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Career Opportunities In Mental Health Nursing Kathy Swanzy-Asante Mental Health Nursing Awareness Lead/Project Leader.

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1 Career Opportunities In Mental Health Nursing Kathy Swanzy-Asante Mental Health Nursing Awareness Lead/Project Leader

2 The NHS  About 1.3 million employees  Largest employer in the country  Estimated 350 different careers  Almost 300 Hospital, Mental Health and Ambulance Trusts  About 43,000 GPs in the UK

3 Activity On any given day it is estimated that:  800,000 people will visit their GP or Practice Nurse  50,000 people will attend A&E  94,000 people admitted to hospital as an emergency  36,000 people in hospital for planned treatment

4 CNWL – over 5200 employees  Services span across 10 boroughs  Mental Health Service in Brent, Kensington & Chelsea, Westminster, Harrow and Hillingdon  Substance Misuse Service in Ealing, Hounslow and Hammersmith & Fulham  Learning Disability in Brent  Offender Care Service – Wormwood Scrubs, Feltham Prison, Pentonville Prison and Holloway Prison  Community Health Service in Camden and Hillingdon

5 CNWL - Mental Health Services  Community Teams  Crisis Resolution  Acute In-Patient  Rehabilitation  Prison Services  Police Liaison  A&E Liaison  Psychology  Learning Disability  Older Adults  Child and Adolescence  Mother and Baby Services  Eating Disorder  Substance Misuse  Day services  PICU

6 How Common is Mental Illness?  1 in 4 people will experience some kind of mental health problem in the course of a year.  18 per cent of women have a mild mental health problem such as anxiety, depression, phobias and panic attacks, compared with 11 per cent of men.  15 per cent of pre-school children will have mild mental health problems and 7 per cent will have severe mental health problems.  10-20 per cent of young people involved in criminal activity are thought to have a 'psychiatric disorder'.  20 per cent of all deaths by young people are by suicide.  Approximately 142,000 hospital admissions each year in England and Wales are the result of deliberate self-harm. Approximately 19,000 of these are young people.

7 Types of Mental Health Problems  Schizophrenia  Manic Depressive Illness  Depressive Disorder  Anxiety Disorder  Dementia  Eating Disorder  Personality Disorder

8 What Is Mental Health Nursing?  A mental health nurse uses a range of skills, interventions and qualities to help patients overcome or come to terms with their illness so they can lead as normal a life as possible  As a mental health nurse, you build a therapeutic, warm and caring relationship with your patient and their family during the care process.  Mental health nurses work with different professionals and agencies to meet the needs of patients

9 What Qualities & Skills Would You Need?  Caring, compassionate, warm personality  Respect for others  Genuine desire/passion to support patients & their families  Motivation, dedication, enthusiasm  Confidence to deal calmly with difficult situations  Communication Skills  Interpersonal Skills

10 Clinical Scenario - 1  A 37 year old lady with severe depression and suicidal ideations is admitted to the acute ward for treatment. Assessment – Holistic and biopsychosocial, risk assesment Interventions – Recovery model, therapeutic interventions, talking therapy, social inclusion Stabilisation – Interventions and medication Discharge Follow - Up

11 Clinical Scenario - 2  A 19 year old man who is experiencing visual and auditory hallucinations and believes that his food has been poisoned by his parents is admitted to the male acute ward for treatment. Assessment Interventions Stabilisation Discharge Follow-Up

12 Career Opportunities in Mental Health Nursing  Job Satisfaction and Professional Development  Chance to work in many settings – hospital, community and specialist unit.  Career path leads to management, consultant, executive, research and academic (HE) positions  Pay for Band 5 nurses (Staff Nurses) ranges from £24,852 - £32,206p.a

13 Mental Health Nursing King’s College University, West London University & Bucks University Entry Requirements  Nursing BSc (Hons) for 3 years  Two A Level qualifications or 200 UCAS tariff points or equivalent qualifications at Level 3 plus English, Maths and Science at GCSE grade A-C  Access to Higher Education course is available to students who do not meet the above qualification.  Applicants need to ensure they meet, or are working towards meeting the entry criteria  NHS pays tuition fees and you can apply for a bursary  Apply for course through UCAS (

14 Students Visiting Programme  Ward visits can be arranged at CNWL for students interested in mental health nursing  Day visit on the wards followed by work experience placement if required  For further information about visiting arrangement contact: Kathy Swanzy-Asante kathy.swanzy- asante@nhs.netkathy.swanzy-  For further information about mental health nursing:  Contact for West London University is Ramona Minette  Contact for King’s College Angela Parry

15 Questions ? Thank You

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