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My current consulting services Skype ID: shan.vem.

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1 My current consulting services Skype ID: shan.vem

2 Consulting services offered ITIL V3 Processes implementation & support: I.ITIL V3 practices implementation. Gap analysis, for different processes areas in the current setup, while defining the roadmap in ITIL V3 implementation. II.ITIL V3 Tools evaluation for the business environment and implementation planning and further evaluation. III.Working closely with the management for Continuous Service Improvements [CSI] planning and implementation. IV.Internal audits practices implementation and evaluation support. V.On need basis, Involvement in team’s capability building for adopting ITIL V3 practices

3 Consulting services offered Under Agile Practices implementation : I.Agile teams setup for few iterations/releases, initially; as coach and silent external Scrum master. II.Daily SCRUM practices Support. Working closely, with the product owners and stakeholders on team practices improvements. III.Reviewing and improving the SPRINT/iterations, estimations and burn down charts technics practices. IV.Consultancy on Agile projects service delivery for initial releases till the CSAT improves. V.Team training and mentoring for agile practices.

4 Consulting services offered Test Maturity Models Integration practices [TMMI]: A)Current test practices gaps identification with reference to the TMMI practices. B) Defining Proposals to adopt the TMMI practices by different phases. C) Evaluation of TMMI practices adaptation and its usage. D) Estimation and evaluation of ROI on TMMI models implementation. E) Training and building team’s capabilities in using TMMI Practices.

5 Profile Summary: 03/04/14  Shanthi Kumar Vemulapalli is an Accomplished, outcome-oriented professional, with 15 plus years of global IT services companies experience within 26 plus years of overall global IT industry [only] experience.  Experienced in leading business critical, complex and challenging project, programme & delivery management in India and abroad with more than 10 plus years of work experience in USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong & UK.  Worked for business verticals; Telecom [6 plus years], BFS [6 plus years], Healthcare [2 plus years and Retail]. Performed many leadership roles for crisis management and resolution. ITIL Background:  Extensively used and applied the best practices of ITIL during the services rendered to the global companies, customers & vendors.  Effectively participated during ITIL process tools evaluation, implementation, integration and their usage against to the process areas.  Managed many roles as per the ITIL processes from Technical level roles to the management level roles including the processes architecting and implementing.  During the IT services rendered to the clients, performed the range of roles as Software developer, designer, Technical lead, Tester, SQM practitioner, QA lead, QA Manager, Test Manager, Consultant, Project lead, Project & Program manager, Capability building [COE], Resource Manager, Service Delivery Manager[SDM] & Heading and also as IT Management Consultant.  Always worked for continual services improvements with reference to the identified root causes analysis [RCA] and as per their actions or improvements, during different ITIL processes implementation and execution.  Applied innovatively, the latest technics and processes during the SDM activities execution. Demonstrated the ROI to the companies and customers.  Continuously, built the resources under capacity building by establishing Center of Excellence [COE] services, on need basis. Mentored and coached the resources across the programmers to adhere to the client’s Service delivery management [SDM] policies and procedures.  Serviced ITIL V3 consultation also, with ITIL V3 certifications. Adhered to the customer relationship management and business continuity plan [BCP]. Worked with many technologies from Mainframe to the open systems. And continuous keen learner in new concepts, methodologies, technologies to be conversant in IT industry.

6 Profile Summary: 03/04/14 Agile [Scrum] Practices:  Extensively worked on Agile [Scrum] practices implementation with many groups for more than 6 years, to benefit to the customers, companies and the resources.  Proven practices were demonstrated through Scrum; team velocity, cycle time reduction and continuous retrospectives implementation for different release cycles with better estimations and burnt down charts.  Different metrics analysis results were compared for proven team’s performance for different Portfolios with cost savings by exhibiting Profit & Loss benefits to the companies and customers. Resources retention methods were used and proven under the regular practices.  The practices of identifying the ongoing innovative methods were cultivated in teams and demonstrated to the customers on team’s benefits and also for further increasing business benefits to the companies.  Many places it helped to the companies to get top CSAT ratings across the Portfolios.  Adopted agile consultation for best practices implementation and building agile teams on live projects. TMMI Practices:  With the gained experiences of SDLC& QALC, used TMM(I) practices implementation [10 plus years] on need basis to the clients to demonstrate the defects levels reduction.  Implemented many automation tools for cycle and cost reduction. Used many innovative test strategies and fine-tuned the existing processes for team’s practices.  Implemented many methodologies for SDLC & QALC to acquire better CSAT ratings. Extensively, used CMMI KPAs as per the CMMI Level5 Company’s policies and also for customer’s compliance. Leadership:  An enthusiastic leader, keen planner and implementer in setting up company strategies to enhance overall organizational growth, sustained profitability of operations & improved business performance. Supported many companies on their internal crisis management activities apart from performing the regular roles.  Distinctive leadership in time-management, critical thinking, negotiation and analyzing as well as problem resolution prowess coupled with cross functional ability in multitasking & intellectual environment. Worked with Sales & Marketing teams closely. Proficiency:  Sound methodical proficiency in: ITIL, PMI, PRINCE2, Agile, PDLC, V-model, TMMI & Automation Test Lifecycle methodologies. Demonstrated ability to direct and motivate teams in meeting the projects specifications and deadlines.  Expertise in managing large scale programs involving comprehensive administrative and techno-functional aspects demanding strategic, tactical and operational efficiency.  Expertise in deploying available resources to the optimum level in projects with increased profitability and higher CSAT Ratings.  Commendable Leadership in continuous team mentorship, team building and productivity/performance acceleration. Personality development education:  Acquired experience for the usage of mind power in productivity enhancement for teams. IT & Non-IT organizations can reap the benefits. Educated many college students and staff on personality development.

7 Consulting services offered Please contact me on for further details on your My Linkedin url : kumar-v-itil®-2011-so/a/201/752/ kumar-v-itil®-2011-so/a/201/752/ Thank you.

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