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Class Room Rules & Expectations

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1 Class Room Rules & Expectations
Behaviour Attendence Punctuality & Regularity Neatness Participation Homework Assessments

2 Behaviour All the students are expected to behave well.
Be Kind and helpful to others. Speak softly. Raise your hand before speaking. Disagreements should be reported to the teacher.

3 Attendence You are expected to be present in class everyday.
Leave applications must be submitted in case of absence. Assignments done in your absence should be completed in time.

4 Punctuality & Regularity
You are expected to come in class on time. All the assignments and tasks should be submitted on the due date. In case of late submission , 5 marks will b deducted.

5 Neatness All the students are expected to maintain a neat and tidy attire. Your must wear neat and clean uniform with all the essentials as par the school policy. Hair and nails should b regularly trimmed.

6 Participation All students must feel free to participate in class activities. Raise your hand and wait for your turn, if you have an idea to share or a query to make. Ideas and suggestions by other students and teachers should be heard attentively.

7 Homework All the homework should be turned in at the beginning of the class. Corrections should be made in time. Late homework will deduct one mark from your house.

8 Assessments Students are supposed to complete all assessments in time.
Assessments may be rescheduled only incase of serious illness or a family emergency.

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