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E-learning - is it for you? Potentials of and barriers to e- learning in the voluntary sector.

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1 e-learning - is it for you? Potentials of and barriers to e- learning in the voluntary sector

2 Aims of the project Explore potentials of and barriers to e- learning in the voluntary sector Identify stakeholders Find examples of good practice How can e-learning widen access to lifelong learning? Raise profile of e-learning

3 This presentation What is e-learning? Potentials Barriers What could you do? Examples from the voluntary sector learn – help others learn – create e- learning material - promote e-learning Discussion: What would you like to do?

4 What is e-learning? “the use of electronic technology to support, enhance or deliver learning.” (Welsh Assembly Government) Learning on-line, using CD-Roms, videos, tapes, PDAs, mobile phones

5 Where can you do it? At home At work At the college At the library Community centres Internet cafés Anywhere?

6 m-learning Using mobile phones or PDAs (personal digital assistants)

7 Why would you do it? Multimedia: more interesting learning Flexible: learn in your own time Convenient: learn wherever suits you Choice: wealth of courses via internet

8 Who can do it? Everyone Widen access to learning: groups that have problems accessing conventional learning Why shouldn't e- Learning be as easy as shopping in a supermarket? The Learning Citizen

9 Barriers Lack of equipment Lack of internet/ broadband connections Lack of knowledge and skills Fear of computers Different learning style

10 And what can you do?  learn  help others learn  create e-learning material  promote e-learning Examples of e-learning in the voluntary sector

11 Learn - together or individually learndirect – wide range of courses – low costlearndirect BBC - Learning – freeBBC - Learning Learn Welsh – BBC, freeLearn Welsh E-College Wales – free for Objective One residents (Pembrokeshire and most of Wales)E-College Wales Coleg Sir Gâr Virtual College – £30Coleg Sir Gâr Virtual College Wales Digital College - freeWales Digital College University of the Third Age – low cost £15/£7.50University of the Third Age Jobsite: computer courses – freeJobsite: computer courses



14 Use of the internet for communication and information sharing PAVS Information Hub


16 Help others learn PAVS hosts the City and Guilds course ‘Learning for living’ – a course for unpaid carersLearning for living

17 Age Concern Pembrokeshire: IT Resource Desk – 1:1 support to use computers and the internet Offer learning to use IT equipment in community centres (learn in groups, ask in tutors to run courses – e.g. Pembrokeshire College Community Learning)

18 Create e-learning materials Milking It Oxfam e-learning materialMilking It

19 Community Care have produced an e-learning package which aims at helping staff communicate more effectively with people with learning disabilities. The package lasts 30 minutes and is free. It can be found at: Ask Mencap launched - a new information website for people with learning disabilities. A range of information about learning disability issues for use by people with learning disabilities, parents and carers, professionals and the general

20 Be Me Wolverhampton

21 E-learning foundation Promote e-learning

22 And what would you like to do? Let us know your views, experiences and wishes! For more information: E-learning at Email Telephone 01437 769422 PAVS, 36-38 High Street, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, SA61 2DA

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