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Hybrid IP Platform proposal Enterprise PLM Mar, 2008 -Targeting SMB Hybrid IP market -ipLDK-100/300 replacement.

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1 Hybrid IP Platform proposal Enterprise PLM Mar, Targeting SMB Hybrid IP market -ipLDK-100/300 replacement

2 Always Surpassing Customers Expectations Agenda > Market Dynamics > Building the solution > Feed back from PMs > Product position and concept > Introduction

3 Always Surpassing Customers Expectations Market Dynamics - Forecast > SMB Voice Market restructuring & IP Penetration as forecasted Conventional voice market evolution : IP/Hybrid, Pure-IP Emerging alternatives : IP-Centrex, Software based >Hybrid IP Market will remains dominant with the continuous IP penetration CAGR : 2% M$ * Gartner, Canalys, DellOro, Infonetics Combined Analysis (2007) Market ForecastRegional IP Penetration (Based on 1Q/`07 actual revenue) IP Ratio in 1q/`07 : 26% (Pure-IP 12%, Hybrid IP : 14%) (Under 100port) 2,184 2,208 2,243 2,290 2,349

4 Always Surpassing Customers Expectations Market Dynamics - Segmentation > Segmenting the SMB Market (Under 100 ports) Mainly large distributed SMB - Multiple branch offices - Sophisticated features CharacteristicsKey Values Productivity Lower TCO Scalability/Reliability Balanced customer : Cost vs Benefit Not many multiple branches Small to Medium SMBs Care the initial cost the most Basic telephony features Standalone business Small SMBs IP/Applications TDM Pure-IP 0.4B$, 16% TDM 0.3B$, 14% Hybrid IP 1.5B$, 70% Flexible/Cost-Effective IP Capability Evolution capability Simplicity Easiness >Flexible and Cost-effective IP capability with Simplicity is Key for Hybrid IP customers Price

5 Always Surpassing Customers Expectations Market Dynamics - Competitive Landscape > Competitive landscape >Highly pre-occupied competitive landscape ; 6 players between 8% and 11% market share >2-tier Hybrid IP Platform Offerings Siemens IP/Applications Price/Capacity TDM Cisc o Nortel BCM Avaya IP Office Siemens Hipath Alcatel OmniPCX NEC Aspire Panasonic KX-TDA LGN ipLDK Panasonic LGN NEC Mitel Toshiba CIX Software based IP-Centrex IP Hybrid IP-Centric TDM 2-Tier Hybrid IP Offerings Application-centric Built-IP/Data Capability Very Compact/Simple IP-Enabled Market Share (Hybrid-IP, ~100port) Panasonic TDA 100/200/600, `04 NEC Aspire, `04 Alcatel OmniPCX Office, `02 Siemens Hipath 3000, `03 LG-Nortel ipLDK-100/300/600,`02 Avaya IP Office, `02 Nortel BCM50/200/400, `02 Toshiba CIX, `04

6 Always Surpassing Customers Expectations Market Dynamics - Challenges around ipLDK Market Performance limitation in applying new demands from the market Approaching to the end of life Competitors Old and bigger hardware platform - No smooth fit to 19 rack Lack of IP/Apps capability Internal Issue Continuous discontinued parts Too many hardware parts - not manageable at Thai factory >ipLDK has been competitively positioned and continuously enhanced >However, starting to have challenges and limitations for the new demand ipLDK Panasonic KX-TDA,`04 NEC Aspire, `04 Alcatel Omni-Office, `02 Siemens Hipath 3000, `03 Apps/Network Centric Platform Very Compact & Simple Simplification Flexible IP Architecture Collaborative Remote manageability > 2-Tier Hybrid IP Offerings> Challenges around ipLDK

7 Always Surpassing Customers Expectations Feedback from PMs. > Product line up ipLDK 300 should be replaced as well Why still two different line ups.. > Product Positioning New product should be most enhanced one. Platform should be strong enough to support various applications. > Feature requirements Built in Application : 2~3 Free licenses for basic function. 1st party CTI Fax server / UMS server VMS, Call recording IVR, Call Center…. Higher IP Capability > Specification Structure : Modular Connection with 1 to 1 Use iPECS G/W module for remote office within the new system. Need more slot or give more function to MPB.

8 Always Surpassing Customers Expectations 8 Revised Idea for new Hybrid system. > Considering both ipLDK and iPECS. > Address both Renewal of ipLDK and Covering iPECSs current drawback at the same time. Resolve current / expected challenges for ipLDK100/300 Resolve cost issue for TDM interfaces inside iPECS. > Build up the Corner stone to support application Much higher performance than ipLDK Relatively easy to focus on securing application with single S/W base. > Should be efficient way for both development and marketing sides to take Product portfolio alignment with iPECS Enhance ipLDK platform to iPECS Single line up with various combination between call servers and gateways. Product Position and concept.

9 Always Surpassing Customers Expectations 9 Call servers =>iPECS 50 * iPECS 100 New 100 iPECS 300 New 300 iPECS 600 iPECS 1200 * iPECS G/Ws Extension Modules Function Modules New H G/W 100NA New H G/W 300NA UCS NMS Phontage AIM Others Gateways Applications > Matrix : Call servers.vs. Gateways / Applications Product Position and concept. * : Under development

10 Always Surpassing Customers Expectations 10 > Benefit 2. Lower the cost for TDM configuration from iPECS stance. 3. Easy address toward install based customers : Able to let customer use current TDM infra (Terminal) giving them migration path to IP. 4. Highly scalable from new iPECS H-G/W users with high capacity MFIM : No change on installed system when increase the extension beyond the system capacity. 5. Most efficient and low cost way to deploying Pure IP environment with iPECS server 6. Efficient in securing and running Applications : All the application currently exist, under developed and upcoming in the future will be used for all platforms. 7. This allow distributors and resellers to keep doing what they are doing for iPECS now since all skill sets and knowledge getting from iPECS can be re-used. 1. Reinforcing ipLDK 100/300 lines with Feature enhancement Higher performance to support applications. Simplicity Compact and new cabinet. … Product Position and concept.

11 Always Surpassing Customers Expectations Introduction 2 Cabinets 80 port per cabinet Optimized for 30~60 port range 19 rack / desktop / Wall mountable Compact and Data equipment look. IP / TDM backbone Small number of components. Modular connection : 1 to 1 Built in DSP (8ch VoIP) Minimize number of daughter board. Basic 12 ports (6SLI+6DTI) 1 LAN ports Basic resource built in. 32 ch resources : CID, DTMF, CPT and fax tone detect. 1 Rely / Alarm / RS232 / Ext paging, MoH EXPBVMIB DTIB2 4 SLIB1 2 LCOB 4 MPB VOIB DTIB12 DTIB24 SLIB 12 LCOB8 SLIB2 4

12 Always Surpassing Customers Expectations Introduction Trunk Analog CO 3 types : 4 / 8 / 16 ports CID supported as a basic. Line status information CMU daughter only : 12k/16k/50k 1 PFT circuit per 4 Cos. BRI : 2 types : 4 / 8 ch Digital trunk : 1 type switchable E1 / T1 / PRI / R2 Resource daughter for R2. Extension SLIB – status : on/off 2 types : 12 / 24 ports Function : RGU, MSGU, DTMF rcv and CID generation. Line status information DTIB 2 types : 12 / 24 ports VoIP : 12 ch / 24 ch (12+12) Fail-Over to PSTN (VLAN(802.1Q)) SRTP IPSec Second Private IP Address (STUN) DHCP Wireless WTIB : 3 types 4 cell / 8 / 16 Voice mail : 8ch, 100 hr. Current iPECS feature base Voice message back up notification/SMS notification Message operation by Softphone Message manage through Web access etc. Multiple voice mail box. AAFB : 8ch, 30min

13 Always Surpassing Customers Expectations Introduction iPECS UCS Multi party video conference with MCIM. Max 24 voice 6 Video w/ Phontage or UCS. iPECS UMS (?) Personal web manager Provide iPECS application interface (AIM) Enhanced ACD ACD Agent Agent auto connection Agent queued call display Agent unavailable reason codes Call in queue page alert Group mail box. System Multiple language support Web admin Redundancy system processor Networking Remote service on both managed and unmanaged networks. Centralized Control TNET Analog Co auto fault detection and recovery

14 Always Surpassing Customers Expectations Introduction – Capacity detail IP / TDMipLDK100 Max Capacity160 ports144 ports Trunk80 (TBD)40 Extension120 (TBD)96 Analog/Digital / IP VoIP chBasic8NA Max3248 Wireless# of Cell12 or 1616 # of simultaneous call(TBD)64 # of Handset registered80 Voice mail# of channel88 Memory10hr (TBD)10hr Number of max trunk ports Number of extension ports Number of wireless base station. => What percentage out of whole wireless sold in ipLDK100 requires over 4 cells.

15 Always Surpassing Customers Expectations Schedule > FCD : Between the end of DEC/2008 and Q1/2009 Spec building Development Engineering Sample Pilot Sample Preparing production March + 5~6 months + 2 months + 2 months + 1 months Country who will take FCD. Between End of 2008 And Q1/2009

16 Always Surpassing Customers Expectations 16 Next step. 1. Building the platform 2. Focus on securing right applications for iPECS. (For both current iPECS and iPECS HG) 1)Prioritize among the applications required. 2)Come up with how to secure them 3) Generation proposal 4) Discuss the proposal with Distributors. 5) Fix the plan and execution. MarAprMayJunJulyAug~

17 Always Surpassing Customers Expectations 1. Building the New iPECS Hybrid G/Ws 2. Securing applications on top of iPECS series. 1) Prioritization 2) Differentiation 3. Looking for new business -.New products should be required -.Offering converged Residential or SOHO. product to Carrier could be new.possible to address with ODM model. LGN to set up the schedule and share it. Discussion Next step might be surveying and execution HD level video conf fitting into SMB market (iPECS based) GSM/UMTS gateway for iPECS -.Better FMC solution Need to studying PLC to see if it can be used for SOHO IP telephony Femto to expand market. Key items Action April As discussed Continued Schedule 4. Any other ?

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