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February 2013 Trustees meeting Waverley CAB-thoughts on where we are and what we need to do.

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1 February 2013 Trustees meeting Waverley CAB-thoughts on where we are and what we need to do

2 Where we are now Top 10% of Bureaux in Quality Successful community fund raising Successful merger and operation of 4 offices Strong financial position

3 Movement in unrestricted reserves 31-Mar200915,000 201017,000 20115,000 201229,000 Forecast outturn for 31 March 2013 LA Funding252,700 Grants1,300 Other53,900 252,700 People176,500 Premises87,500 Other31,000 SURPLUS12,900 TOTAL Unrestricted reserves 31/3/12 £117,000

4 Summary of the Advice Services Transition Fund bid “Big Lottery” administered fund - £65 million allocated nationally Applications invited from partnerships of advice organisations in local areas eg ‘Boroughs’ The objective of the fund is to create close working relationships between organisations to improve advice services to clients and improve sustainability of advice providers. We are leading the bid totalling some £255k, supported by WBC and Age UK Waverley. The scope is to Develop more joined-up and cost effective advice services (online, common referrals system, home visiting etc.) Improve quality of advice across providers (joint training, shared knowledge base, developing specialists) Deliver proactive financial capability training to social housing tenants Develop a sustainable business (co-location, funding model, understanding of outcomes).

5 The challenges we face Welfare Reform Reduced funding New services Partnership/collaboration Grant funds Health commissioning Increased risk Improved access Wide range of support Complex solutions Management of advice Unpaid time Involvement of volunteers Succession planning Professionalise support Revenue generation Investment Role of Trustees Petra and information assurance Finance and reporting InternalClient needs External

6 Proposed plan and budget for 2013/14 We set out on the following slides the: The 2013/14 plan to address the above challenges Draft budget for 2013/14 Actions which are dependant on the success of the Transition bid are marked as follows L E Our work in this area will be limited without funding The success of the bid is essential to complete this area Our work, with Guildford and Ash and, on the Welfare Rights and Transition Fund bids have helped clarify the challenges and the actions we can take to create a sustainable Bureau

7 Advice Advice team Appoint advice leader Re-define roles/responsibilities Align with team/recruit Create succession plan Develop specialists Invest in training Petra implementation Pay-rates and unpaid time L L

8 Clients Maintain opening hours Develop on-line services (form filing and email) Provide remote access to systems (to support home visiting, outreach, home working) Understand demands for help Groups eg elderly, mentally ill Non-clients Make more of our social policy work Address demand from Welfare Reform E L L

9 Partnerships Age UK Waverley Co-location Share supports services Combine/collaborate/co-ordinate service provision WBC Build seamless service/handovers Pro-active financial capability advice for social housing tenants L L L L E

10 Collaboration Waverley voluntary organisations Develop voluntary sector database Develop referral process with other organisations Share recruitment/training with other organisations Other CABs Social policy, training, Petra E E E L

11 Support Systems Upgrade servers and implement ‘thin client’ Develop remote access People Recruit more volunteers for non-advice roles Develop/recruit revenue generation capability Establish HR committee E L

12 Roles of offices beyond serving their clients Develop local community contacts Fund raising volunteers Organise local fund raising events Support Bureau wide events

13 Revenue generation strategy Clear messages/purpose Organisation-Bureaux, offices, Trustees Scale and frequency Develop stakeholder database Develop partnerships and supporter base Resources Paid staff-recruit or develop Volunteers Trustees

14 Finance and Reporting Review of KPIs and how they are reported Understand cost to serve locations/services Review Reserves policy Investment strategy Leases

15 The role of the Trustees Governance Oversight of Bureau Functional support -HR, Finance, IT, Legal Support local offices Local community relationships (with Service Manager) Fundraising Organise events Support events

16 Draft budget for the year to 31March 2014 LA Funding251,000 Grants16,000 Other53,600 252,700 People207,200 Premises98,200 Other22,500 DEFICIT-7,300

17 Issues to address with staff pay Paid staff team working 30% unpaid overtime and face increasing workload as a result of: Healthwatch and Crisis loan projects Welfare Reform –client demand expected to increase by 25% Pay rates for advice staff at bottom of range and office support at top of range-based on Surrey CAB survey Advice staff paid less than other advice organisations Ratio of FTE paid staff /number of volunteers more than double Surrey CAB average Difficulty in recruiting replacement manager for Cranleigh /Haslemere post Inadequate resources available to manage key local stakeholders/funders Further, not all work being carried at most effective level (AMs carrying out ASS roles)

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