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Analiză comparativă din perspectiva securităţii umane.

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1 Analiză comparativă din perspectiva securităţii umane

2 Sursa: Sky News Sursa: ABC News


4 DataHaitiChile Data si ora producerii 12.01.2010 16:53 ora locală 21:53 UTC 27.02.2010 03:34 local time 06:34 UTC Magnitudinea7.0 M8.8 M Durata4 min.90 sec. EpicentrulLéogâneMaule Region Replici> 52, 4.5 M> 130, 6.2 M

5 IndicatorHaitiChile Persoane afectate~ 3 milioane~ 2 milioane persoane decedate confirmate 230,000342 persoane rănite ~ 300,000~ persoane rămase fără locuinţă ~ 1 milion~ Localităţi afectatePort-au-Prince, Jacmel Santiago, Talcahuano, Arauco, Lota, Chiguayante, Cañete, Talca, Concepcion, San Antonio Clădiri avariate-~ 500,000 Clădiri rezidenţiale distruse sau grav avariate 250,000~ Clădiri comerciale distruse sau grav avariate 30,000~ InfrastructuraGrav avariatăAvariată

6 IndicatorHaitiChile experienţa personală anterioară  transferul şi capitalizarea cunoştinţelor  informare preventivă  instruire, antrenare  "It's quite likely that every person there has felt a major earthquake in their lifetime, whereas the last one to hit Port-au-Prince was 250 years ago. So who remembers?“ - Eric Calais, geophysicist, Purdue University

7 "Chile has a responsible government," he said, waving his hand in disgust. "Our government is incompetent.“ - Fanfan Bozot, a 32-year-old reggae singer IndicatorHaitiChile reglementări, planuri de acţiune  expertiză  organizarea, dotarea forţelor de intervenţie  instruirea, antrenarea forţelor de intervenţie 

8 "Earthquakes don't kill – they don't create damage – if there's nothing to damage." - Eric Calais, geophysicist, Purdue University IndicatorHaitiChile reglemetări, autorizare, avizare  calitatea materialelor de construcţii  clasificarea şi marcarea imobilelor  inspecţii 

9 " The fact that the president of Chile was out giving minute-to-minute reports a few hours after the quake in the middle of the night gives you an indication of their disaster response." - Cameron Sinclair, executive director of Architecture for Humanity IndicatorHaitiChile disponibilitate  eficienţă  dotare  continuitate 

10 "There is no doubt that we are facing a major humanitarian emergency and that a major relief effort will be required.“ - Ban Ki-moon, United Nations Secretary-General Participanţi/ContribuţiiHaitiChile ONU  Crucea Roşie  UE  State, ONGs 

11 "The Chilean example will encourage donors to make the case that this is an opportunity to do things differently in Haiti — and do them right for a change," - Michael Shifter, vice president at the Inter-American Dialogue in Washington, D.C. AcţiuniHaitiChile asigurarea funcţionării instituţiilor statului  asigurarea nevoilor de bază  îndepărtarea urmărilor, asigurarea condiţiilor sanitare  refacerea infrastructurii  refacerea economică  Bill Clinton - UN special envoy to Haiti George W. Bush – coordinator of efforts to raise funds for Haiti's recovery

12 "We need to reduce the vulnerability of communities to natural hazards, through strengthened flood management systems, early warning and evacuation systems, sound building codes, environmental management of risk prone areas, education programmes and community-based risk management programs." - John Holmes, UN Under-Secretary-General  cetăţenii  autorităţile statului (locale, centrale)  societatea civilă  media  comunitatea internaţională

13 “Science may never come up with a better communication system than a coffee break.” - Earl Wilson

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