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IGG 10/01/08 1 Market Operations Update Industry Governance Group 10.01.08.

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1 IGG 10/01/08 1 Market Operations Update Industry Governance Group 10.01.08

2 IGG 10/01/08 2 Agenda Meter Reading and MDS MRSO Meter Operator Walter Keady Frank Leetch Mary Mulcahy

3 IGG 10/01/08 3 Meter Reading and MDS Walter Keady – ESB Networks

4 IGG 10/01/08 4 MRSO Update Frank Leetch – Manager MRSO

5 IGG 10/01/08 5 Replacement Reads Formal report made to the CER for decision Avoidance of future errors: –Replacement of estimated data is no longer a manual process and is now automated in the production environment. A range of system controls will now prevent a recurrence. –To provide absolute assurance Profile Data Services are running a monthly report to track estimated data in SAP IS-U. Each instance of estimated QH data will be investigated to avoid a recurrence of the current problem

6 IGG 10/01/08 6 MRSO Website New site moved outside ESB Networks Site Any comments would be helpful

7 IGG 10/01/08 7 End of Year Arrangements Internal review of approach as will now become standard approach e.g. Easter Successful from a wholesale market perspective Feedback from retail market welcome Duplicate 341 issue!

8 IGG 10/01/08 8 Meter Operator Mary Mulcahy Meter Works Supplier Support, Network Services, ESBN

9 IGG 10/01/08 9 Extra Costs for De-Energisation Streamlining process to pay for extra costs where outside d/e can not be done by single NT This has been requested by Suppliers as the workaround of logging multiple M017 was not satisfactory Premises that can be d/e at extra costs are generally where 2 man crew or hoist is required This has been discussed with Accounts Managers from all Suppliers Implementation date is immediate

10 IGG 10/01/08 10 Contd… Supplier sends M017 requesting de-energisation Where NT cannot d/e outside they advise Supplier via email Supplier contacts Meters Works Supplier Support for quotation Supplier advised of cost via email Supplier sends in new M017 noting that they have agreed costs and also email Meter Works Supplier Support agreeing to extra costs Service order is updated by Database and DUOS Billing will charge the standard d/e cost on Monthly DUOS Billing. DUOS Billing will charge Supplier the extra cost separately on Monthly DUOS Billing and send backing document with all MPRN nos. & the cost associated with that MPRN.

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