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Challenging Behaviour: a unified approach- refresh Roger Banks Alick Bush 8 March 2013.

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1 Challenging Behaviour: a unified approach- refresh Roger Banks Alick Bush 8 March 2013

2 CB: Unified Approach 2007 Royal College of Psychiatrists, British Psychological Society, Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists Complemented Mansell Reports- emphasis on LD clinicians roles Included a R – A – G rating checklist for 23 standards of ‘good practice’ Action from Winterbourne Review- to undertake a refresh and include a wider stakeholder group

3 2013 Refresh Aim to produce a succinct document that will provide guidance to, and be owned by, the professionals who support people whose behaviour is described as challenging. To complement NICE quality standards Main editors- R Banks & A Bush Core editing group who are responsible for involving relevant stakeholders and for drafting each chapter to agreed deadlines Draft chapters to be available - guidelines for how individuals can contribute

4 Timetable- headlines Draft outline of each chapter Consult on content of 6 chapters Edited chapters to be made available Consultation on this draft complete Overall document drafted and available for final consultation re content Final draft submitted for endorsement and publication CirculatedToday 8 April 17 May 6 June 4 July

5 Contents To discuss today: CB across the lifespan Perspective of family carers Care pathways Secure settings Models of support Quality and Governance Not for discussion today: Definitions & scope Perspective of people with learning disabilities Capable environments Safeguarding & legislation Maintaining effective professional workforce Commissioning planning & providing

6 Format & structure of each chapter 1.Introduction – Brief introduction to the topic and its relevance 2.Background – Brief description of what is needed to be addressed and why 3.Evidence – Summary of the evidence relevant to this chapter and best practice 4.Recommendations – Brief descriptions of what should be done 5.Standards – 6 – 10 standards that we should be working to

7 Today’s workshop tasks 2 sessions- 3 groups each session so everyone attends 2 of the 6 chapter topics Facilitators to take responsibility for keeping the group on task and collating suggestions Each group to: – Review the content of their chapter- what needs to be subtracted or added? Particular focus on the sections on evidence, recommendations and standards – Identify key people whom we should approach to assist further

8 Next steps Chapter leads are involving others in drafting remaining chapters Drafts will all be available for wider consultation from 8 April to 17 May Plan to meet with National Forum members for assistance to draft chapter on Perspective of people with Learning Disabilities

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