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Human Resources 2008 Employee Share Plan UK SHARE OFFER 25 TH FEBRUARY 2008 2008 Employee Share Plan.

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1 Human Resources 2008 Employee Share Plan UK SHARE OFFER 25 TH FEBRUARY 2008 2008 Employee Share Plan

2 2 Human Resources AGENDA 10.30IntroductionMike Seabrook 10.35UK Management Endorsement of OfferKathy Jenkins 10.45Introduction of the Fifth Share OfferRene Verot 11.30Coffee 12.00Presentation of 2008 All Employee Share Plan Offer in UK Questions and Answers Rene Verot & Mike Seabrook 13.00Lunch 14.00Presentation of UK Tax IssuesMark Ife (Herbert Smith) 14.30Presentation of Share Plan AdministrationRachel Jennings (HBOS) 15.00Quiz: Test Your KnowledgeMike Seabrook & Rene Verot 15.45Final Questions

3 3 Human Resources CONTENTS Thales strategy 2008 Offer In depth… In time…

4 4 Human Resources Continued growth performance (in €M & % of revenues) Operating income in French norms IFO in IFRS norms 1998199920002001 347 381 645 597 * 5.5%6.0%5.4%6.3% 2002200320042005 691 711 700 722 540 2004 6.5% 6.9%6.8%7.0% * After exceptional provision of €65 m 5.6% 2006 755 7.35% 2007(est.) 7.5% In ten years: Operating margin has doubled Revenues have doubled (from 6 to 12€bn)

5 5 Human Resources The New Thales: a strong ambition Strong and sustained growth in security needs: Strong and sustained growth in security needs: 1 diagnosis 3 strategic axes 1 ambition3 markets 50% 25% Aerospace Defense Security An increasing global world where free circulation of goods and people is a reality A world facing new threats Consolidate a world leader in mission-critical information systems to meet demand  Dual technologies  Multidomestic presence to be closer to stakeholders  Presence on the entire value chain

6 6 Human Resources Thales’s profile Three core and consistent businesses Aerospace Defense Security Benefiting from the businesses acquired from Alcatel-Lucent and alliance with DCNS A worldwide Group 68,000 employees worldwide Presence in 50 countries More than €12bn annual revenues } World leader for mission-critical information systems

7 7 Human Resources Three strategic pillars Presence all along the value chain From equipment and systems, to systems integration Prime contracting and service Multidomestic presence Long-term customer partnership Maximised local commercial opportunities Access to local skills and resources Meeting national security requirements Dual technologies Balanced portfolio between defence & civil businesses Optimised synergies

8 8 Human Resources Three consistent businesses  Ground transportation solutions  Critical infrastructure security systems  Enterprise services: defence and aerospace  Simulation solutions and services  Air Systems  Land  Naval  Joint Systems AEROSPACE SECURITY 50% 25% DEFENCE  Onboard all major civil and military aerospace programmes  End-to-end space-based solutions from systems to services

9 9 Human Resources THALES’S ASSETS Defence: Thales at the centre of the game FRES (Future Rapid Effect System) armoured vehicle programme in UK as SOSI Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) programme in USA Supply of Secure communication services to the ISAF in Afghanistan Air defence protection system (Al Madhallah) for the Saudi Air Force Integrated Modular Mast CVF Aircraft Carriers in UK: design lead for the platform, power and propulsion Highlights STAKES  “System of systems” global approach, Battlespace Transformation Center (BTC), Network Enabled Capabilities  Renewal of the product portfolio  Many strategic partnerships (Finmeccanica, Boeing, etc.)  Strategic positioning in regards to the naval restructuring in Europe, with the strategic participation in DCNS  Success of the multidomestic approach  Capability Enhancement and Force Transformation

10 10 Human Resources Aerospace: Thales now recognised as a major player STAKES  A very dynamic commercial market Major on-going programmes: A 350, A 380, B 787, Superjet100 Growing ATM worldwide needs THALES’S ASSETS  Thales onboard all types of aircraft  Partnerships with Airbus, Boeing, etc.  Equipment for passengers comfort In-Flight Entertainment: 45% of the global market share Cabin lighting systems with Diehl Aerospace Next step: onboard connectivity  Leader in Air Traffic Management 50% of worldwide market  Strong investment in innovation Airlab dedicated to system networks definition and simulation  Key partner in military electronics for combat aircraft, mission systems and UAV Innovative solutions for surveillance mission, eg. Watchkeeper, Meltem Highlights A380: avionics, navigation, cockpit, electrical and cabin systems, and Full Flight Simulator A350 XWB: up to $2bn in revenues over 20 years Major successes IFE onboard A380, B787 and numerous airlines, notably in Asia Regional transport aircraft: Sukhoi Superjet 100, ATR 600, etc. 50% of ATM market share Watchkeeper UAV

11 11 Human Resources Space: Thales has become a key reference STAKES  Implementation of major European programmes Redefining the business model for Galileo Launch of the GMES programme  Major Defence programmes Communications Observation (optics and radar) Electromagnetic intelligence THALES’S ASSETS  Global space solutions offer in partnership with Finmeccanica Systems through Thales Alenia Space (67% ownership) Services with Telespazio (33%)  European leader in satellite systems and services Commercial telecommunications Navigation Radar observation and optics Meteorology and oceanography Science Military communications and observation Telecom satellites: Indonesia, Norway, Emirates (Yahsat), Arab League countries (Arabsat) GMES, European initiative to federate and rationalise Earth observation activities Galileo: leadership position in at least two of the six segments of the programme: ground and systems ExoMars scientific mission Highlights

12 12 Human Resources Security: Growth opportunities for Thales THALES’S ASSETS  Key positioning in Systems: rail signalling (#2 worldwide); metro; ticketing, airport security Equipments: Cryptology detection, localisation, simulators, payment terminals Services: management of critical infrastructures, training Worldwide successes in rail signalling and e-ticketing (main lines and urban lines) ETCS (European train Control System): Lötschberg Base Tunnel Secure solutions for civil administrations and critical infrastructures: e-passport (France) ID cards (Morroco) safety and security systems for the international airports of Dubai and Doha Finance: 50% of interbank transactions secured by Thales Highlights STAKES  A market being structured due to the growing security demand Necessity to secure critical civil infrastructures… … in a global world exposed to new threats  5 key development domains Transports (rail, road) Energy (production units, distribution network…) Health (management of medical data) Population influx (airport, borders, identity documents…) Financial transactions

13 13 Human Resources Confidence in the future  Three consistent and well positioned areas of businesses  Organic growth and acquisition potential in each area  Strong commitment in innovation (up to 25% of our revenues)  Good financial health  Limited impact of the weak dollar thanks to a moderate exposure and a good anticipation and adaptation ability (Optimum plan)  Specific mission at the heart of the most critical issues of our world

14 14 Human Resources EMPLOYEE SHAREHOLDING POLICY Reminder of previous operations 1998 : Privatisation (3 800 000 shares ; 2,3% of Thales capital) 2000 : Privatisation (2 800 000 shares ; 1,6% of Thales capital) 2002 : Issue of new shares (4 132 000 shares ; 2,4% of Thales capital ) 2004 : Sale of shares (607 000 shares ; 0,4% of Thales capital) 2007 : End of the lock-in period for the 2002 offer 2008 : sale of existing shares (no capital dilution) Up to 3 500 000 shares ; ~ 1,8% of Thales capital If totally subscribed, this offer would result in 3,8% of Thales capital owned by employees 5 th share offer will be made to Thales employees in March 2008

15 15 Human Resources THALES CAPITAL BREAKDOWN – DEC 2007 26.56% - State 20.80% - Alcatel Lucent 49,13% - Floating 1.48% - Thales 2% - Employee shareholding

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