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2 Cik Shobha Pn Yong Pn Nadiah Choong Pn Asmah En Muammar
En Andrew Leong Mr. NOBODY

3 MR NOBODY (ANONYMOUS) SYNOPSIS The poem talks about irresponsible behavior. The persona in the poem is most probably a parent who wants to admonish the children for always running away from responsibility and for blaming others for the mischief that they have done. The message, though serious, is put in a light-hearted manner as a gentle reminder to children that they should not conveniently blame others for something that they could easily do themselves. It is irresponsible to claim ignorance for little misdeeds that occurs frequently in the house.

4 Word Association Aims To allow students to focus on words found in the poem and gain understanding of their meanings.

5 Materials Worksheet 1 Handout 1


7 HANDOUT 1 break cracked tear leave ajar squeak bring in mud soil
mislaid tosses about leave unclosed fade spill lying around

8 Steps Divide the class into groups of 5.
Give the noun-cards to each group. Paste the verb/verb phrases cards all around the classroom before the students enter. Tell the group that the objectives of the exercise is to match the nouns with the appropriate verbs/verb phrases which are all found in the poem.

9  Get each group to select:
two runners that will read the cards and report back a scribe that will write the words as given by the runners two managers that will match the nouns and verbs  Complete the matching exercise as fast as possible and compare answers in a discussion. Facilitate the discussion.

10 What’s in a name? Aims To enable students to draw a character sketch about the persona using clues in the poem To raise students’ awareness about issues that can cut across genres

11 Materials Copies of Worksheet 2

12 Mr Nobody WORKSHEET 2 Decide what character traits Mr. Nobody demonstrates in each of the stanzas.

13 Steps Divide students into groups of four. They could also work in pairs. Give them a copy of Worksheet One. Tell them to concentrate on one stanza. Tell them to read the stanza they have chosen and come up with two character traits of Mr. Nobody.

14 Give them a few minutes for discussion.
Get them to present the character traits of Mr. Nobody to the class. Get the class to decide whether they agree or disagree with the character traits aforementioned. Advise them to give reasons for their choice.

15 DO IT RIGHT! Aims To encourage students to evaluate their own behaviour and challenge themselves to do good.

16 Materials Worksheet 1

17 Steps Get students to elicit the negative behavior that is mentioned in the poem. Get them to discuss in groups and list the opposite behavior that is positive in nature. Distribute the worksheet for students to fill in. (accept any suitable answers) Students list other positive things that they can do at home to help their parents. Materials are given to the students for them to make signboards that will remind them to do good things around the house.


19 Alternatively, the teacher can ask students to produce signs for the classroom.

20 To teach students to express their feelings in the form of a letter.
Dear Mr. Nobody AIMS To teach students to express their feelings in the form of a letter.

21 Materials HANDOUTS 2 and 3

22 Handout - act 1 ASKING FOR A BORROWED PEN Excuse me, do you remember that you borrowed my red pen the other day? If you do not need it anymore, could I please have it back? Thank you.

23 Handout - act 2 ASKING OTHERS TO BE QUIET Will all of you please make a little less noise? I am trying to study here. Thank you for your cooperation.

24 I think you need to clean out your desk. I can help you if you like.
Handout - act 3 ASKING SOMEONE TO CLEAN THEIR DESK I think you need to clean out your desk. I can help you if you like.

25 Steps Begin by asking students to extract and list the bad things that Mr.. Nobody had done in the poem. Give students the vocabulary needed to express dissatisfaction and to request for a change in behavior. (Handout 2) Prepare single-person monologues. Students can pick one at random and read it a few times before saying it aloud. Explain the scenario to the students/ ask students what they think happened. Go through the vocabulary with the students.

26 .Ask students to come forward and act a short scene:
Asking someone to return a pen he had borrowed. Asking someone keep quiet as you have to study. Asking someone to clean the mess under their table. Give students Handout 3 (a letter) Students choose An example of a misbehavior they would like Mr.. Nobody to change and write him a letter about this.

27 Handout Nadiah 1 Jalan Sultan Batu Pahat 30th November 2009 Dear Mr. Nobody, I know that you like to keep yourself hidden. However, what you have been doing in my house is too much. You have been cracking the plates in the kitchen. When I help Mummy to wash the dishes, the plates break. Then Mummy gives me a scolding and most of the time some punishment like washing the wok and pots since they cannot break. Please help me, Mr.. Nobody. Please do not crack the plates anymore. I promise to be good and help Mummy without being asked. Thank you.

28 HOT SEAT AIM To enable students to understand the content of the poem through a drama activity

29 Steps Divide students into 5 groups. Call one group out.
Get the group to form a circle. Place a chair in the circle. Ask for a volunteer to sit on the chair.

30  Give them the following instructions:
The chair is a hot seat. The person sitting on the chair is suspected to be Mr. Nobody. Students are to ask Mr. Nobody questions about what he does. This is where the content of the poem comes in useful. This is a perfect opportunity to practise ‘wh’ questions. Students can also ask about Mr.. Nobody’s other wrongdoings (which may not be in the poem). Let their imagination run! Mr.. Nobody has to refute/deny their accusations. His role is to convince the group that he is not Mr. Nobody. Alternatively, his role could be to convince them that he is not guilty of any wrongdoings as mentioned in the poem.  Get other students to try out the HOT SEAT.

31 Cik Shobha Pn Yong Pn Nadiah Choong Pn Asmah En Muammar
En Andrew Leong THANK YOU Mr. NOBODY

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