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BA 2: A Rhetorical Analysis of the Structure of a Literature Review

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1 BA 2: A Rhetorical Analysis of the Structure of a Literature Review
Week 2 BA 2: A Rhetorical Analysis of the Structure of a Literature Review

2 University Writing Center
A writing instruction service (not an editing service) The UWC can help with any part of the writing process (brainstorming ideas, organizing the work, proofreading, etc). Go in with a plan. Know what element of the work you would like the tutor to help you improve (grammar? organization? style?)

3 The University Writing Center
Appointments last thirty minutes, so be sure to arrive on time! The UWC services the entire university and stays busy. You will need to call and make an appointment. If you cannot make a scheduled appointment, call and let the UWC know so they can contact someone on the waiting list. Two no shows in one semester will result in the loss of the privilege of making appointments.

4 University Writing Center: Contact Information View the preparing for a tutorial page before your first appointment. Online tutorials

5 BA 2 Prep. How did it go? 1) What is a literature review?
2) What is the purpose of a literature review? 3) What was the purpose of this literature review? 4) How did the structure of the review enhance the authors’ rhetorical effect?

6 BA 2 Purpose: To demonstrate your ability to understand what a literature review is and to analyze its structure A mistake many students make on this assignment is summarizing the content and not analyzing the structure.

7 BA 2 Many writers, in the academic setting and beyond, review previous research as part of their own writing. They do this in the form of a specialized type of document often referred to as a literature review. The format or structure of a literature review can differ across academic disciplines and rhetorical situations. However, the overall objective of a literature review remains the same: to provide a “critical discussion, showing insight and an awareness of differing arguments, theories and approaches on a specific topic” (UCE Birmingham web site, par. 2).

8 BA 2 Your task for this assignment is to analyze a literature review in preparation for writing your own in draft 1.1. Your analysis for BA 2 should focus on 1) the structure of the review and 2) how that structure demonstrates the author’s purpose for writing it.

9 To complete the assignment, write a word essay in which you analyze the organization of the literature review which you have chosen from the list above. Your analysis should consider the author’s purpose for conducting the review, the way the author has grouped the research on similar topics, and the kinds of information which the author provides about the sources and their authors. In addition, your analysis should consider the rhetorical effect of the author’s decisions. You should cite examples from the literature review to illustrate your points. Your essay should be in MLA format. You must also include the author and title of the literature review in your introduction.

10 Assignment Direction Change!
We are limiting you to one of the four literature reviews for this assignment. If you write on another review, your submission will lose 30 points. If you write on the literature review we covered for class today, the submission will not receive credit. Please write on the correct literature review! Kirstin Painter’s - “Multisystemic Therapy as an Alternative Community-Based Treatment for Youth with Severe Emotional Disturbance: Empirical Literature Review”

11 BA 2: Use correct MLA formatting!
Correct citation consists of two parts: the textual citation and the works cited list entry. After summarizing, paraphrasing, or quoting an author, you need to cite them in the essay at the end of the sentence in a parentheses and at the end of the document in the works cited list. Textual citation (basic format): Include the author’s last name and the page number (no comma). Caroli et al. suggest the obesity epidemic could be addressed if healthy messages were delivered through television, but assert that financial gain of television networks, actors, and food companies will be a difficult hurdle in passing proactive legislation (Caroli et al. S106-S107).

12 Grading Criteria for BA 2
C1—Issue Identification and Focus:Has the student correctly identified the purpose of the review, that is, the question(s) that the author is trying to address in conducting the review? Does the student focus on describing the organization of the literature review?  Has the student done a thorough and accurate job of discussing the author’s purpose, the way that the author groups the research, and the kinds of information which the author provides about the sources? C3—Sources and Evidence:How effectively does the student cite appropriate examples from the literature review to support his or her points about organization?  How effectively does the student properly integrate quotations and tie these quotations to the main point?  Does the student use MLA format correctly?

13 Grading Criteria for BA 2: Continued
C5—Own Perspective: How effectively does the student analyze the rhetorical effect of the organization?  Is the student’s primary purpose to describe the organization and its rhetorical effect? C6—Conclusion: How effectively does the student’s conclusion pull the analysis together?  C7—Communication: How effective is the organization of the analysis?  How effective is the student’s writing at the sentence level?

14 Switch Gears- Topics for the 1.1
Forbidden Topics List: on the class blog (The first submission on a banned topic is docked 30 points- every subsequent submission will receive a zero). How to formulate a topic Find an issue in your discipline on which to focus. A journal that publishes information you are interested in is a “best bet.” Visiting with a professor whose class you enjoy about

15 Participation 2- BA 3 Prep (Due in class next week)
BA 3 focuses on synthesis between sources. We are going to practice using three articles on the recent debt deal. See the handout for BA 3 preparation on under “Participation Assignments” on the class website.

16 REVIEW: 1.) Submit BA 2 into by Saturday night. (You must write on the specified article by Kirstin Painter!). Complete the reading 3 for class next week: St. Martin's Handbook: Chapter 12e, pp ; First-Year Writing: Chapter 3, pp , Chapter 8 section “Moving from Analysis to Synthesis,” pp Read the second participation assignment (PA 2)directions, print the necessary articles, and complete parts 1 and 2. See the formatting example provided in the assignment directions. Next week, bring: - all three of the articles used on the PA 2 (read actively!) - your printed participation assignment - your textbook - and a list of three possible research ideas. (Be sure to check the banned topics list to make sure your research interest is not banned). - ***YOUR LAPTOP (charged) *** (Ipads or smart pads are fine)

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