26.5 exposures per manager

12 Thematic approach for 2013-14 P 12

13 Future of the profession Management is rapidly changing – what was standard practice 20 years ago seems strange now. Where will management go in the next 20 years, and how will we need to adapt to it? What skills will be needed and how well is UK Plc positioned?

14 1. Reinventing Management Monthly themes – blogs, online discussion Management futures research – publication early 2014 Psychology of entrepreneurs v managers, for Global Entrepreneurship Week (18 Nov ‘13) Thematic approach to events, speakers e.g. National Conference Anthology – early 2014

15 2. Ethics – trust in the profession Context of management scandals: banks, pharma, NHS (Mid- Staffs) Only 34% of public trust business leaders to tell the truth (Ipsos Mori) CMI reviewing Code of Professional Practice

16 Ethics Build on MoralDNA research - explore how reactions to scenarios in professional and personal lives differ and make the business case for ethics Get managers to think about their own behaviour via online scenario app and make them part of the solution through an consultation process on the Code of Conduct Launch the new Code to all UK managers via an ePetition Timings tbc with Professional Standards Committee – likely consultation from autumn ‘13, new Code launched spring ‘14

17 September W/c 6 th – trade union research Likely launch of consultation on code of practice Theme: the ethical manager August W/c 5 th – MLD health sector paper W/c 19 th – Gender salary survey Theme - diversity November White paper for Equal Pay Day (7 Nov) Research on entrepreneurs’/ managers’ psychology, Global Entrepreneurship Week (w/c 18 th ) Theme: entrepreneurship July W/c 1 st - Checklist book series launch - summer holiday survey PR story Conference Board White Paper – w/c 15 th October MLD in the engineering sector Launch new Regional Boards National Conference and Awards Professions Week (21-28 th ) Theme: professionalising management Forward planning

18 How does regional PR fit?

19 Increase in organisational performance Increase in people performance The last 12 months in regional press

20 Where are we now?

21 National stories, regional press

22 For instance...

23 PR opportunities for regional boards Events with newsworthy topics/speakers – e.g. linked to monthly themes/research launches/consultation on code of practice etc. Regional spokespeople for national launches Appointments, local successes – e.g. Chartered Managers Encourage participation by promoting events, awards, surveys via your social media networks – LinkedIn etc. ̶ Award winners, events and statistics from your patch are great stories for regional media, and the more we have to talk about the better! Case studies of excellent practice – your employers, others from your network Blogging – talk to regional media about writing one, and/or influencing others in your network to contribute too …Anything else? You tell us!

24 Media training Defined areas for comment PR Toolkit ̶ Template releases ̶ Regional media list ̶ Hints and tips Regular coverage updates What we can provide

25 Reviewing your questions

26 Press office: Direct: – 020 7421 Next week – join Zoia Wright, Campus CMI Manager, for webinar on Campus CMI ̶ Tuesday, 2 nd July at 12pm Thank you for listening!

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