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All Grown Up The Sophomore Guide To: Becoming An Upperclassman.

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1 All Grown Up The Sophomore Guide To: Becoming An Upperclassman

2 Choosing a Major There is no time like the present! By choosing a major now, – You will avoid holds on your registration account – Begin to receive major-specific advising To view a full-list of majors: – Business School: – CCAS: – Elliot: – SEAS: gradcurricula.html gradcurricula.html

3 Need Help Choosing a Major? Set up pre-major advising appointment! – CCAS – Call 202-994-6210 – SEAS – Email Howard Davis – – Elliot – Call 202-994-3002 – Business School – Call 202-994-7027 Or talk to an upperclassman! – Talk to classmates/friends/professors – Stop by during your House Scholar’s office hours OR Shoot me an email –

4 Professional and Student Organizations Get a feel for potential careers: – Join Pre-professional student organizations: – Join Pre-Professional fraternities: – Student organizations can help you network with like-minded professionals – Make the most of it!

5 Consider Pre-Professional Advising GWU offers track-specific advising: – Allied Health, Graduate School, Internships, Pre-law, and Pre-medical all have devoted advising staffs. – Check it out here: professional professional SpecialtyAdvisorContact Allied HealthAliya Graduate SchoolShonda InternshipAbbie Pre-lawMichael Pre-medicalSusan

6 Internships Internships are a great way to become familiar with a profession and help you decide whether or not it is something you’d like to pursue. Many Colleges at GWU allows you to get academic credit for internships: – CCAS: See Abbie Weiner about CCAS 2154Abbie Weiner – SEAS: See Emil Rashid about Co-ops (202.994.7892) – Elliot: See Jeff Mervosh about Elliot 3195Jeff Mervosh – For additional info: Click HereClick Here

7 Know it all? Sign up to be a Peer Advisor and help others “know it all”. – GPS, or Guides to Personal Success, help new GW students with personal, professional and experiential needs during their first few semesters at GWU. – Help GPS faculty assist new students. – Learn more by reaching out to

8 Start thinking about this now. Summer will be here before you know it.

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