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No Kid Left Inside Starfish Therapies Stacy M. Menz, PT, DPT.

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1 No Kid Left Inside Starfish Therapies Stacy M. Menz, PT, DPT

2 Topics Benefits of Outdoor Play Why Kids Aren’t Outside How to Encourage Outdoor Play Ideas for Outdoor Activities

3 Benefits of Outdoor Play Physical Decreased risk of obesity Decreased risk of heart disease Increased Vitamin D Improved sleep Builds strength, endurance and coordination Improved Behavior Sensory input

4 Benefits of Outdoor Play Social and Emotional Self expression through noise and movement Logical thinking and ability to reason Qualities of leadership and cooperation Creativity and imagination Confidence and motivation Conflict resolution Social skills

5 Benefits of Outdoor Play Educational Nature introduces science Exploration of 5 senses Enhanced perceptual abilities Several studies have shown that regular, unstructured playtime in nature makes kids smarter, calmer, happier, more self- disciplined and more cooperative

6 Why Kids Aren’t Outside Electronic World TV, video games, computer, texting, etc Balance every hour of screen time with an hour outside AAP – screen time <= 2 hours/day

7 Why Kids Aren’t Outside Safety Abduction Are neighborhoods really less safe? Physical injury Prefer a more controlled indoor environment Increased health risks

8 Why Kids Aren’t Outside No time Parents and kids schedules Babysitter or neighborhood share Enrichment classes Indoor sports Reassess An hour outside may be more enriching than an hour of indoor instruction

9 Why Kids Aren’t Outside Its too dirty Unfamiliar with unscripted play The natural outside world may seem to pale in comparison to the digital world inside

10 How to Encourage Outdoor Play Make them think its their own idea Choice between two activities Get something new Let them pick it out Outside only toys/activities Sidewalk chalk, bikes, scooters, doll strollers, sandbox/toys, bubbles, water table, wading pool, sports equipment, finger painting

11 How to Encourage Outdoor Play Go outside with them Family bonding Hour walk instead of the gym Plant a small garden Family bike rides Invite other kids over Have a regular ‘park day’ Kids play, adults socialize

12 How to Encourage Outdoor Play Find camps that encourage time outside Find daycares that make outside time a priority Invite the neighborhood Make an outdoor schedule with other neighborhood families Think locally YMCA, library, bookstores, etc

13 Ideas for Outdoor Activities Sidewalk chalk Bubbles Water balloon toss Play in the sand Playgrounds and play structures Ball activities Basketball, tennis, soccer, catch, baseball, t-ball

14 Ideas for Outdoor Activities Scavenger hunt In the yard or neighborhood or park Plant a garden Roller skating/blading

15 Ideas for Outdoor Activities These games can be found at sactivities/tp/OutdoorGames.htm sactivities/tp/OutdoorGames.htm Swing the Statue Sneaky Sprinkler Horse Basketball Red Light, Green Light Shadowing Hide and Seek

16 Ideas for Outdoor Activities More ideas from: sactivities/tp/OutdoorGames.htm sactivities/tp/OutdoorGames.htm Flashlight Tag Red Rover Kickball Four Square Ball Hopscotch Capture the Flag

17 Ideas for Outdoor Activities These ideas can be found at: -mm-77587-10-fun-outdoor-games-for- kids-t/ -mm-77587-10-fun-outdoor-games-for- kids-t/ Big Foot Relay Batty Bowling Name-It Ball Frisbee Tower Blind Walk

18 Ideas for Outdoor Activities More ideas from: -mm-77587-10-fun-outdoor-games-for- kids-t/ -mm-77587-10-fun-outdoor-games-for- kids-t/ Cross Step Pick Pocket Tag Kill the Cockroach Drag the Body Blind Snakes

19 Conclusion There are a lot of reasons and benefits to get your kids (and yourself) outside and playing The solutions boil down to Make it fun Go outside with them You are the biggest influence on your child Turn off the tv, computer, video games Get other kids/families involved

20 Questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any questions Stacy M. Menz, PT, DPT 415-346-3853

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