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Art for Business

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1 Art for Business

2 “The Arts” can be seen as a fluffy luxury a nice thing to do perhaps not in step with times of austerity

3 Yet businesses still use….. Beautiful images

4 and music even poetry to communicate their work

5 Companies use the credibility of the arts to enhance their reputation

6 ..and despite austerity, private investment in the arts in England is up

7 In Cambridge next year there will be a great opportunity for business and organisations to use the arts to be part of a major international event The Tour de France

8 improve how your business looks and feels At Cambridge International Arts we can help you to…

9 … keeping staff happier and bringing customers through the door

10 a media and crowd puller Or help you make a big bold creative statement

11 We are planning an International Bicycle Art Exhibition at a central Cambridge location There will also be an art trail of “bike part” sculptures like these….

12 For just £100 you can host a “bike part” sculpture and become part of the trail Your business will be included in all trail publicity material and the exhibition catalogue If you can’t host, you can advertise in the catalogue We think that over 20,000 people will see the show and trail

13 By working with us you will also be helping others… 25% of everything we earn from bicycle-related art goes to a bicycle-related charity

14 Providing access to independence and livelihood through The Power of Bicycles

15 Art for Business Telephone Caroline or Janice on 07501260717 If you would like to to use the arts in your business GET IN CONTACT

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