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Prince2 – The useful bits…. Objective… Quick intro to Prince2 and how key elements were adopted at Salford Present a simple structured approach to organising.

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1 Prince2 – The useful bits…

2 Objective… Quick intro to Prince2 and how key elements were adopted at Salford Present a simple structured approach to organising a project based on the ideas behind Prince2

3 Running order… What is Prince2 The Prince2 process map A simple structured approach to projects

4 What is Prince2… Prince2™ is an established method for project management. It covers the management, organization and the control of projects of all shapes and sizes. The methodology itself defines a process based approach to project management, with inputs, outputs and objectives clearly identified. It also details a stage by stage approach, ensuring that progress can be properly monitored. Under Prince2, the whole project is driven by the business requirements, and managers are encouraged to make the process inclusive, often including suppliers and customers. The intention is that projects should be properly controlled and defined, but with flexibility and good communication.

5 What is Prince2… What does PRINCE2 ™ stand for? It stands for Projects in Controlled Environments (the 2 reflecting the that this is the second version of it). Who developed it? It was devloped by the CCTA, which is part of the Office of Government Commerce, which in turn is part of the UK Government. Is it just intended for IT projects? No. The original version of PRINCE was intended for IT, but the scope expanded, and the PRINCE2 ™ is intended for all types ofproject. What are the benefits of using PRINCE2 ™? At the highest level use of PRINCE2 is intended to enable project and business risk to be managed more effectively, and resources to be more readily controlled. Is this a new method? Not really. The original PRINCE was first published in 1989. This itself was based upon an older methodology from the 1970s.

6 It’s process based… A collection of processes that together make up the complete prince2 process model, example processes groups include: –Initiating a project –Controlling a stage –Directing a project –And many more


8 Prince2 – Typical responses Do I need to understand all that! You must be joking It won’t work here It’s IT gone mad How do we simplify it and make it useful?

9 Project Governance Project Initiation Project Execution Project Closure Project Planning Risk Management

10 Structured approach… All project management methodologies are based on having a structured approach Intermediate decision and check points So adopt a structured approach – but keep it simple and appropriate for you

11 A simple structured approach Setup and InitiationImplementationClose Project Finish Project Start

12 Stage 1 – Setup and Initiation Important for projects of any size –What the project will deliver and why these are important –What the resource requirements to deliver are (R&R's) –What the plan and milestones are –What the risks are and how these will be managed –What are the assumptions and dependencies –What are the control mechanisms (reporting and governance)

13 Project Governance… Make sure you have some. I recommend a very simple and agile structure: Project Board Agrees the business case Agrees the solution and delivery plan Escalation point for project issues/risks Project Manager Appointed by the Project Board to deliver the project Manages the project team Project Team Does the work to produce the products required

14 Establish a risk log… Start a risk log straight away –Include Risks Assumptions Issues Dependencies Maintain it, review it, add to it Involve the most appropriate people, get people working for and with you

15 Monitor progress… Have a plan –all tasks/products that need to be completed –How long each task/product will take and when they will complete –The order they need to be done in –Who will do them –Any dependencies that exist between tasks How do I use it? –Record when tasks are completing and compare to when they should be –If they are late, your project will probably be late

16 Project plans… Use what suits you and the complexity of the project… –Gant Chart – MS ProjectGant Chart –Simple List – Excel, Word etc… Get it agreed

17 Ensure controlled end to projects… Unfortunately an often undervalued phase of projects Ensures: –Proper assessment of a projects successes and shortcomings –Lessons to be learnt for future projects –All elements have been completed that allow the project to be completed –Any follow up actions required outside the project are captured, agreed and owned.

18 Communications… Effective communication can mean the difference between project success and failure Think carefully throughout the project about what you should be communicating, to who, in what form and when, throughout the project – Have a comms plan!

19 Final thoughts… Prince2 isn’t magic and won’t guarantee success Use the bits that help you Start small Seek out people in similar positions – mutual support and advice

20 Any questions? Email:

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