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Welcome to MT. Hebron Football. Lived in the Mt Hebron community for over ten years. Been involved in Mt Hebron athletics as a supporter, a parent, and.

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1 Welcome to MT. Hebron Football

2 Lived in the Mt Hebron community for over ten years. Been involved in Mt Hebron athletics as a supporter, a parent, and a coach. Bring over thirty years of coaching experience. (High school, College, NFL). Have visited well over two hundred high school football programs nationwide. Feel that my greatest strength is my ability to build relationships with people. View myself as someone who will not only be a coach, but a role model to all of our students. Will bring organization and a vision to the program. Have coaching expertise on Offense, Defense, and Special teams. Will be able to train assistant coaches my system. Philip Zacharias 443-392-2571

3 Program Philosophy Student Athlete development (Academically, Socially, Athletically). Football is a community service activity. Program will be built on Discipline, Dedication and Communication. We want to represent the V in everything we do. Create a winning environment by Winning. Create renewed enthusiasm about the program by the we play and the way we conduct ourselves. Establish long term relationships

4 Strength and Conditioning This has to be one of the backbone of the program. Our goal must be to put together a comprehensive program that will develop the student/athlete physically, challenge them mentally and give them a winning edge on the field. We want student athletes to feel that they do not have to go outside of our program to develop their skills. We will track the students athletes development from Freshmen to Senior year. We want to stay on the cutting edge of the best ways to train our student athletes

5 Academics We will monitor academic progress of all student athletes in the program. Have and open line of communication with teachers on progress and conduct of all student athletes. We will educate student athletes on expectations. We will work with students athletes on managing time between academics and sports. Teacher/Coaches will be made available for any Student/Athlete seeking extra help. Note: If A STUDENT/ATHLETE FAILS A FOURTH QTR CLASS.HE IS INELIGIBLE FOR A FALL SPORT.

6 Junior Varsity Program Critical that we have proper staffing for our JV program. JV program will parallel Varsity program in terms of philosophy and scheme. Because we cut at this level our evaluation must be precise. We need to have a football alternative for players who might be cut. Bottom line of JV program will be about development over winning. I would want keep a larger number at the JV level

7 Equipment Inventory Goal will always be to have the student athletes in the best equipment possible. Keep the equipment we have in good condition. Safety equipment (Helmets) will be given the highest priority. We will excel spread sheet all of our equipment.

8 Feeder System Need to make the program more visible in our Middle and Elementary schools. Mt Hebron coaches and players be more visible. This can be a way to foster community service for our players. We should also build relationships with Midget league coaches and players. We need to know about potential future Mt Hebron student athletes.

9 College Recruiting We will grade the success of our program, in part, on student athletes graduating and going to college and hopefully playing football. We also want to be a resource for student athletes in our program for job placement. We will work hand in hand with the guidance department in navigating the student athletes through the recruiting process. We will work to give our players the exposure they need to be evaluated by college recruiters. We will seminar with you the Parents about the recruiting process.

10 Preparing for the recruiting process 4 english,3 math,3 science,2 history,2 language,2 core electives. 16 core classes. SAT/ACT-Rising seniors should have taken test at least 2 times by the end of the school year. SAT/ACT prep class,, or see english or math teacher. Rule of thumb.Higher the GPA,the lower the test score. Lower the GPA,the higher the test score. Sign up for the Clearinghouse. See counselor. Bottom line. This is the only area that the STATS count.

11 Exposure I have and will be sending out prospect list to as many schools as I can e-mail. I receive inquiries everyday from schools wanting information. Student/Athletes can go online to most schools and fill out online questionnaire's. I will only submit the school’s address. I give any mail to the individual student. He can then list a home address and other information. Know the difference between mailing list and personalized. (Have I received anything handwritten). Fill out any and all information. Keep all options open!

12 Video We have all of the last two seasons on and external hard drive. I also have individual DVD’s. If you want video. The student/athlete can bring in DVD's (must be “dvd- rdl”),or USB stick with at least 8g of memory. I am also looking into the Hudl program that would allow student/athlete to get video online. Upon a college recruiter’s request, I will send out individual player or player’s tape. Keep in mind video and can be and eliminator. You want to put your best foot forward.

13 CAMPS We will be attending a number of camps on college campuses. The purpose of these camps will be team building, but they will also provide and opportunity for the student/athlete to be evaluated. Choose camps that have college coaches. Recruiting services at your own RISK ! Remember they are looking at the whole person. Effort, conduct, attitude, and coachability are all being evaluated. When a Student/Athlete meets a coach, firm handshake, look him in the eye. Show them the ultimate respect. Don’t be a parent from hell. That gets evaluated also.

14 Parent Support We have a very diverse parental community. We will work to maintain a high level of communication with parents, so you are in the loop with the operation and expectations of this program. Parental Support is critical to the program, and to the development of their student athlete. We will strive to be consistent with our message. We will speak with one voice as we communicate with parents. We have to have a standard of communication Parent to Coach, Coach to Parent. We will encourage Parents to attend practices. We hope to maximize our Parents as resources in non coaching capacities. We want our program built in the spirit of Family We want to have our parents past and present supporting our program

15 Ask not want the program can do for you! Ask what you can do for the program! Travel Team Pancake Breakfast Program Ads Grounds Crew Pipe liners Banquet committee Fundraisers Community Service Viking Backers

16 Fundraising Goal will be to raise fifteen to twenty thousand dollars per year. Would like to keep fundraiser to more of a group effort, as opposed to player individual. Efforts would include: Lift a thon, Flea market, Cards thru the community, Youth camp. Financial focus 7 on 7, Team camps, Field equipment.

17 Summer Schedule Eight week eight program 4 days a week Plan to participate in 4-5 7 on 7 tournaments. Would like to attend a Team camp. Will encourage and advise players to attend specialty camps. Would also like to engage the players in some form of team building/leadership activity. Calendar will be available.

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