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Rama Catur Goeij Yong Sun Arief Rakhman GROUP. Arief Rakhman.

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1 Rama Catur Goeij Yong Sun Arief Rakhman GROUP

2 Arief Rakhman

3  In this assignment, we try to find interesting development for Business Intelligence tools from  Article: 4 Technologies That Are Reshaping Business Intelligence  Based on the article, the next-generation BI is being formed by predictive analytics, real-time monitoring, in-memory processing, and SaaS.

4  SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Workbench, helps the organization reach its goals using predictive analytics.  It can uncover trends and patterns to solve business problems, anticipate business changes, and gain insight using this powerful predictive analytics solution.  SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Workbench works with the existing data environment and allows for efficient discovery of interesting and predictive findings.

5  IBM Cognos 8 BI, delivers BI capabilities on a single service-oriented architecture (SOA).  Cognos provide the capabilities and information we need to make better decisions.  We can use reports, analysis, dashboards and scorecards to monitor business performance, analyze trends and measure results.  Its key features are:  Build reports, OLAP cubes, dashboards and scorecards using all data sources.  Proven scalability to hundreds of thousands of users.  Modular deployment lets you meet immediate user needs and expand or modify as needed.

6  “Real time” today doesn’t mean subsecond or even subminute response.  BI vendors have techniques to have a trick with the queries and data captures to get conventional data warehouse faster.  Sometime it works, but it may be more troublesome and more expensive than other alternatives.

7  Now the real real-time techniques will adopt stream processing technologies.  It includes low-latency BI, faster business activity monitoring, and ultra-low-latency complex event processing.  The real time systems enable a spontaneous action the users can take to respond an event. It will also have some automated response system ready.  Low latency allows human-unnoticeable delays between an input being processed and the corresponding output providing real time characteristics. (Wikipedia)

8 Rama Catur GROUP

9  The third element poised to change BI is the much faster analysis that's possible using in- memory calculations.  In-memory tools can quickly slice and dice large data sets without resorting to summarized data, pre-built cubes, or IT-intensive database tuning.

10  Products such as Spotfire (acquired by Tibco), Applix TM1 (acquired by IBM, now IBM Cognos TM1), and QlikTech were pioneers in the category, and in recent months more vendors have joined the in-memory ranks, or laid out plans to do so.

11  The TIBCO Spotfire Enterprise Analytics platform offers a radically faster business intelligence experience and is far more adaptable to specific industry and business challenges than traditional alternatives.

12  Applix's TM1 is a complete performance management application, delivering strategic business planning, budgeting, reporting and analytics for powering analysis of financial, operational, sales, employee and other business data.

13  The power and appeal of in-memory products have grown in recent years as multicore, multithreaded, and 64-bit server technologies have become more commonplace and affordable.  These hardware advances enable in-memory products to analyze the equivalent of multiple data marts or even small data warehouses in RAM.

14  The technology also eliminates, or at least minimizes, the need for extensive data prep and performance tuning by IT.  For end users, that means faster self-service BI without waiting in the IT queue.

15 Goeij Yong Sun GROUP

16  Software as a Service (SaaS, typically pronounced 'sass') is a model of software deployment whereby a provider licenses an application to customers for use as a service on demand. (wikipedia)  Solution of BI in fast, flexible, and affordable


18  Electronics manufacturer Vicor make a big decision about minimize time to process budgeting from five months into eight weeks by replacing spreadsheet budgeting with use of Saas  SaaS vendor Adaptive Planning customized a data model and made an online performance management application accessible to 65 employees across the United States, Japan, and various regional sales offices  Employees were able to enter, review, and approve the 2008 budget within six weeks

19  Ken Harris, The CIO of health and beauty products maker Shaklee taps SaaS wherever he can stretch his small IT staff and budget--RightNow for CRM, Omniture for Web analytics, and PivotLink for BI  The company uploads its sales and financial data into a PivotLink-hosted data warehouse each night, and employees use Web-accessible report and query tools to evaluate sales, marketing campaigns, and financial performance.

20  SaaS presented as a solution of an expensive BI nowdays  It offers a very simple, fast, and affordable solution for firm, especially for small and mid firms, for implementation BI in a simple workflow with data model that every firms needs  With fast, flexible, and affordable -- three words never used to describe a major business intelligence deployment, Saas try to makes its mark in business Intelligence.

21 Thank you + Sorry

22  4 Technologies That Are Reshaping Business Intelligence 19500509  SAP Businessobjects BI Solutions – Advanced Analytics s-intelligence/advanced-analytics/index.epx  Cognos 8 Business Intelligence – Analysis 8-business-intelligence/analysis.html   

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