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Click to edit Master title style Click to edit Master subtitle style Public Health England Dr Ruth Hussey OBE Director, Public Health England Transition.

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1 Click to edit Master title style Click to edit Master subtitle style Public Health England Dr Ruth Hussey OBE Director, Public Health England Transition Team 13 May 2011


3 The case for change Disease patterns are changing: we are living longer – but with significant inequalities in life expectancy and ill health But there are unresolved challenges, influenced by our lifestyles and social issues: Circulatory diseases, respiratory diseases and cancers Mental ill-health impact of long-term conditions New health threats (and persistent old ones) Time to change our approach to public health

4 A radical new approach Owned and driven by local communities Addressing the root causes of poor health and wellbeing Holistic approach to wellness Reaching those who need the most support Professionally-led public health service, focused on evidence Strengthened protection against health threats Prevention embedded within the NHS

5 Public Health England The new integrated national public health service Part of the Department of Health Bringing the HPA, NTA, observatories, cancer registries and some DH and SHA functions into a new organisation Leadership nationally on key issues and functions Maintain a strong relationship with local government, the NHS and a range of stakeholders DsPH jointly appointed to PHE and their local authority


7 DH and Public Health England transition governance Departmental Board Chair: Secretary of State DH Executive Board Chair: Una O’Brien PHE: Programme Board Anita Marsland Vice Chair: Justin McCracken DH and Local Government Programme Board David Behan & Anita Marsland Transition Programme Board Chair: Richard Douglas PHE transition team and work programmes PHE: Transition Executive Team Anita Marsland NHS Management Board

8 Public Health England: transition team Work programmes and teams: accountability and governance organisational design information and intelligence Professional leadership HR and workforce finance, estates, IT, procurement communications and engagement Anita Marsland Transition Managing Director of PHE Janice Shersby Programme Director PHE Transition Team Jonathan Marron Programme Director, PHE Transition Team Dr Ruth Hussey OBE Director, PHE Transition Team

9 White Paper consultation and response Consultation on the white paper closed on 31 March. Successful engagement process: Over 2,100 written responses, many substantive and detailed, offering new insights and thoughts DH held 60 consultation events and supported over 100 more We are preparing a response document – a ‘command paper’ – covering all public health consultations. This will set out direction of travel and next steps for transition. Due in the summer.

10 Listening exercise and the NHS Future Forum Natural break in the Bill process to pause, listen, reflect on and improve NHS modernisation plan. Recognise there are some questions and concerns about the modernisation plan and mechanics of putting this plan in place NHS Future Forum to bring together patient representatives, clinicians and others to listen and report back to the Government. Dr Frank Atherton, President of the ADPH, is a member of the Forum. Engagement, learning and adaptation at the heart of effective implementation – not a one-off

11 The listening exercise: impact on public health reforms NHS Future Forum will report to Government in the next few weeks. All statutory changes due to take place in April 2012 will now take place no earlier than July 2012, including: –Assumption of full powers of PHE –Transfer of functions from arms length bodies, including HPA & NTA –Abolition of SHAs Creation of shadow bodies and appointment of senior staff to these organisations delayed to allow time for this engagement process Proposed timelines for GP consortia to take control of commissioning remains at April 2013, as does statutory powers of Health and Wellbeing Boards.

12 An overview of implementation An updated view of implementation – to July 2012 2011 2012 April JulyOct Jan Plan /manage people & HR transition – DH, NHS, HPA, NTA, PHOs PHE “live” PreparationBuilding new organisationLive PHE PH Due diligence PHE Framework doc PHE structure design PH WP consultation Recruit/ Appoint PHE COO & Exec Team Map all staff to new structure Staff consultation re mapping Agree framework doc, PHE top structure, locations COO and Senior mgt team in place, so can map all future staff into new structure Manage delivery of transition of HPA, NTA, PHOs to PHE (finance, systems, estates, assets) Develop transition plans for HPA, NTA, PHO Develop PH Budget, Establish finance processes, systems, arrangements, allocations for new PHE Establish shadow PH budgets for LAs HPA, NTA, PHOs staff and assets transitioned into PHE Build PHE business plan, prep for 2011/12 Develop op’g model for system, PHE, link to LAs Establish the new PHE Develop new PH System Work with Las to transfer PH responsibilities to LAs Plan people/ budget transition to LAs July Write People trans’n policies People Finance, Estates, assets, infrastructure Establish PH Budget Plan, prepare accommodation and info systems Agree locations Agree req’d IT changes


14 Contact details and further information NHS Future Forum and listening exercise: how to share your views: Contacting the Public Health England Transition Team email: Information about the overall modernisation process (and where publications are letters are stored):

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