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Carly AKA GOD The Objective: To obtain as many or all coloured wristbands possible. The Players: · In order for the Mr. Game to be successful there must.

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2 Carly AKA GOD

3 The Objective: To obtain as many or all coloured wristbands possible. The Players: · In order for the Mr. Game to be successful there must be 10 or more Players. · Each Player is assigned a colour and may not change colours in the duration of the game. · God/Gods. There may need to be more than one. They control Mr. Game. · Bitches. (See the rule #6) Boundaries: The game will take place on Granville Island. Leaving the Island will result in the Player(s) being disqualified. A Google Map describing the boundaries can be located here: 2dc4&ll=49.269569,-123.133757&spn=0.006413,0.014462&z=16 Please note: these boundaries are not concrete and may be changed. 2dc4&ll=49.269569,-123.133757&spn=0.006413,0.014462&z=16 Materials: · Each Player will be provided with a certain number of wristbands (hair elastics) in their colour. · Each Player must have a cellular phone with text messaging. This is how you reach God. (If text messaging is not free for you and you want to play, either pay the price or try to borrow a phone that does have free texting. Phones, unlike the wristbands, will not be provided.) · It is also recommended that Players wear clothing they can run, hide, jump, swim, tumble and crawl in, and appropriate footwear. · God will also need a cell phone for texting and a notebook, pen, computer, etc. for recording what takes place. They will also need an excellent view.

4 The Players

5 1. Before the game even begins, Players are encouraged to go over the boundaries via the Google Map provided and also get a good look at the rest of the Players involved. You will want to know everyone’s names and faces. 2. Throughout Mr. Game there will be no talking allowed. This not only includes verbal communications, but also gestures, body language and anything else you can think of. Players may only contact God, and only through text messaging. Bitches don’t get to communicate at all. 3. To begin, Players will be assigned their colours and corresponding wristbands and then encouraged to spread themselves out throughout the Island. Remember, when you are playing Mr. Game, you are on your own. You can trust NOBODY! 4. Once everyone is spread out, God/Gods will send out a text message to all the Player’s assigning them the name and colour of another Player to hunt. Every Player will have someone different to hunt in this first stage of the game. 5. Mr. Game begins only when God sends out a text that says: “Go!” This is to be sure that everyone starts at the same time so there are no unfair advantages. 6. On Go! Players hunt down who they have been assigned. When a Player finds their prey they must chase them down and tag them like in the game “Tag.” If tagged, the Player becomes a “Bitch” and the Player who tagged them is now their “Master”. The Bitch must now give all their wristbands to their Master and acquire a wristband of their Masters colour. (Example, if Player Orange tags Player Green, Green gives up all their wristbands and becomes an Orange Bitch. Player Orange must now sport orange AND green wristbands on their wrist to show they are now a Master.)

6 7. After tagging their new Bitch, the Master must text message God and let God know who they tagged. God will then respond with the name and colour of the Player the Master and their new Bitch must hunt next. (It is true that the Player the Master hunts next was the one the Bitch was hunting initially; however, it must be kept in mind that there is no communicating allowed between Players at any point in the game and that it is also very important that God is able to keep tabs on all the Players. Therefore, text God when you tag someone. Just do it.) 8. When Master’s acquire Bitches, the game play changes very little. It is just more Players hunting the same person. When a Player tags a Master, the Master and all of their Bitches now become the Player’s Bitches. (This means the Player will get all the coloured wristbands that the Master had and now all the Bitches will have to change the colour of their wristbands.) 9. It is also important to note that once a Player becomes a Bitch, they remain a Bitch until the end of Mr. Game. If a Bitch tags another Bitch they become their Master’s Bitch. 10. Finally, and most importantly of all, Masters may control their Bitches, but God/Gods control ALL players. Keep this in mind. Mr. Game ends when there are no Players left to be hunted.

7 Sam is teaching Mr. Game

8 DIRK ------> Justin JONNY -----> Molly MOLLY ----> Laura LAURA -----> Dirk JUSTIN ------> Jonny

9 Sam Stealing Mollys Color

10 Stage One Jonny got Molly and sends us a text. We tell Jonny that he must now chase Laura and Molly must help him. Stage Two Justin got Jonny. Now Jonny and Molly are Jonny’s slaves and Justin must chase Laura, too. Stage Three Dirk got Justin and his bitches. Now Dirk is after the elusive Laura. Laura is such a crafty hider, we Gods take action and make the boundaries significantly smaller, hoping to get Laura out of hiding. Stage Four It works! Laura is found quite quickly. Dirk and his many slaves win! Game Notes: Boundaries were a little confusing, so they to be made should make clearer. (Or Dirk is a ditz.) People get anxious when they don’t get their texts! It was difficult to coordinate everyone to Start at “Go.”

11 DIRK --------> Laura JONNY------> Molly MOLLY-----> Justin LAURA------> Jonny JUSTIN------> Dirk

12 Jonny is now Sams Slave

13 Implementing the “No Talking” Rule

14 Stage One Dirk tags Laura (not so elusive anymore!) Now Dirk and Laura must hunt Jonny. Stage Two Jonny got Molly. Now Molly and her new Master must hunt Justin. Stage Three This is where the game got tricky. Jonny and Molly tag Justin and now Jonny and his crew must hunt Dirk. In other words, Dirk (and team) must hunt Jonny and Jonny (and team) must hunt Dirk. This presented an obvious game flaw. Quickly We gods jump into action and send out a text saying in order to win, one must tag the others belly button first. Also, Jonny had an advantage in numbers of slaves, so we had his team hopping on one foot. Stage Four Again, Dirk and his team win. (And it was not good for his already inflated ego.) Game Notes: Using calls instead of texts was much more successful. Texts still worked for sending out group texts. An odd number of players equals a face off at the end of the game.

15 A message from GOD…literally.

16 Texting takes too long. My thumbs hurt. (God/Carly) It was like recess. Like I was back in Elementary School again! (Laura) I’m so tired... (Whiny players) It was unfair. (Whiny Jonny when instructed to hop on one foot.) Woo! (Justin) I had a plan! (Dirk) My plan was the mouse technique. Not that it worked, though...(Molly)

17 Going over the Boundaries (Dirk’s already confused, poor guy…)

18 God keeping track of the game

19 Molly Hiding


21 Molly being chased

22 Laura being chased

23 Run Laura, Run!

24 Justin becoming a slave

25 The Players reviewing the Game with GOD on the balcony

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