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Work in Progress Malta 5 th to 7 th May 2013 Cees van Bruggen Joost van Alkemade.

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1 Work in Progress Malta 5 th to 7 th May 2013 Cees van Bruggen Joost van Alkemade

2 © MOVISIE General Labour market NL facts & figures

3 © MOVISIE Age groups and Labourmarket facts & figures

4 © MOVISIE Immigrants labour market facts & figures In particular, youth unemployment among non-Western migrants reached dramatic heights had already risen to 29% in the first quarter of 2012.

5 © MOVISIE Youth Unemployment EU

6 © MOVISIE research 2012 SCP “at a disadvantage” Knowledge, lack of skills, education and disadvantage job search skills: 'human capital': are main thresholds in the search to work, examples are the level in Dutch language, social networks, manners and personal characteristics. On the other hand Discrimination is a particular obstacle to entering the labor market Agencies differentiate to the ethnic background off jobseekers. Dutch jobseekers had 46% chance of getting a job offered. The non-Western jobseekers with exactly the same CV had 28% chance.

7 © MOVISIE Advice Former Taskforce youth unemployment An employers no-risk policy for all disadvantaged in the labor market. School Exit and Extension programma Matching-offensive: youths over proportional addressed in vacancies Jobs XXL: jobs where master/apprentice situations arise in sectors with shortages of skilled workers Attention to vulnerable groups: Strengthen young people with weaker labor market position

8 © MOVISIE Targetgroup Specific Solutions unemployment Migrant woman: EVC prior learning and experience certificate; voluntary work Youth/elderly: (Social)neighbourhood enterprises Youth: Vital cooperation between schools employers, local government. Youth/elderly: not only raising retirement age but flexible retirement of 58-67Y

9 © MOVISIE Legislation and different groups Relatively many foreign workers illegally working in sectors such as horticulture, catering and construction. A proportion of employers makes abuse of foreign workers. Some examples of abuse by employers are: 1.paid less than the statutory minimum wage pay; not comply with the collective agreements; 3.not pay insurance premiums for employees. Special arrangements for knowledge workers and high- skilled

10 © MOVISIE Discussion and Questions? Will there be work for all in the future? Influence of the global market; discrepancy between people low educated, low IQ and more and more only quality jobs? Gap between short and long-term: unemployment now and aging and shortage of people in the future? The starting point of economic growth or “the world of equality and plenty”

11 © MOVISIE Everyone's talent is needed and used!

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