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The Old woman and Old Man's Daughters Dragoieni kindergarten, Tg-Jiu Prof. Andreea Cernea.

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1 The Old woman and Old Man's Daughters Dragoieni kindergarten, Tg-Jiu Prof. Andreea Cernea

2 Once upon a time there was an old man and an old woman and each of them had one daughter. The old woman’s daughter was ugly, lazy and mean, while the old man’s daughter was beautiful, hardworking, and obedient. Therefore the latter one was persecuted by the bad sister and her step mother. All day long she worked. She gathered wood for fire, cooked and took care of the livestock but her step mother and her daughter were not content at all.

3 When the old man came home from his work, the old woman told him all kind of bad things about his daughter, that she was lazy,naughty, good for nothing and that it would be better to send her away from home.

4 Although the Old man cared much of his daughter, he couldn’t help listening to his wife. One day he called his daughter and said: “My dear girl, I have no peace with your mother because of you! She says that you don’t listen to her and that you don’t work, that is why it would be better to go away from home, so that we won’t have arguments all the time.” Poor girl, packed her things and with tears in her eyes said goodbye to her father and left.

5 She walked and walked and suddenly a little dog, ill and weak appeared. It was hardly moving. Seeing the girl it said: “Have mercy of me and give me something to eat and take care of me, please. Maybe someday I could help you somehow” The kind-hearted girl washed the dog, fed it and went on her way happy that she had done a good deed.

6 As she was walking on, she met, on the side of the road, an old, big and blooming but full of caterpillars pear tree. As soon as it saw the girl it said: “Beautiful girl, please, remove these caterpillars from me, maybe someday I could help you, too.” The girl, immediately started cleaning the pear tree, watered it and then set off again.

7 Not far away, she met an old, untidy fountain. As soon as it saw the girl it said: “Dear beautiful and hardworking girl, please, take care of me, I might help you, too, sometimes. As she was not afraid of work, the girl started cleaning the fountain, make it beautiful and then she continued her way.

8 After a while she came across an old oven. As soon as it saw the girl it said: “Dear hardworking girl, please, repair me, maybe one day I could help you. The hardworking girl, fixed the oven then she went on her way. She walked and waked and in the end she got lost. She didn’t get scared but she kept on walking and she reached a forest and in the middle of it a little sunny clearing and there was a tidy little house.

9 When she got closer, a kind old woman welcomed her and asked her what she was doing there. “I am looking for a master, I am a poor girl, I was thrown away from home by my step mother. I got lost and I am asking you to house me and I can help you with the housework in exchange”. “Poor little girl! Said the old woman. You arrived at the right place here. I am Saint Sunday and I would like some help. Be sure you won’t leave without being rewarded. “But I don’t know what to do” said the girl. “Look, I am going to the church now. As long as I am there you have to feed my babies, wash them, cook, so that when I am back the food should be nor too hot or too cold, just good to eat”.

10 As soon as the old woman left the girl started working. She prepared the water for the bath, and called the babies. But surprise! The “babies” were all kind of dragons and scary beasts. But the girl didn’t get scared, she said a prayer and started washing them, then she fed them. When Saint Sunday returned from the church everything was done excellent, that the old woman was very happy. As a reward she sent the girl in the attic and told her to choose one of the coffers there on condition she didn’t open it until she got home. Having good sense, the girl chose the smallest one. Ten Saint Sunday told her goodbye wishing a safe journey back home and thanking for help.

11 Coming back on the same way she left, the girl met the oven full of good pie. She ate some, put some in her bag and then she left. A little farther, the fountain she had cleaned was waiting for her, with fresh water. She drank a little and then continued her way.

12 Then she came across the pear tree she had taken care of, it was full of ripe fruit. She took as many as she wanted and then went on. After that she met the dog she first met. Now it was healthy and she was carrying a golden necklace which she gave to the girl as a reward for having taken care of her.

13 Finally the girl arrived at home. The old man started crying when he saw the girl back home. They opened the coffer together and out of it got many livestock that the man grew younger of happiness. But the old woman was dying with envy. Seeing these, her ugly girl told her she would leave to try her chances, too and soon she left on the same way.

14 The Old Woman’s daughter met the ill dog, the pear tree full of caterpillars, the dry and broken fountain and the broken oven. But when she was asked to take care of them, the lazy girl answered rudely and mocking: “Yes, right! You don’t think that my mum kept me like a princess not to dirty and scratch my hands! Look for another servant!”-


16 Saying these, she continued her way, careless and reached Saint Sunday’s house. The same work to do as the Old Man’s daughter but she behaved as usually, naughty and doing bungled work. When she washed Saint Sunday’s kids she burnt them with boiled water, the food was tasteless and also burnt.

17 When Saint Sunday came home and saw what had happened she got angry. Therefore she was tolerant and told the girl to choose a coffer from the attic and go home. The greedy girl, as we know her, chose the biggest and the newest coffer and left without thanking or saying good bye.

18 On the way back, the oven intensified its flame so that the girl couldn’t take pies fro it, the fountain drained, and she was very thirsty, the pear tree raised its branches to the sky so that the girl couldn’t reach its fruit and the little dog bit her as soon as she came near it to take the necklace.

19 The ugly girl was dying with anger, but she couldn’t do anything. She finally got home, but opening the coffer, out of it got out many beasts and wild animals. These ones jumped on the ugly girl and the Old Woman and swallowed them at once. Then they left as if the hadn’t been there at all.

20 And the Old Man and his daughter lived happily ever after!

21 Characters : RODICA- The old man’s daughter ANDRA- The Old Woman’s daughter ADI- The Old Man ALEXANDRA- The Old Woman Saint Sunday

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