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Scientific Knowledge versus Scientific Beliefs.

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3 Scientific Knowledge versus Scientific Beliefs

4  Aligns an individual with the ‘world’ Knowledge + Feelings Linked to Action  “That upon which you are willing to act” Alexander Bain That which you hold true

5 Francis Bacon 1561 - 1626 & Charles Peirce 1839 – 1914


7  Humans are inherently irrational  Humans can become rational Rely on Observation Rely on Observation Inductive approach: ‘just the facts…’ Inductive approach: ‘just the facts…’  The Problem of our Irrationality The Four Idols: require ‘crutches for the mind’ The Four Idols: require ‘crutches for the mind’

8  Idols of the Tribe  Idols of the Cave  Idols of the Marketplace  Idols of the Theater


10 Avoid conflict, disconfirmation!

11 Believe what you are told to believe! Believe what you are told to believe!

12 Believe what seems reasonable!

13 Tentative, self-correcting, evidence-based, tested through observation, social agreement

14  Knowledge is organized into separate spaces  Spaces Overlap & Intersect Can be subdivided into subspaces Can be hierarchical  We visit Knowledge spaces & download

15  Scientific Knowledge differs from other Knowledge but  All Beliefs are alike!!

16 Science: Creating Knowledge Technology: Applying Knowledge

17 LevelResultsCostNontechnologyControl $$$$$$$$$$ $ ½ way Technology Intervention$$$$$ Advanced Technology Prevention¢

18  Natural Sciences  Social Sciences  Humanities

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