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Challenging Behaviour: a unified approach- refresh

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1 Challenging Behaviour: a unified approach- refresh
Roger Banks Alick Bush 8 March 2013

2 CB: Unified Approach 2007 Royal College of Psychiatrists, British Psychological Society, Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists Complemented Mansell Reports- emphasis on LD clinicians roles Included a R – A – G rating checklist for 23 standards of ‘good practice’ Action from Winterbourne Review- to undertake a refresh and include a wider stakeholder group

3 2013 Refresh Aim to produce a succinct document that will provide guidance to, and be owned by, the professionals who support people whose behaviour is described as challenging. To complement NICE quality standards Main editors- R Banks & A Bush Core editing group who are responsible for involving relevant stakeholders and for drafting each chapter to agreed deadlines Draft chapters to be available - guidelines for how individuals can contribute

4 Timetable- headlines Circulated Today 8 April 17 May 6 June 4 July
Draft outline of each chapter Consult on content of 6 chapters Edited chapters to be made available Consultation on this draft complete Overall document drafted and available for final consultation re content Final draft submitted for endorsement and publication Circulated Today 8 April 17 May 6 June 4 July

5 Contents To discuss today: CB across the lifespan
Perspective of family carers Care pathways Secure settings Models of support Quality and Governance Not for discussion today: Definitions & scope Perspective of people with learning disabilities Capable environments Safeguarding & legislation Maintaining effective professional workforce Commissioning planning & providing

6 Format & structure of each chapter
Introduction Brief introduction to the topic and its relevance Background Brief description of what is needed to be addressed and why Evidence Summary of the evidence relevant to this chapter and best practice Recommendations Brief descriptions of what should be done Standards 6 – 10 standards that we should be working to

7 Today’s workshop tasks
2 sessions- 3 groups each session so everyone attends 2 of the 6 chapter topics Facilitators to take responsibility for keeping the group on task and collating suggestions Each group to: Review the content of their chapter- what needs to be subtracted or added? Particular focus on the sections on evidence, recommendations and standards Identify key people whom we should approach to assist further

8 Next steps Chapter leads are involving others in drafting remaining chapters Drafts will all be available for wider consultation from 8 April to 17 May Plan to meet with National Forum members for assistance to draft chapter on Perspective of people with Learning Disabilities

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