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Social Services (Wales) Bill Welsh Government.

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1 Social Services (Wales) Bill Welsh Government

2 Sustainable Social Services for Wales: A Framework for Action 1.Set out our principles 2.Identify priority areas for action 3.Provide, and facilitate, leadership for Social Services in Wales 4.Enable and empower citizens and service professionals 5.Create new service models to deliver our principles 6.Refocus our inspection and regulation 7.Embed our progress in legislation

3 What are the challenges? Changing social context Demography Demand and resources Consistency Unsustainable!

4 February 2011 May 2011 The transformation of Social Services: the journey so far November 2010

5 Priorities for Action: A National Outcomes Framework Citizen Centred Services Integrated Services Reducing Complexity A Confident and Competent Workforce Safeguarding and Promoting the Wellbeing of Citizens A New Improvement Framework for Wales Sustainable Social Services for Wales: A Framework for Action

6 Structure of the Bill The legislation will have a three tier structure, simplifying the current arrangements. This will be: Statutory Instruments such as regulations, to be made under the Bill and used where more detail or prescription is required. The Code of Practice bringing together in one place statutory guidance relating to social care services. A single statute setting out the powers and duties on local authorities and other bodies (the Social Services (Wales) Bill).

7 What is in the Bill? 1 – Maintaining and enhancing the wellbeing of people in need 2 – A Stronger voice and real control 3 – Strong national direction and local accountability for delivery 4 – Safeguarding and protection 5 – Regulation and inspection 6 – Services (Adoption & Transitions for Disabled Children and Young People) The Bill is made up of six main areas:

8 Next Steps Consultation summary produced (Summer 2012) Bill drafted to take in to consideration the consultation responses received (Summer 2012) Introduction of the Bill in to the National Assembly for Wales (Autumn 2012) Scrutiny by the National Assembly for Wales (Autumn 2012 - Spring 2013) Royal Assent (Summer 2013) Implementation – including Regulations and Code of Practice (2013 – 2015)

9 More information Link to website ng=En ng=En Social Services (Wales) Bill Mailbox address SocialServicesBill@Wales.GSI.Gov.UK

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