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Remarkables kids’ church 2007-8: the year that was!

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1 remarkables kids’ church 2007-8: the year that was!

2 Vision

3 ‘Church like a bouncy castle’

4 That all of the children will have fun as they get to know God and one another better: through Jesus-centred teaching; through experience of the ministry of and beginning to move in gifts of the Holy Spirit; and by keeping an outward focus, inviting their friends to get to know Jesus as well as being concerned with issues of justice in God’s world.

5 Core team

6 Training

7 Behaviour management Safeguarding issues/Health & Safety Prayer Ministry with children (DVD available to borrow tonight) Books & website ‘Inside’

8 ‘Outdoors’ CPAS Working with Children Day New Wine Kids’ Leaders’ Conference Scripture Union ‘Light’ Training New Wine Kids’ Workers’ Day New Wine Special Needs Training Day

9 Website


11 Leaders’ page Core team Dates for your diary Invite-a-friend Sundays New Wine summer conference Resources for kids Scripture Union ‘Light’ downloads Sunday morning programme Training Useful websites

12 And much more…

13 Monthly leaders’ prayer meetings Invite-a-friend Sundays ‘Highlights of the year’ newsletter Bi-annual leaders’ feedback Termly leaders’ socials Etc. etc. etc.

14 What’s worked; and what hasn’t!

15 Assorted feedback Schedule regular ‘age-group’ meetings to plan sessions and discuss strategies Provide training on issues such as managing challenging behaviour Recruit more leaders, especially men! Develop ways to support the kids as they share their faith at home, nursery, school etc.

16 Give thanks!

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