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Welcome to the One Swindon Conference 12 th April 2013 ONE SWINDON PARTNERSHIP.

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1 Welcome to the One Swindon Conference 12 th April 2013 ONE SWINDON PARTNERSHIP

2 Dave Potts Swindon Community Infrastructure Parnership (SCIP)

3 Cllr David Renard Chair of One Swindon Partnership and Leader of the Council

4 Mike Ash Head of Housing Services, Swindon Borough Council Daniel Rose Swindon Community Infrastructure Parnership (SCIP) Big Conversation Reminder & findings from the VCS Survey













17 Dave Potts Networking Session

18 Gavin Jones Chief Executive, Swindon Borough Council Towards a One Swindon Community Budget James Griffin Head of Strategy, Research & Partnerships Swindon Borough Council






24 John Gilbert Board Director of Commissioning, SBC David Wray Chief Exec, Voluntary Action Swindon (VAS) Supporting Vulnerable People in Communities

25 Working Together to Support Vulnerable People in Swindon John Gilbert - Board Director, Commissioning (DCS/DASS) David Wray - Chief Executive, Voluntary Action Swindon

26 Recent Trends: (neglect / out of borough placements / in care numbers/increasing demand and numbers/ welfare reforms / fiscal challenges) 1400 ‘new’ older people become reliant on social care each year (circa £2.6m) 5200 older people supported at home each year 6500 children receiving early help or on-going social care support each year Circa £175k is the average cost to the council of supporting a vulnerable child that is in residential care Spend on contracts and care packages has increased from circa £91m to £136m in the last year

27  Swindon ‘Glass of Sorrow’  Is this all gloom and doom or new opportunities?  Where do the answers lie? Council and wider Public Sector partners? Voluntary Sector? Communities? Private sector?

28 Various Change Programmes eg: Strengthening Families Streetsmart Economy We have a range of supporting multi-agency infrastructure eg…. One Swindon Board Health & Well-Being Board Community Safety Partnerships Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Joint Commissioning Boards Safeguarding Boards/Children’s Trust Many others….etc etc

29 Seek to respond to demand Offer ‘our’ solutions Shaped to optimise funds Our ‘organisation’ is a significant determinant of services provided. Corporate agenda is at the heart of what we do Seek to influence and shape demand Create solutions together shaped to optimise outcomes Services are determined by a rich body of evidence, data and insight. Locality is at the heart of what we do Solutions delivered through multiple) functions, in silos. Respond to presenting issues…. focus on issue resolution Join up at Corporate plan level Solutions coordinated in Locality - Respond to insights based on the ‘whole picture’ balanced investment in prevention as well as issue resolution Creates dependency We set priorities and deliver services and support Communities influence priorities, contribute to delivery and share responsibility for outcomes Builds capability and capacity Join up between locality and corporate level – decision is taken at the most appropriate level Traditional Rhythm In the Future

30 Moving Forward..  Adult Demand Enquiry / approach…. - partners/voluntary organisations/members/private sector Leading to…  Greater understanding of demand dynamics  Better informed commissioning for the future  Building increased community resilience/confidence  How can we all get involved in the future?................  Let’s look at an example we experienced from Leeds ……… Over to David…………

31 Leeds 37 Neighbourhood Networks 16 years investment in supporting these Rooted in the community (older people) –Close to Social Care/Housing/Health etc. –Independent Living –Health and Wellbeing –Social isolation –Generate external funding

32 Create Solutions Together Engagement in Adult Demand Process – Third Sector representatives – Update Meetings – Advice and information Hub 3 year Infrastructure Contract – Volunteer Centre Time banking – Penhill/Taw Hill – Call in Time Project

33 Help Generate Solutions Building Health Partnerships –CCG/SBC/Third Sector/Seqol –Intelligent Commissioning –Strengthening Third Sector –Person Centred Self Care Recruit Third Sector Representative on Health and Wellbeing Board Use Involve (Employee Volunteering)

34 Pop-ups John Popowicz Wiltshire Fire & Rescue

35 Pop-ups Paul Wigley Citizens Advice Bureau

36 Pop-ups Phil Young Director of Investment, Forward Swindon Ltd

37 Pop-ups Anna Beddis Wiltshire Probation Trust

38 Pop-ups Paul Wilkins Housing Participation Officer, SBC ‘Listening Matters ’

39 Coffee Please be back at 11:20 to start the next session

40 Workshop Set-up & Swindon Churches Together Tom Charnock Chair, OS OMG Mark Barrett Chair of Swindon Churches Together


42 Swindon ReStore

43 Rodbourne Road Methodist Church Lunch and Activity Club

44 The Front Room St Augustine, Even Swindon

45 Swindon Neighbourhood Justice Panels

46 The Roundabout Café @ The Pilgrim Centre Community Café St Andrews, Moredon

47 CAP Debt Counselling Service The Discovery Church, Swindon

48 Workshop 1 40 Minutes Workshop 2 40 Minutes

49 Next Steps Tom Charnock

50 Close & Refreshments If needed a Quiet room has been set aside on the first floor for prayer and quiet contemplation If you would like to carry on your conversations and networking after lunch – the room is available until 3.30

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