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Literary Terms in Necessary Roughness Chapters 21-30.

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1 Literary Terms in Necessary Roughness Chapters 21-30

2 metaphor “Now, as we kissed, time was a bullet train hurtling through the black of a tunnel” (131). compares two things by saying the one thing IS the other

3 external conflict “We came here so that you selfish children could have a better life. As long as you are in my house, you will do as I say. I don’t want to see that Meek-o boy here again” (161). a struggle between two characters.

4 simile “I needed more air... I sounded like a cow with emphysema” (126). compares two things using like or as.

5 flashback “I remembered that day so clearly, the way the store smelled, vaguely fruity like chewed gum” (116) describes an event that occurred earlier in the plot, perhaps even before the story started

6 internal conflict “A few of the guys shifted in their seats. Even Mikko looked like he didn’t know what to do” (135). occurs when a character struggles with him/herself.

7 characterization “Young is just unique, with her straight glossy hair and awesome bone structure. I was glad all of a sudden that she dressed on the frumpy side and hung out with the quiet, smart girls like Donna” (152). gives clues to the character’s physical appearance or personality

8 symbol “Whee! There was a shrill noise; like the cry of a strange bird... It was Young’s flute. She was blasting a C note in celebration” (124). stands for or represents something bigger than itself.

9 mood and foreshadowing “Today’s ride was eerie. No one spoke; we just watched the ghastly green light from the bus’s dashboard, listened to the squee-squee of wipers in a loosing battle against an army of drops” (170). describes the feeling of a passage. gives hints of what is to come in the plot.

10 hyperbole “The rain drummed on my helmet. We were going to need an ark to get home if this kept up” (174). an exaggeration, a statement that stretches the truth.

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