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Superman and Me Vocabulary

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1 Superman and Me Vocabulary
Discussion Questions

2 Answer all questions on a sheet of notebook paper
Answer all questions on a sheet of notebook paper. Write the number and the vocabulary word before your response.

3 1. villain What famous villain do you actually like?

4 2. Plot What do you think the expression “the plot thickens” means?

5 3. Surplus Name one thing that you would want to have a surplus of, and one thing that you would not want to have a surplus of.

6 4. Avid What does it mean to be an avid reader?

7 5. assassination Who are some famous people who have been assassinated?

8 6. genetics Would you want to eat genetically-modified produce (corn that has been engineered to be sweeter)?

9 7. dialogue Write a dialogue between yourself and a parent or grandparent about a time you got into trouble. (Each character needs to say at least two things.)

10 8. narrative Give seven examples of things that include narratives (for example, movies).

11 9. reservation Make a list of everything that you know about Native American reservations.

12 10. prodigy If you had a choice in the matter, would you want to be a child prodigy (in music, sports, math, etc.)? Why or why not?

13 11. Third-person Write a sentence about yourself in third-person, using one of the following components: 1) a snowman, 2) a dinosaur, or 3) Mars.

14 12. modest Do you think that high school girls have an obligation to dress modestly? Why or why not? Why don’t we use the word “modest” when we talk about boys’ clothes?

15 13. ridicule How might a person feel when he or she is ridiculed?

16 14. subvert Do you ever subvert your parents’ authority? How?

17 15. monosyllabic List 10 monosyllabic words. (Do not use any from the comic below.)

18 16. submissive Would you rather have a dog that is submissive or independent?

19 17. pity Whom do you pity most in the world?

20 18. arrogant Does it both you when people are arrogant? Why or why not?

21 19. poWwow Would you want to attend a powwow? Why or why not?

22 20. sullen Describe what it looks like if a person is acting sullen.

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