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Branding the Tourism Destination for Customer Recognition 3 Perspectives.

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1 Branding the Tourism Destination for Customer Recognition 3 Perspectives

2 3 Perspectives: ‘Why branding is important for destinations’ –Catriona Campbell, Clear Thinking Communications ‘Understanding consumer perceptions’ –Nick Lynch, QA Research ‘The challenges of branding implementation’ –Kate Richardson, Derbyshire County Council

3 ‘Why Destination Branding is Important’ Catriona Campbell, clear thinking communications


5 ‘Understanding Consumer Perceptions’ Nick Lynch, QA Research

6 Research..…. Is a vital element in any branding project Helps identify your destination’s existing image in the mind of your potential visitor Maps differentiation between yourself & your competitors Identifies your brand values: emotional & rational Can test your ideas e.g. brand marques Gives you confidence to make your decisions

7 Research will NOT …. Answer all your questions! Make your decisions for you! Be the start or end of your branding process! And may confirm the obvious e.g. Derbyshire – The Peak District And remember: The views expressed may not be what your destination is like – but it is what your potential visitors think it is like!

8 Some of the challenges! “It’s not one of the areas that you would linger as a tourist”. London resident “The attic – everybody knows it’s there but no-body wants to go” Birmingham resident “I’d say the toilet – you only go there when you need to and then you come back out.” Manchester resident “..there were an appalling amount of murders up there … it does stick in the back of your mind sometimes” London resident

9 The Challenges of Destination Branding Implementation Kate Richardson, Derbyshire County Council

10 Who did we engage? District Tourism Officers Chief Officers Elected Members Private sector

11 How did we engage? Face to face discussions Group discussions Individual discussions Workshops

12 What did we discuss? The project Current situation Branding

13 When did we engage? All The Way throughout the Project !

14 Questions ?

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