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First person to call in and answer correctly wins!!!

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1 First person to call in and answer correctly wins!!!

2 1. All religions offer salvation from something. What does Jesus save us from? A) suffering B) Moral Ignorance C) escape from the cycle of Samsara D) Sin

3 A) Buddhism – suffering= Maya B) Islam – Moral Ignorance C) Hinduism – escape from the cycle of Samsara D) Sin Sin effects not just others but also our relationship with God. Fractured relationships…. Only someone who is divine and human is capable of doing anything to mend the gap created by sin.

4 How does Christ save us? Why not clapping his hands or snapping his fingers? Covenants are a lifelong relationship. On the cross God offers himself in the person of his only begotten Son for our redemption. Only death can usher us out of an old covenant and into a new covenant. Crucifixion is the greatest moment of love the world has ever seen. Signs of our redemption. Vale of the temple torn in two. Josephus records the gate collapses. Darkness and an earthquake.

5 2. Why do Catholics worship wafers? A) We believe in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. B) We believe that Jesus is symbolically present in the Eucharist. C) We believe that it was cheaper to worship wafers than loafs of bread D) We really enjoy the taste of eggo waffles! Yum!

6 Biblical based… John 6:52-66 the Eucharistic Discourse that shocked his Jewish audience. Matthew 26:26-28 the Last Supper where Jesus says, “This is my body…this is my blood.” 1 st Corinthians 11:23-27, “…whoever eats the bread or drinks the cup in an unworthy manner profanes the body and blood of the Lord.”

7 3. Why do you worship Mary? A) Cause she rocks! Cause she is the mother of God B) She gave birth in a stable….props C) She was spoken to by an angel D)We venerate Mary or honor her we do not worship her.

8 Ever Virgin: Greek word for brother and sister is “adelphois which can be translated cousin” Immaculate Conception Luke 1:28 “full of grace” - no room for sin. Saved by being preserved from sin.

9 4. Can we prove Jesus’ existence? How? A. We cannot prove His existence because there is no historical record. B. We can prove His existence only through the use of the Bible C. We can prove His existence through the use of the Bible and such historians as Josephus, Pliny the Younger D. Yes we can because I saw Him.


11 True or False 5.Catholics believe that the Catholic Church is the Apostolic Church?

12 True! But a loaded question Was Jesus God or a good kind teacher? The true Church…. All Catholic doctrines are explicitly or implicitly supported by Scripture Take a look of the authority of the Pope Church as early as 107 A.D. referred to as catholic church Sacraments one faith etc.


14 A Jehovah Witness came to my door and asked if I knew that Noah’s Ark happened. What was my response? A) I laughed and slammed the door B) I responded with “Yes, of course all of the Bible is meant to be understood literally” C) “If it happened or didn’t happen my faith does not rest on that story but in the Resurrection of Christ” D) I have no freakin’ idea

15 All the stories in the Bible are true, but not all are intended to be read as history. The Bible sometimes aims to give a historical chronicle of real events that really occurred. At other times it employs poetry, myth, or fiction in order to convey the truth according to that genre. Remember it is a love letter written to YOU! From God through people He inspired to tell you an important message…. That the Creator of the Universe loves you SOOOO MUCH that he sent his Son to die on a cross for you so that you may experience Salvation (repaired right relationships) so you may come to love him today and forever!! Pick up the Love Letter (aka Holy Bible) it may scare the hell out of you.


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