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WINE IN NORTH CAROLINA Jess Richards Zach Ray Emily Collier Cole Buckwell.

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1 WINE IN NORTH CAROLINA Jess Richards Zach Ray Emily Collier Cole Buckwell

2 North Carolina Wine Industry

3 North Carolina’s Wine Industry Mission Statement  “Increase North Carolina wine tourism by increasing awareness of North Carolina wineries and wines, thereby generating more visits and increasing tax revenue for the state.”

4 History of NC Wine  The first wine grape, the Scuppernong, was discovered in North Carolina, in the Cape Fear River Valley in 1524  The Scuppernong was discovered by Giovanni de Verrazano, a French explorer

5 History of NC Wine  In 1835, the first commercial winery was founded in Halifax County (the community of Brinkleyville) by Sidney Weller  More and more wineries began to come along and by the 1850’s NC had at least 25 wineries and lots of vineyards  But in the 1860’s, during the civil war, the wine industry was devastated

6 History of NC Wine  In the 1890’s the wine industry regained strength and moved to the top because farmers were being encouraged to grow grapes for economic recovery  North Carolina became the leading wine producing region in the nation at the turn of the 20 th century  The Biltmore Company opened a $6.5 million winery that was state of the art in 1985  But nowadays we are 9 th in wine production and 10 th in grape production in the nation

7 Laws and Regulations Affecting the Wine Industry throughout History in NC  In 1909, a prohibition on alcohol was set in place throughout the state but was repealed in 1933  In 1947, the counties of NC voted to be dry which made the sale and production of alcohol illegal  In 1965, the senator from Onslow County, Carl Vitners, introduced a bill that gave funding for grape and wine research and grower education  In 1986, to help stimulate the growth of the wine and grape industry, the North Carolina Wine & Grape Council was established  In 1999, the Golden LEAF Foundation was founded. It was created in order to move the NC economy away from its dependence on tobacco

8 Events and Activities in NC  In the triangle:  Annual Blessing of the Vineyards Celebration  Savory Pairings: Cupcakes and Wine @ the Wine feed  Exploring New Wines: Going Out on a Limb- The Road Less Traveled!  Wine & Song Concert Series at Grove Winery  Gaucho Wine Dinner  Fearrington House Wine Dinner: Lioco Winer y

9 NC Festivals  Blue Ridge Wine and Food Festival in Blowing Rock  Beaufort Wine and Food Festival in Beaufort NC  Stanley County Winter Wine Festival in Albemarle  Asheville Wine and Food Festival in Asheville, NC

10 Duplin Winery  Was founded in the 1976 by the Fussell Family and remains to be owned and operated by the 3 rd generation of Fussell  The winery is 1,800 acres located across 4 states and has a group of 43 growers and their families  These places can be rented out and used for certain celebrations/ events such as weddings, anniversaries, or corporate events

11 Duplin Winery  The Duplin Winery produces over 300,000 cases of wine yearly  This is the largest Muscadine winery in the world and the oldest in the state.  There is a 40-foot tasting bar

12 Duplin Winery’s Wines  Types  Traditional Reds (4)  Traditional Whites (4)  Blush (3)  Estate (3)  Reserves (3)  Specialty (7)  Seasonal (4)  Fruit (2)  Alcohol Free (3)  Champagne (11)  Archived (4)

13 Economic Impact  The wine industry has a yearly impact of 1.28 billion dollars on North Carolina’s Economy  The wine industry creates 7,600 jobs for citizens of North Carolina  In the state of North Carolina grapes are one of the only crops that are capable of replacing tobacco dollar for dollar. This amount totals to around $4,000- $5,000 per acre. In balance, farmers are able continue to produce tobacco and other crops while using vacant areas of land for grapes.

14 North Carolina Wineries

15 Wineries in North Carolina  North Carolina is home to over 100 wineries and over 400 vineyards.  The main concentration of wineries is in the Yadkin Valley, with over two dozen. This area is also known as the “Blessed Stretch.”

16 Heart of North Carolina Wine Trail  On February 28 th, 2012 the “Heart of North Carolina Wine Trail” opened. This trail is a link between five award- winning wineries that shows off not only the wineries, but also the natural beauty of North Carolina. By linking these wineries, local cities along the way will receive injections to their local economy by the tourists visiting their communities.

17 5 Test Questions  What is the largest vineyard in North Carolina? Duplin Winery in Rose Hill, North Carolina is the largest vineyard in the state with over 1.4 million gallons of wine capacity, offering 35 varieties of Muscadine wines.  Which war devastated North Carolina’s wine industry? The Civil War  How many jobs does North Carolina’s wine industry create? 7,600 jobs  Where was North Carolina’s first commercial winery located? Halifax County in the community of Brinkleyville  What area of North Carolina is known as the “Blessed Stretch”? The Yadkin Valley

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