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FORESTRY IN BC.  Forestry first began in Canada because we had a lot of resources and was founded by the First Nations. IMPROVEMENTS:  Better Seedling.

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2  Forestry first began in Canada because we had a lot of resources and was founded by the First Nations. IMPROVEMENTS:  Better Seedling Survival  Improved Stock Types  Improved Site Preparation  Soil Protection  Biodiversity. Climate change suggest that BC first types will change during this century and that grasslands will expand considerable into areas that are currently forested.

3 In the forest industry there are many people that work in the industry. Such as chainsaws, skidders, operators of logging machinery. There are lots of workers that are silviculture meaning plant seedlings and do thinning. Aboriginal’s who started forestry. {5}Silviculture {6}

4 Goods and Services:  Most of the wood produced is softwood and is used to make lumber, plywood, shakes, newsprint and pulp and paper products.  Forest products are the most important export commodity, accounting for more than half of the total value of BC’s international good exports.  The B.C. brand of wood products is well established globally with market leading share in the United States, China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. {1}  Lumber and paper and pulp exports are trending up because of our market expansion in China. Communities dependent on this industry include BC Forest Safety Council, B.C. Wildlife Federation, BC Assembly of First Nations and many more. {2}

5 Who does it Employ? Six out of 10 people working in this industry are in occupations unique to primary industries, such as operators of logging machinery, chainsaws and skidders. {3} Other occupations include:  Natural and Applied Sciences (22%)  Trades, Transportation and Equipment operators. (8%)  Business, Finance and Administration (5%)  Management (3%) {3}

6  In 2008, total employment in this industry was 17,400 and these workers earned about $25.22 per hour.  93% of people who are employed work 30 hours a week.  In this industry, employment is low during winter but takes its peak during spring and summer.  Unemployment rates averaged 13.5% between 1990 and 2008, noticeably higher than the other industries.  Employment in the industry is following a similar pattern with direct and indirect employment sitting at 164,000 in {1} {3} British Columbia’s Forest Industry has made major contributions to the PROVINCIAL ECONOMY AND SOCIETY. Despite providing jobs and opportunities to many people, Forestry has also been a large contributor to government revenues, enabling expenditures on essential public services. As British Columbians, we depend on our resources a lot including forestry. Forestry Contributes to human livelihood by proving us with wood products, fuel wood, Medicinal plants and many others.

7 What current issues, challenges, and problems does the industry face? ‘the dominance of forest product exports has been eroded in recent years as the value of energy and industrial goods sold to other countries has been rising while forest product export have fallen’{3} The downturn in the US housing market is one of the current reasons for difficulties in BC forestry There was a long dispute from the 80’s to 2006 over soft lumber exports to the US Lower prices for forest products The pine beetle epidemic has really devastated the forests interior.

8  The US is involved in this because they’re one of our biggest exports  With lower prices for forestry products it can effect our entire economy  The pine beetles have affected an estimated 16.3 million hectares of the cumulative area of Provincial crown forest, so the trees are very much at stake. What possible solutions have been put forward?  The US and Canada government signed a framework agreement to end the dispute  For pine beetle management there are the following.  In small areas use fall and burn techniques. In which you cut down and burn individually infected trees  using pheromone baiting in which you lure beetles to trees in one area covered with a synthetic hormone that has the scent of female beetle, this way you can destroy the beetles in a enclosed area  Removing single trees that are infested which also helps beetle population control  Removing scattered infested trees in a large area  Controlled burning is a way where you burn an area where the infested trees are concentrated, this also helps reduce high beetle infestations and forest fires

9 What recommendations can you make? I can say that what they’re doing so far is the best and I don’t have any real recommendations. What are some of the major environmental concerns?  The pine beetles are affecting a large part of BC forestry and all the efforts being taken to control and demolish the outbreak are starting to affect the environment around them  With the self forest fires they are burning trees that may take a long time to recreate.

10 Effects of Climate Change on Forestry. {4}

11 1- Forestry Innovation Investment. 23 rd February, forest-sector/ forest-sector/ 2- Mitchell, Andrew. Green BC Communities. 23 rd February, A Guide to BC Economy and Labour Market. 4. Google Image bm=isch&tbnid=EUWURwgM- 8B3zM:&imgrefurl= sciences/files/images/posters/bc/images/bc_09_04_e.gif&w=404&h=313&ei=SiBLT5C9De7SiAKLi- nZDQ&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=295&vpy=210&dur=1388&hovh=198&hovw=255&tx=123&ty=126&sig= &page=1&tbnh=137&tbnw=177&start=0&ndsp=21&ved=1t:429,r:1,s:0 bm=isch&tbnid=EUWURwgM- 8B3zM:&imgrefurl= sciences/files/images/posters/bc/images/bc_09_04_e.gif&w=404&h=313&ei=SiBLT5C9De7SiAKLi- nZDQ&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=295&vpy=210&dur=1388&hovh=198&hovw=255&tx=123&ty=126&sig= &page=1&tbnh=137&tbnw=177&start=0&ndsp=21&ved=1t:429,r:1,s:0 5- Google Image - GB&gl=ca&source=mog&aq=f&oq&aqi=g6- k0d0t0&fkt=2622&fsdt=4786&cqt&rst&htf&his&maction&q=natives#i=8 GB&gl=ca&source=mog&aq=f&oq&aqi=g6- k0d0t0&fkt=2622&fsdt=4786&cqt&rst&htf&his&maction&q=natives#i=8 6- Google Image GB&aq=f&oq&aqi=g6-k0d0t0&fkt=2824&fsdt=24261&cqt&rst&htf&his&maction&q=silviculture+#i=37 GB&aq=f&oq&aqi=g6-k0d0t0&fkt=2824&fsdt=24261&cqt&rst&htf&his&maction&q=silviculture+#i=37 7- Horizons, Grade 10 Textbook. By; Muskan, Fatima and Simran.

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