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2 Content migration & revision Content reorganised and rewritten keeping graduates and students’ needs in focus Content rewritten by the Services to Graduates group (Chaired by Alan Robertson)

3 Redesign Wider layout to match contemporary screen resolutions Banner space that can hold multiple images, text and links Banner space can be used to promote various events or services Visual clues Word files Pdf files Links that open in new window Email links

4 Improved visual editing features Paste from Word Full screen editing Content Editor plugin

5 Google analytics – a tool to measures and analyse website usage and user behaviour Google Analytics Seamless integration with GCS website Monitor popularity of events and pages by measuring visits Demographics and Usage trends for future marketing strategies

6 Google Analytics Visitors Overview / Traffic sources Demographics Unique vs Returning Visitors Visitor flow and duration Pages / Visits by Countries / Cities User technology analytics such as Mobile devices, Screen resolutions, operating system etc. Visitor Flow

7 Events Specific to Students and Graduates Events can be posted in advance but can be set to appear later Data security is maintained by specifying a working group or service as an event owner

8 Future developments Establish social media presence GCS shared vacancy site for Graduate Vacancies Search engine optimisation

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