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Low Carbon Bus Procurement Proposed Work Plan LowCVP Jonathan Murray 15 November 2007 BWG-P-07-18.

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1 Low Carbon Bus Procurement Proposed Work Plan LowCVP Jonathan Murray 15 November 2007 BWG-P-07-18

2 LowCVP submission to PFV strategy review Encourage R, D&D in low carbon buses  Establish a low carbon transport innovation platform  Grant support for demonstration  Greater use of the Forward Commitment Support the introduction of low carbon buses  National demonstration of low carbon buses  Reform or supplement of BSOG  Empowerment of Local Authorities Stimulate the market for low carbon buses  Taxation system amended to provide meaningful incentives  Encourage public sector bodies to purchase low carbon vehicles

3 LowCVP proposed amendments to low carbon bus targets Milestone for demonstration  100 or more low carbon buses demonstrated in the UK by 2009. Shifting to low carbon buses  600 or more low carbon buses coming into operation per year by 2012. Motivating future improvements  X% of buses coming into operation per year by 2020 will be ultra low carbon buses.

4 Role of the Forward Commitment in achieving market entry Technology Development Product Develop ment Market GrowthMarket Entry Forward commitment Market Volume Income + - Technology Push Demand Pull

5 Low Carbon Vehicle Procurement Programme  Announced as part of the Low Carbon Transport Innovation Strategy  To be launched in April 2008  Initial phase will be on:  Public procurement  Low carbon vans, mini-buses and plug-in hybrid cars  Buses have been carefully considered but not included in first phase:  Potential for significant impact  UK companies could benefit  Complex market  Development of programme:  Wider range of vehicles  Private sector

6 Low Carbon Bus Procurement Project  The purpose of the project is to conduct a feasibility study of how a Forward Commitment for Low Carbon Buses would work in the UK bus market.  The study would provide a blueprint of how to implement a low carbon bus procurement group.  Inform the development of the Low Carbon Vehicle Procurement Programme.  The project is core to the development of the work of the Bus Working Group with in the LowCVP.  Provide a means for the delivering the Powering Future Vehicle Strategy targets for buses.

7 Three elements to the project  Policy Drivers and Customer Interest  Assessment of the regulatory framework and forthcoming policy drivers  Customer interest and ability to turn this into effective demand  Low Carbon Bus Specification  Development of a draft low carbon bus specification  Manufacturer feedback  Financing and Contractual Arrangements  Determine the contractual structure required to deliver a low carbon bus forward commitment  Consider means of financing and incentivising low carbon buses

8 Deliverables and timescales 1.Presentation of primary research  Preliminary results of the primary research conducted to be presented to the LowCVP.  December 2007 2.Integration of the results and preliminary conclusions  Preliminary conclusions drawn from the research to be delivered to the LowCVP.  Week commencing the 7th January. 3.Draft report  Draft report to be presented for comment and approval to the Bus Working Group.  23rd January 2008. 4.Final report  Final report presented to the LowCVP Board for consideration.  7th February 2008.

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