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2 Marriage & Family – Revision Checklist WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Keywords Why people get married/divorced? Christian views to marriage & what happens in a Christian marriage ceremony Christian views to divorce How Christians bring up their children – the importance of the family Muslim views to marriage & what happens in a Muslim marriage ceremony Muslim views on divorce How Muslims bring up their children – the importance of the family. Views on Sex Before Marriage

3 Keywords – How Many do you know? marriage divorce cohabitation adultery faithfulness promiscuity Nuclear family Extended family Reconstituted family Re-marriage

4 General Information – About Marriage & Divorce. Marriage Less Popular… Increase in cohabitation Do not want to make a formal commitment Cost of getting married is increasing Rise in Divorce

5 Christianity & Marriage Get marriedneeds to be in church so legal ‘in eyes of God’ Civil ceremony – legal e.g. beach/hotel Vowslove through all different experiences e.g. sickness/health/poverty RingsUnending Love/It will never end Readings/Prayerscouple are given Gods blessing

6 Christianity & Marriage NB NOT ALL CHRISTIANS THINK THE SAME!! Roman Catholics – Service includes a mass & marriage is seen as a sacrament (something very holy) Orthodox Church – ‘Crowning – crowns are placed on the heads & this seen as Power of Holy Spirit.

7 Christianity & Divorce AGAIN, ALL CHRISTIANS DO NOT THINK THE SAME Church of England – divorce socially acceptable but will not remarry divorced people Roman Catholics – Marriage vow cannot be broken So does not allow divorce. Annulment is acceptable. Non conformist Church – divorce people can remarry – up to minister. View that if you have made a mistake, you should not be punished forever.

8 Christianity & Family Life View 1 Family has roles e.g. Adam & Eve God made man, then woman as a Companion. Woman tempted by serpent therefore needs protection View 2 Man & Woman – made in ‘Image of God’. Therefore should have equal roles in family/work

9 Christianity & Family Life – How to bring up their children. Baptizedwelcome into church given godparents Parentspray with children celebrate festivals Church children should attend with parents Go to Sunday School Community Help with elderly/poor families celebrate festivals

10 Islam & Marriage Purpose Everyone should marry and raise children e.g. Prophet Muhammad Marriage – social contract. Therefore should be arranged Marriage – parents involved – but do not force marriage Muslims should marry another Muslim/ but Muslim men are permitted to marry Christians/Jews but children follow the religion of the father i.e. be brought up a Muslim

11 Islam – Marriage Ceremony Mahr – groom agrees & pay sum of money to wife Nikah – contract between couple Imam leads prayers & reads from the Qur'an Walimah – celebration after marriage

12 Islam & Divorce Do accept that sometimes divorce happens. But it is not approved. If marriage runs into problems; See parents who arranged marriage Husband can then tell wife he will divorce her 3 times over 3 month period If after this time – problems not solved & women not pregnant – Divorced Wife’s dowry is returned. Couple are then encouraged to re-marry NB if woman asks for divorce-she gets nothing However… need to go through British legal system – properly divorced Polygamy – practice of having more than one wife – endorsed by Qu’ran but in non Muslim countries not legally allowed

13 Islam & Family Life Family is one of God’s creations. Home-where Muslims learn essential things e.g. values/look after themselves/attitude to others. Parents – responsibility to bring up good Muslims, so they will; Pray with them Read them the Qu’ran Celebrate/learn about festivals e.g. Ramadan/Eid Extended Family – Muslims support this. So will look after elderly relatives. Other family will live close e.g. cousins/uncles etc. Community support; Ummah – brotherhood of Muslims – support/help other Muslims Mosque – help marital problems/children in trouble/financial assistance

14 Finally…Sex Before Marriage Christians think….DIFFERENT Roman Catholics – must happen only within marriage – otherwise a grave sin Liberal Protestants – allow cohabitation – prelude to marriage 10 Commandments – ‘thou shall not commit adultery’ – therefore wrong Muslims think…. Sex is only allowed with marriage - not allowed to cohabitate In Muslim countries – severe penalties for adultery/cohabitation etc. Muslims must not lust after others – eg have to wear appropriate dress


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