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Welcome to the YJUG CARE initiative presentation.

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1 Welcome to the YJUG CARE initiative presentation

2 Agenda Why have you been invited today? Our responsibilities How our signing, lighting and guarding performance is monitored The consequence of getting it wrong YJUG working group CARE initiative

3 1.Safety of public and workforce Why have you been invited to attend today? 2.Raise awareness of importance of Signing / Lighting and Guarding compliance 3.Introduce YJUG CARE initiative

4 Our Responsibilities Disability Discrimination Act Introduced in 1995 Duty under this law to ensure disabled pedestrians can use the highway safely Tapping rails Wheelchair ramps New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 Section 65 – Safety Measures (Red Book) HASAWA 1974 CDM regulations

5 How is Signing, Lighting and Guarding compliance monitored? Random sample inspection process Category A (Signing / Lighting / Guarding) 90% compliance level Improvement notice Highway Authority routine inspections Yorkshire Water audits Members of public Police YOU

6 The consequence of getting it wrong! Improvement notice served by Highway Authority Directors become involved 100% audits carried out on teams Leads to zero tolerance with those that are not performing Increased inspections Deterioration of our relationships with HA’s 3 rd Party insurance claims for accidents associated with badly set up sites Health & Safety Executive can become involved FATALITY

7 YJUG CARE Initiative Card issued to every employee C arry enough equipment A chieve right first time standards R egularly maintain sites E nsure speedy closure of works To promote better signing, lighting and guarding Raise awareness of pedestrians needs, in particular disabled pedestrians Encouragement for you to take responsibility for setting up safe sites

8 We want to go from this.................

9 To this.................

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