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Principles and Issues Paper ConsultationFebruary-April 2009.

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1 Principles and Issues Paper ConsultationFebruary-April 2009

2 Single Regional Strategy Integrated –Joint responsibility NWDA / 4NW (Leaders Forum) –Ultimately replaces RES, RSS and RHS –Legislation and policy guidance expected throughout Regional Consultation on Principles and Issues Paper February – April 2009 NW Regional Strategy 2010 Challenging

3 Main Stages of Development EvidenceIssuesDevelopmentStrategy 2008Feb-Apr 09 2009 2010 Sustainability Appraisal Objectives, Goals, Ultimate Aims, Vision …

4 Principles and Issues Paper Assumptions; Strategy Development; Goals; NW Unique Offer; Challenges;  Issues Public consultation February – 30 April 2009 Supporting Materials SQW Thinkpiece: Independent Analysis Regional Intelligence Unit: State of the Region 2008 Consultation 2/2/09-30/4/09 held on

5 Assumptions 1.Northwest increasingly integrated economically…and this is good 2.Imperative to compete on quality and differentiate the offer 3.Climate change – and govt carbon reduction targets – is happening. Innovation. 4.Gas / Oil / Resources prices increasing; volatility in price and supply 5.Fluctuations too in food and commodity prices 6.People will still need to commute and travel for work and leisure 7.Cities / large towns major focus for living, economic activity and growth 8.Ageing population and lower than recent levels of in-migration

6 Strategy Development Framework for sustainable economic growth of the Northwest, not a plan for each place. Vision of long-term success delivered by competitiveness and differentiation. Development of a unique offer as a place to live, work, and succeed, based on complementary assets and strengths of the Northwest.

7 Goals Sustainable economic growth i.e. economic growth that can be sustained and is within environmental limits, but also enhances the environment and social welfare, and avoids greater extremes in future economic cycles. health housin g educatio n employmen t connectivit y low carbon productivit y equity vibranc y communit y environment

8 Potential elements of a unique NW offer 1.Diverse culture, sport, image, environment and critical mass 2.Relatively high skilled, low cost with great connectivity 3.Environmental assets and employment land 4.Clean energy generation and security 5.Advanced engineering / materials 6.Biomedical & Digital/Creative 7.Innovation, Science, Research, Universities 8.International Port and Airports

9 NW Challenges 1. Ill-health and economic / social impacts 2. Relatively poor housing choice / stock / new build supply 3. Deprivation, inequality, poor social cohesion 4. External perceptions, low expectations and aspirations 5. Attraction and retention of people 6. Low education and skills profiles 7. Low employment rates 8. Low enterprise levels 9. Challenges to competitiveness 10. Transport congestion / public transport cold-spots 11. High levels of energy use / poor utility infrastructure 12. Challenge to integrate urban areas with rural hinterlands 13. Volume and management of waste 14. Climate change and flooding 15. Threats to and management of environmental, cultural and historic assets

10 Issues CLIMATE CHANGE AND RESOURCE USE Improve resource use … reduce and manage waste, … reduce carbon emissions … become a net exporter of electricity from low carbon sources … exploit NW innovation, R&D, science capabilities

11 GROWTH DRIVEN BY CITIES AND TOWNS ….strength of the offer …issues of housing, transport, flood risk, capacity of critical utilities and infrastructure … supply of employment and housing land

12 CONNECTIVITY sustainable transport infrastructure & wider connectivity … maximising our ports, airports and rail … dealing with areas of poor provision … strengthening Digital Connectivity and Leadership PLACES AND COMMUNITIES clarity on the future strengths of places and their inter- relationships … enabling places to evolve different roles

13 NATURAL ENVIRONMENT AND RURAL AREAS protecting and making the most of our outstanding natural environment and maintaining the rural economy and quality of life … strong food offer SKILLS AND TALENT developing attracting and retaining talent and creativity … innovation and leadership at all levels … supporting communities ….supply of good housing

14 HEALTH AND WORKLESSNESS challenging the intractable outcomes the region faces with ill-health and worklessness, and raising aspirations INNOVATION strengths in science, R&D, the size of our HEI base, a heritage of innovation and creativity … linking this to tackling other issues… STEM skills

15 ADVANCED MANUFACTURING the importance of making products and services in the global economy … clear strengths in advanced manufacturing … high levels of talent, innovation and leadership/management NATURE OF GROWTH AND ROLE OF PUBLIC SECTOR thinking carefully about sustainable growth … learning and horizon scanning …. correctly building capacity … exploiting the weighty public sector of the NW

16 How to get involved Consultation via Events Comments forum on

17 SEEP Deprived Communities Symposium Need to develop a definitive response to deprivation in our communities 4NW partners are holding a conference to forge cross- sectoral agreement –Tuesday 9 th June –Guildhall, Preston Will directly input to 4NW’s approach to RS2010 For info

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