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From Grade 4 to Grade 2 Maria Arkell Vice Principal Learning and Performance.

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1 From Grade 4 to Grade 2 Maria Arkell Vice Principal Learning and Performance

2 Getting Technology in to the Curriculum

3 Ofsted October 2012 The College is inadequate because: The quality of teaching, learning and assessment is too variable and does not meet the individual needs of students in all lessons. The setting and monitoring of academic targets is inconsistent and too many students are not sufficiently challenged to achieve their full potential. What does the provider need to do to improve further? Support teachers to extend the range of teaching methods used, including the use of technology and the college’s virtual learning environment and strengthen teachers’ use of assessment during learning activities. Ensure teachers make frequent checks on students’ learning and progress and that they develop students’ language, literacy, and numeracy skills to enable students to participate fully in activities.

4 What next? RSC ILT Health Check Action Plan -ILT to become TEL TEL Committee to be formed TEL Champion to be appointed TEL Policy to be written College’s to visit

5 TEL Committee

6 Visiting Other Colleges Outcomes Moodle 1.9 to Moodle 2.4 Star Rating system Moodle course outline Moodle Inductions for all new staff Colleagues on the end of phone to share practice

7 Strategic and Operational Planning Vice Principal TEL Strategy “Quartet” Moodle Style Moodle Star Rating Staff Development TEL Committee

8 Staff Development Biggest Change was made to Staff Development overall: Why do we teach our learners with Differentiated Learner Centre Activities and yet we don’t do that with our own staff CPD?

9 Staff Development Discussion Discuss the Staff Development methods that you have in your organisation and how you have tried to develop the staff’s ability with Technology ( )

10 Staff Development What have we done? July 2013 - Initial Training on editing your Moodle Course, adding contents by drag and drop, setting up assignment, and general How2s (with time to applied the knowledge gained) August 2013 – Workshop, facilitated by members of the TEL Committee for staff to continue to work on their Moodle courses October 2013 – Introduction to the electronic Module Evaluation and using Glossaries and Interactive Quizzes (with time to applied the knowledge gained) February 2014 – A repeat of the training in July 2013 for new staff and those that wanted a refresher May 2014 – A pick and mix from Moodle for beginners, Moodle Troubleshooting, Electronic marking and feedback, Introduction to students producing videos, Setting up a video and uploading it to YouTube, Using audio equipment for assessment feedback

11 Moodle Star Rating What it is? A 5 star system for Moodle courses to be rated against How we audit? The Quality team audit the courses on a termly basis and award the stars

12 Recognising Staff What does everyone else do? How do they recognise achievements made by staff on their Moodle courses or use badges for staff and students? (

13 Ofsted in November 2014 Ofsted returned a year and a week later: “Teaching, learning and assessment have improved well since the last inspection and they are now good. The quality of teaching is much more consistent across the college, although a minority of lessons still require improvement. Teachers are now more skilful and imaginative in their use of information and communication technologies (ICT) to support learning and in the way they help students develop a better understanding of equality and diversity.” “Students benefit from better use of the college’s virtual learning environment to support learning. On most courses, teachers use ICT extensively both in the classroom and through the wider college computer network. Effective staff development has helped teachers to improve their approach to using computers to help students to learn. Students have good access to computers in most classrooms and in the learning resources centres at both college sites.”

14 What has worked? Podcast used in Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy Recording oral feedback during a practical workshop Electronic assessments and feedback Learners stated that it was ‘normal’ practice to utilise technology Moodle courses Video analysis of sporting activities Utilising smart devices

15 What else have we done since? QR codes Story boards One area purchase a DVD for all learners to enable blended learning More interaction with Moodle – Games, Glossaries Augmented Reality

16 What hasn’t worked? Moodle Star Rating Staff Development for Part-time staff Availability of the TEL Champion We still don’t have 100% buy-in Tweaks are required to the Moodle course structure And of course we now need to ensure that we are working towards embedding the recommendations of FELTAG!

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