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Peter Cochrane COCHRANE a s s o c i a t e s New Life and…... Intelligence.

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1 Peter Cochrane COCHRANE a s s o c i a t e s New Life and…... Intelligence

2 We now live in a world of the infinitely complex… … how do you solve problems & make decisions?

3 There is a lot of data out there… …can you store it all, and find it when needed?



6 the fount of all knowledge becoming specialised highly specialised all knowledge through technology 18001900TODAY2000 + No one knows anything anymore...

7 Our progress to date! We are such linear thinkers… We don’t cope well with multiple dimensions We confuse data and information We store the useless and misplace the useful We need knowledge but create a fog of confusion Networked machines (AI + AL) might just save us!

8 Human evolution

9 We have come to the end(ish) of the road… …and we aint going to get any smarter!


11 The solution: A symbiotic relationship with our machines? A new intelligence and/or life form?





16 Just watch this little girl’s face…

17 Audience participation time


19 No people involved this time!


21 Artifacts & Tools Engineering Technology Science Systems Electronics IT Materials BioTech NanoTech ??????? AL + AI Space Travel Fluids Bulk Materials Crystals Bottom Up - Top Down Life Biological Forms Molecules Atoms Particles Big Bang

22 Visible light Today’s transistor s Human hair Bacteria Viruses 0.1 nm 1.0 nm 10 nm 0.10  m 1  m 10  m 100  m 0.1 mm Diameter of a DNA helix Silicon lattice constant Diameter of a carbon atom X-rays 1 angstrom Shockley, Bardeen, and Brattain - 1947 The first IC-1959 ICs-1980 End of the road? ~2015 Intel 2006 Is there an end in sight??

23 Atomic manipulation has been a reality for some time…

24 The scientific method is the most powerful tool of understanding we have developed so far…..but it never does, and will never do this!

25 It doesn’t have to be this way… …a symbiosis is possible… I think!


27 2006 Internet ~ 1 Human Brain 2012 Internet ~ 1,000 Human Brains 2018 Internet ~ 1,000,000 Human Brains 2024 Internet ~ 1,000,000,000 Human Brains 2034 Internet ~ 1,000,000,000,000, Human Brains But exponential growth takes over… So is it game over around 2030??

28 Our view of technology… My Grandfather: Man will never fly My Father: Man will never walk on the moon My Generation: Computers will never: - win at chess - be creative - smarter than us - become intelligent - become self aware - live, etc My View: These are all worthless & irrelevant statements mainly born of fear and ignorance

29 These words worry me… - Life - Intelligence - Complexity - Scalability - Value We have no description, definition, quantification, measure, or understanding of these everyday word - ergo it is impossible to have a meaningful intercourse on or about any of them! BUT that does not stop us investigating or researching any one or all of them to our overall advantage and advance.




33 Life today! Processing Carbon = Silicon Memory Carbon = Silicon CommsCarbon < Silicon Sensors Carbon >> Silicon

34 Data Information Knowledge Wisdom Things need connectivity before they can become “smart”

35 Data Information Knowledge Wisdom SensesSensors Processing Intelligence Experience Processing Intelligence? Experience?? Communication with others Gradually our machines are sensing more than us!

36 Life has been at it for 2Bn years…whilst we have less than 100 years on the electronic clock…but technology evolution is much faster!

37 What can we do with AI & AL now?



40 A future challenge and nightmare? But not without: - cognition - context - awareness

41 My personal nightmare!

42 A world of opportunity & risk…. Thank you, COCHRANE a s s o c i a t e s

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